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While this does take place after Kingdom Hearts 3, Dream Drop Distance is for the most part ignored since this was planned before that came out. There may be a few elements taken from it but for the most part, this was written with me guessing what would happen during Kingdom Hearts 3. For now though, I'll shut my mouth and let you enjoy the first chapter.

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Chapter 1

The Girl Who Believes In Dreams

Heavy panting was heard as night engulfed the town of Radiant Garden. The roads were completely deserted except for the two figures running through the town. The deep breaths both were making seemed to express fear and if it wasn't obvious from that then it would have been obvious from the look in their eyes or even the sweat pouring down their faces. While it seemed the figures both had a feminine like quality to them, their faces were obscured with hoods attached to brown cloaks draping over their bodies well enough to help identify their girlish physiques. Moving through the borough quickly, the two glimpsed back every so often to check on something or someone. It was very unusual to find people out at this time of night so whatever was following them was anything but normal.

"This way," the first girl whispered to her partner. The other girl nodded without hesitation, her cloak slightly above head level revealing her sky blue eyes. She tried to restrain the tears trying to flow down her cheek however clearly wasn't successful at doing so. Her friend had done it again. Being the leader of the two she maintained a steady composure and was brave through to the end. She would have chuckled at that moment had the two not been faced with their current predicament. The first girl, one of taller stature was easily able to climb over a tank brimming with liquid. The second girl however, being smaller needed the assistance of the first girl to get across. Once across, the girls continued their venture across the town to get away from...it. They didn't even know what it was. All it took for them to run was hearing that horrible growling sound and the rattling of chains. Whatever it was, the two figures were not trained in the field of combat and could only hope to run. An explosion was heard behind them no doubt from the tank they had jumped over. It was getting closer. The two also suspected that most of Radiant Garden would have woken up from that but there was no time to check. Heavy footsteps and breathing could be heard nearing closer to the pair.

The second girl had decided to take the lead instead of the first as a sort of way to prove that she too could do something by dragging the girl along with her into what appeared to be a narrow alley way. As they moved forward it seemed that the pathway became even narrower. At this point, the two were both wondering how exactly big this beast was. Could it fit through this narrow alleyway? Soon enough the narrowing path finished and the two girls emerged out at wide area... a dead end. The two girls turned back, facing the way they came from. If there was a time to try and have a look at what the monster was like, it was now. Noticing a ladder attached to a building to the right, the second girl helped point this out to the first.

"I can't run in this properly. I'm taking this off," The first girl said rather quietly and unzipped the cloak which pressed tightly against her body. Removing it revealed a girl with short black hair which reached her shoulders and green eyes. Her clothes consisted of a red striped athletic jacket with a green shirt underneath designed with floral patterns. Underneath her skirt were short black leggings which reached past her skirt to her knees, "Aren't you hot in that 'Sea Salt'?"

The girl now identified as 'Sea Salt' huffed in mock embarrassment, "I told you not to call me Sea Salt anymore. I'm 15 now and besides, I can't help it if it's my favourite flavour." Regardless, she also took off her cloak revealing a rather girlish design in comparison to her friend. She had longer flowing brown hair in comparison to the other girl with light blue eyes. What she was wearing was rather simple: a white t-shirt with blazing blue fire patterns trailing across it. Her skirt resembled that of a school girl's skirt with it barely reaching to her knees.

The second girl laughed knowing the other girl was only joking. While it wasn't exactly the time to be making such jokes, she felt that she had to get it out of the way just in case it was her last... no, she didn't want to think of such things. The two of them would get through this thing together, whatever this thing was anyway. After she had finished laughing the two stayed silent for quite a while, listening for any sort of indication as to where the beast currently was. Tension increased and they both felt fear not just within themselves but the atmosphere as well. The cold chill of the temperature tonight didn't help either.

'Sea Salt' was the first to share both of their thoughts, "I don't hear anything."

