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Alex sat in her parents living room, making small talk with them. Justin wasn't with her since he was with his own family. They just decided to tell them separately since it was more convenient due to them both seeing their families on the same day. It was a bit awkward for Alex since she had to keep hiding her left hand until she eventually decided to tell them. She was waiting for the right topic to come up.

"Where's Justin today then?"


"Oh, he's with his parents and Max." Alex answered her mom, preparing herself.

"That's nice." she replied.

"Yeah." Alex paused, taking a deep breath before she continued. "It probably would've been better if he was here or you were all together but this is more convenient."

"You're talking in riddles, honey and no offence but I didn't think you were the riddles type." her dad said.

Alex shook her head, ignoring her dad's, slightly insulting, comment and continued. "Well, the other night, well, morning actually Justin he, uh... well, it really took me by surprise when he, uh..." she stuttered. Man, this was hard... and awkward.

"Justin did what, sweetie?" her mom asked.

"He, uh... he asked me to marry him." Alex said, suddenly feeling quite shy.

The room was silent for a moment before her dad spoke up. "And what did you say?"

"What do you think?" she smiled, holding up her left hand revealing the ring.

Another beat passed before Louisa burst, "Oh Alex! I'm so happy for you! This is wonderful! My little girl is getting married!" she ran to where Alex was sitting and gave her the tightest hug she had ever received.

"Thanks mom. But I can't get married if I can't breath." Alex said, extremely happy with the reaction her mom had given her.

"Oh, sorry sweetie. I'm just so happy!" she was tearing up now, making Alex roll her eyes.

"Dad?" she asked. She had always assumed her dad wouldn't be so easy since he was really into the whole 'protective dad' thing. She thinks Justin was kind of scared of that, probably why he didn't come.

Karl looked at his daughter and realised she wasn't his little girl any more – well not much – and he needed to let her grow up properly. He knew Justin was good for her and nothing made her happier than being with him. He eventually spoke, with a smile on his face. "Congratulations, honey."

Alex got up and sat next to her dad and gave him a hug, "Thanks daddy." she grinned.

"I still want to talk to him." he added.

"Yeah, yeah, sure, just don't ruin the moment." Alex said.

"I have to tell everyone! Karl, do we have any champagne?" Louisa exclaimed, getting carried away making both Karl and Alex laugh.

"Wonder if Justin's told his family yet?"

"Well, Max, I'm happy you've given up on the world records." Justin patted his cousin on the back.

"Yeah. I realised the fringe wasn't working when I fell down the stairs for the 6th time." Max replied.

They all just shook their heads and laughed – Max would never changed.

Justin was gearing himself up for telling them that he was marrying Alex. That still sounded good to say. He figured – or hoped – that they'd be really happy for him. He was just waiting for the right moment.

"How's Alex getting on?" Jerry asked his son.

"She's great. She's just with her parents." he answered. He was going to try and get it into the conversation subtly...

"Oh and you didn't go?" Theresa asked him.

"Well, I wanted to come see you guys and, hey, you can't blame me for wanting to avoid the future in-laws, huh?" he joked whilst revealing his news at the same time.

"Future in-laws?" Jerry questioned, raising his eyebrow.

Justin tried to continue his little theme, "That is what you call the parents of the girl you're marrying, isn't it?"

It was silent for a few seconds.

"Yeah, that is actually what you call them." Max nodded (it obviously hadn't quite clicked) but they ignored him.

"Oh my god, Justin. You didn't..." Theresa said, a little shocked.

"Yep, I did." he grinned, still waiting for a real reaction from them.

Again, it was silent before his mom attacked him with a hug. "I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!"

"Thanks mom." Justin grinned, hugging her back.

"You better hold onto her, son." his dad said with a smile as he gave Justin a guy-hug.

"I will." he replied.

"Oh, I get it now! Congrats man!" Max said, finally cluing into what was happening.

"Thanks, Max." Justin laughed.

"When will we see her next! I can't wait to have her as a daughter!" Theresa practically sang she was that happy.

"Soon. Chill out, mom." he said, scratching the back of his neck.

"So, how'd you do it?" Jerry asked.

Justin smirked at the memory before telling them the story.

"So both our parents took it well?" Alex asked Justin later on that night.

"Yep. Weird, right?" Justin replied.

"Yeah. Weird but good." she smiled.

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