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"Being a receptionist looks so much more exciting on TV." Alex grumbled as she sat behind the desk at the hotel she worked at.

"Well, that's because the hotel is full of a bunch of celebrities and hot guys." Tara Green, Alex's co-worker replied, also bored. It was a slow day at the office.

"I'd be fine with just the celebrities thank you." Alex said, doodling on a piece of scrap paper.

"Oh, I almost forgot. You've betrayed me by getting yourself a hot boyfriend." Tara said, pretending to be hurt.

Alex laughed at her friend, "Quit complaining, you'll find someone some day."

"Yeah, some day..." she replied wistfully but was quickly snapped out of it when they were interrupted.

"Hi, there. I have a booking under the name Mark Thompson." the guest said with a smile.

Alex smiled back before checking the system. "Yep, room 29 on the 3rd floor." she replied, handing him his key.

"Thanks. And I must say; 10 out of 10 for customer service." he winked before walking off towards the elevator.

Alex smiled until he was out of sigh, "Ugh." she grimaced, shuddering.

"Hey! He was pretty cute!" Tara protested.

"Says the singe desperado." Alex smirked.

"What happened to you being all nice?" Tara shot back, sweeping her blond hair out of her brown eyes.

Alex only laughed in reply before she heard the door go again. She grinned widely when she saw who it was.

"Hey, I though you were working?" Alex stood up to lean over the desk so she could talk to him better.

"Well, since they love me so much they let me get off early." Justin said before greeting her with a quick kiss. "And there wasn't anything for me to do." he added on.

"So you came in here to rub it in my face?" Alex raised an eyebrow.

"No, I came here to keep my girlfriend company. Can't a guy do that for his girl?" Justin defended.

"Please stop with all the lovey dovey stuff. I can't decide whether it makes me feel sick or more depressed." Tara interrupted them.

"You mean jealous?" Alex joked.

"Shut up." the blond mumbled.

"Still on the lookout, eh Tara?" Justin asked her. They had met a few times before with her being Alex's workmate and friend.

"Yeah. I suppose I could just go out and party. Care to join me, Alex?" Tara asked.

"Some of us don't have a day off tomorrow." Alex pointed out to her.

"Right. I'll just drag my sister along then." she shrugged before attending to a new guest that had just walked in.

"So, when are you done here?" Justin asked her.

"I get off in like half an hour." Alex replied after checking the time.

"Great. Wanna meet me at the usual place for a bite to eat?" he offered.

"As long as you're paying." Alex smiled.

He rolled his eyes, "Of course."

Alex laughed but then gave him another kiss, "See you then." she said before sitting back down.

"Catch you later." he winked before leaving with that same grin on his face that he'd had for a little while now. Alex couldn't figure out what he was planning because she knew there had to be something so she just decided to ignore it and ask him about it sometime.

"Damn it, why are you two so cute?" Tara moaned, bringing Alex out of her thoughts. Alex just shook her head and laughed again. But as she finished work she still had that question burning in the back of her mind.

"What was he up to?"

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