Of course this could only either be a good thing, or a very bad one.

Hoping for the former but not wanting to let her guard down at the same time, Sea Salt poked the second girl lightly and indicated to follow her to the ladder with her head. Unfortunately, good luck was not on their side as a rather unusual cold chill swept through the air and a white wisp of smoke flew through the two girls sending their bodies the shivers. The wisp turned into the monster and for the first time the two managed to get a good look at it. With its ferocious breathing and rattling chains across its neck, a beast similar to that of rhino stumped forward, the only difference that made it unique from a rhino was its rather piercing yellow eyes as well as a strange symbol on its forehead.

Before either of the girls could study the emblem in detail, an incredible force came into contact with 'Sea Salt' knocking her off her feet and sending her flying. Whatever this thing was, it was fast. The second girl called out her name. How did this even happen? Looking at the size of the monster in front of her, it should have been impossible for it to have followed them and yet it did unless...The white wisp.

Is it possible that the beast is able transport with the use of the white wisp? The first girl thought as she stood paralyzed in fear. Why was she trying to study the monster at a time like this? She willed herself to move, still unable to believe that this was happening, but it was. She had to be there for her friend, like she always has been. With the rhino turning its attention to her and charging, the girl finally gained the courage and at the last few moments managed to roll out of the way. She wasn't thinking clearly, so many things were rushing through her head but one dominant thought in her mind right now was screaming at her loud and clear, she had to protect her friend. Now that the rhino's attention was on her, she started her ascent up the ladder in hopes that she could lure it or maybe even find some way to defeat the beast on the roof. While she didn't know how stable it was, it was better than nothing.

'Sea Salt' managed to just barely get up clutching at her ribs. Looking at where her friend once stood she realised she had to do something, call someone. Looking up to the ladder at her friend climbing, 'Sea Salt' huffed at the thought of her friend once again trying to take the lead to protect everyone. Noticing a pebble near her feet, she crouched low and scooped it up with the hand which was not clutching her rib. Throwing it at the monster, she looked in disappointment as the rhino merely flinched before ramming into the ladder. The impact shook the ladder for several seconds, flinging the first girl's feet of the ladder in the process. She held on to the ladder with her hands tightly as she swung for a moment and then stopped, her feet dangling in the air. She was quite high now and it would pretty much mean her death if she were to let go of the ladder at any time. Mustering up her courage, the girl swung back on to the ladder and kept climbing. Meanwhile, down below 'Sea Salt' took her opportunity and did the only thing she could think of doing. Jumping on the back of the rhino while its attention was on her friend, 'Sea Salt' tugged at its ears. The rhino wailed in protest and anger trying to fling of the already frightened girl by running around the alley. Hearing the pounding stomps of the beast, the girl climbing the ladder looked down behind her to see her friend on its back.

"What are you doing?" she yelled back at the brunette haired girl who was desperately trying to cling on for dear life. At one point she contemplated jumping off the ladder and pulling her friend of the rhino however it would have pretty much been suicidal to do so at this height.

"I'm not abandoning you!" she heard 'Sea Salt' yell at the top of her voice and once again, she had to admire her friend's courage. Soon she continued her climb, finding a new resolve to draw this beast away from her friend. Meanwhile down below, the rhino had successfully knocked 'Sea Salt' off his back sending her crashing in to a wall. Dizziness took over at the impact of the blow to her head. She barely managed to stand up again before tripping over her own feet. Once again, she was at the mercy of this...thing. It was impossible to say what it was and at this point she didn't want to know. Her head ached from the throbbing and she only wished it to stop.

Just end it. She thought while closing her eyes wanting an end to it. Take me, just don't hurt her. I deserve as much.

At that moment, she heard an ear-piercing, chilling scream. A girl's scream! The next thing she heard was an explosion from nearby. 'Sea Salt' opened her eyes to find the rhino moaning in pain and beside it, her friend, laying on the ground next to her barely conscious with a weapon lying next to her. Some sort of key though it was rather big to be considered one you would use to open something.

