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Jerry and Theresa were sitting at the dining table. It was quite late but not too late and they were talking.

"Yeah, so it would be good to have a little extra help at the restaurant sometimes." Jerry was saying.

"Well, if Justin was like any normal son he probably would but that's never going to happen." Theresa rolled her eyes.

Jerry shook his head before sighing. "Do you ever wonder what he's thinking?" he asked, looking at his wife.

"I'm not sure I want to know." she replied. It was a strange question for him to ask but she had wondered about it. "But, yes it would be good to know. Maybe then we could understand or at least try to."

"He's complicated that's for sure." Jerry sighed again. He found all this... whatever it was going on between them and Justin very exhausting.

Theresa nodded in agreement then for a few moments they just sat in silence. This was the first time they had ever had a discussion like this. After they realised how much Justin hated them and that they couldn't change his mind they tried to block out any thoughts like this. They tried to ignore the hurt they felt whenever they looked at him because as a parent it was the worst thing in the world for your child to hate you. The fact they hadn't been in his life for fourteen years doesn't matter; he's still their son and it still hurts.

Theresa broke the silence, "I've always wondered what happened to him in all those homes he went to; he never talks about about it."

"He never talks about anything." Jerry added sadly.

Theresa sniffed. "Are we bad parents?" she looked at her husband and he could see her eyes held tears threatening to spill.

Jerry looked at her for a moment before replying. "I don't know."

They looked at each other again before they heard the door slam. Theresa quickly wiped away any tears and regained composure. They looked up to see Justin walking towards the stairs. He had a small grin on his face but it disappeared as soon as he noticed his parents. He stopped to look at them.

"Family conference?" he asked sarcastically.

They ignored his remark. "You're late." Jerry commented.

"What are you? My parents?" Justin sneered before continuing up the stairs.

Theresa's breath hitched in her throat and this time the tears did fall. Jerry just sat shocked, holding her hand. He's said things before but what he'd just said... that hurt them more than anything. That was one something they just could not ignore. It cut way too deep.

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