Zane could not ignore the strange feeling he had when he woke up that morning. The day itself seemed to be talking to him. Telling him today would not be ordinary. Things were going to happen. Big things. All Zane could do was brace himself mentally.

It was a rare feeling for Zane but not unheard of. Normally this feeling came when something life changing or in the very least perspective changing was about to happen. The first time in Zane's memory he had felt this was the morning before he met Sensei Wu and left his old life behind to become a ninja. He had felt it again later the day he met Kai and learned he was the ninja of ice destined to guard and one day wield the golden shurikans.

Zane shook his head and got up. He could sometimes sense the future, but he could never change it. All he could do was prepare himself.

He soon joined the others for breakfast.

"Good Morning," he bade his friends.

He sat down and waiting for Kai to finish cooking breakfast.

"I must warn you 3," he said once Breakfast was served, "Something is…different about today. And on an enormous scale. Either our lives or our perspectives will be greatly changed today."

"You're sensing this?" Kai asked.

Zane nodded.

"Zane the last time you said something like that was the day we all learned we were ninjas of certain elements. Cole was earth. Kai was fire. You were ice. I was lightning. We also learned…" Jay babbled.

"We get it Jay," Cole cut him off, "it was the day we started our quest for the golden weapons. Zane do you have any sense as to what is going to happen today?"

"I do not," said Zane, "Some things are so great that not even the strongest seers can predict them even if they can sense them or have some sort of vision of them."

Zane didn't Blame Cole for asking though. He understood how easy it was to presume that, because of his gift, he could see exactly what was coming and what they had to do. Zane always felt a twinge of guilt when he couldn't.

"Well we'll deal with it when it happens," said Cole.

Jay nodded in agreement, "That's what we did last time, and things worked out pretty well then."

"You just make sure to let us know when if you sense anything relating," said Kai.

Zane nodded, the guilt leaving him. He could do that.

The day passed on and Zane found himself distracted by training, and hanging out with his friends. The others didn't ask Zane further about what he had sensed that morning, and was sensing throughout the day.

Then, that evening just before Kai went to make dinner, Zane felt as if his body was becoming lighter. He looked over to his fellow ninjas and could tell from their body language that they were feeling the same.

"Zane, what's going on?" Kai asked.

"I don't know," said Zane, "I've never come across any feeling like this. I just hope we don't float away."

Ironically, as soon as he said that, the ninjas felt their feet leave the ground. In fact there wasn't any ground at all. They were just floating in blackness.

No! Zane realized, I can feel myself moving. We aren't floating. We're flying! And very fast!

Zane's stomach lurched from the speed. Yet the ninjas flew on until they suddenly dropped into a strange room.

The room was lit well enough, and there were four beds that looked comfortable enough, but it was very plain. There was a table with four covered plates, and a note in the middle.

Zane looked around. Where were they? How did they get there?

"Well Zane I'm guessing this is what you were sensing earlier. What can you tell us now that things have happened?" Cole asked.

"This place feels…familiar…I cannot place it, but I have sensed similar things in a place before. I'm sorry, but that is all for now," said Zane.

Kai picked up the note on the table.

"I teleported you all here because I need your help," he read, "I shall discuss this with you tomorrow morning. For now make yourselves at home and enjoy the dinner that has been prepared for you. Signed Ogel. Who's Ogel?"

"I don't know," said Cole, "But I guess all we can do for now is do what the note says."

Zane lifted the lid on one of the plates. On it was a strange looking noodle dish. The noodles were long and thin like a ramen noodles, but they were rounder and covered in a red sauce.

"What is it?" Kai asked.

"Some sort of noodle I guess," said Cole, "but nothing like I've ever seen. And where are the chop sticks?"

"I sense the instruments besides the plate is what we use to lift the food to our mouths," said Zane.

"Can we please not talk about food?" Jay asked, speaking for the first time.

Zane looked over at Jay and didn't need sixth sense to see what was about to happen, only Jay's greenish face. He quickly guided Jay to the small window and helped him lean out of it. Sure enough, a few seconds later, Jay's hurling noise was heard. Zane winced sympathetically.

"I don't think teleporting agreed with me," Jay said when he finished, "You guys go ahead and eat. I'm gonna lie down…"

Jay walked to one of the beds and laydown facing the wall.

The others struggled to eat. After failing miserably with the device that looked like a miniature pitchfork, they simply took what looked like a shovel and shoveled in the food. It wasn't polite, but no one knew how else to do it.

Afterwards, the ninjas went to bed.

Zane was the last one to fall asleep. He wondered if they'd ever get back to the dojo. If Sensei Wu was worried about them. If everything was going to be okay.

If was well after midnight before he finally dosed off.