"Astra! Astra!" 'Sea Salt' screamed at her friend, tears in her eyes as she moved closer to the immobile body.

Astra simply looked up smiling at her friend, "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you. You're my best friend and-"

"Don't talk like that," 'Sea Salt' said interrupting her friend. "We can both make it out of this! I'll make sure of it!"

Astra simply smiled before pointing above 'Sea Salt'. "Somehow, I don't think he agrees."

Looking up, 'Sea Salt' spotted the problem immediately. Where Astra had once stood on top of the rooftop after she had finished climbing the ladder was a figure in a cloak darker than their own with zippers attached to it and the hood obscuring the figure's face.

"Wait, did he..." She didn't want to finish the sentence. Her anger was apparent at this point and it was boiling.

"Forget him, he did us a favour. You can make it out of this, believe in your dreams and follow them. Now run!" Astra replied.


"Not buts, please... for me. Just...run, Luna." Her voice trailed off as all trace of life which had remained from her friend was now lost. The tears were now flowing from her eyes clouding her view and then she saw it again. The key in front of her and as if she was drawn through some kind of emotional attachment, she reached out and-


"Oww!" Luna said waking up from several poundings on her head. It took her a moment but her view soon came into focus to find an entirely different place to where she had been before. "I was dreaming…"

"Well, little lady, now's not the time to be dreaming, especially in an alleyway."

She heard a voice for somewhere beside her. Turning beside her she saw what appeared to be a little duck wearing a blue cap and blue shirt to match.

"Are you sure I'm not dreaming right now?" Luna asked, a little confused. What a weird dream that was. She was in it and she was running from something along with a person she had never met but had called her friend in the dream and now she was here? In a place which she had never been let alone knew about. Looking at the lamps scattered across the alleyway helping to light the alley she tried to recall briefly what had happened in the dream.

"Hey are you even listening?" The duck shouted at her clearly annoyed.

This seemed to snap Luna out of her dazed state. "Oh sorry, what were you saying?"

"I said I sure hope this isn't a dream or I'd be wondering why you would have dreamt up me working in an item shop."

Luna looked at the duck surprised that he worked in an item shop, especially considering how young he looked and sounded as well as the fact that he was indeed a duck. She admitted that she hadn't really seen many talking ducks before if any.

"I don't think you working in the item shop is the problem," Luna replied with a smile. She had to admit that the duck was rather cute.

"You might want to get up there ma'am. The cold floor is no place for someone to sleep," the duck said, jumping up and down as if to say 'Move it'.

Luna stood up rather shakily at first but soon maintained stabilization, "Thank you for your help uh..."

"Dewey Duck, pleasure to meet ya!" The duck said doing a rather generous bow.

"Ah, thank you, Dewey. It's a pleasure to meet you too." Luna smiled, shaking hands with the tiny duck. "I'm… Luna, I think..."

"You think? You mean, you're not sure?" Dewey asked.

"No, it definitely is… I think," Luna said. Dewey slumped over in response to Luna's self-questioning gaze, but stood tall once again when Luna asked another question. "Okay, so where am I?"

"You're Traverse Town, dontcha know?" The duck asked. It was obvious that he was in complete disbelief that she didn't even know the town and the look of confusion on her face when he mentioned the name of the town pretty much confirmed it.

"You're from another world!" He exclaimed, clicking his fingers as if it was a sudden realization.

"Uh, is that bad or something?" Luna asked, feeling rather uneasy. Was she from another world? Which one? What were these worlds he even spoke off, for that matter? She couldn't remember anything except her name and a few sketchy details, and those came from the dream. Why couldn't she remember?

As she looked down at the star filled night sky in thought, Dewey sighed once again after finishing his sentence and then finding out that she wasn't paying attention. "There she goes again."