The ninjas raced to the location Ogel had given them. He told them the agents lived in a large dome base on a beach.

"Ogel said there are six of them and one machine. We either kill or take them prisoner," said Cole.

"Frankly, I think take them prisoner is better. These guys aren't monsters or skeletons. They're people," said Jay.

"Agreed. We take them prisoner. Killing is a last resort only," said Kai.

Zane said nothing. With the strange aura of the place far behind him Zane was trying to see if his sixth sense could pick up anything, or perhaps if he could identify what was so familiar about the last place. But all he could sense were his friends' feelings. Nothing to write home about…if he had anyone to write to that was.

"Over there!" Jay cried out pointing. Sure enough there was a dome building. That had to be the place. The side facing them had a large window.

"Looks like a perfect entry point." Kai smirked.

"Gotta agree there. NINJAAAGO!" Cole said, turning into a dirt brown tornado and smashing through the window

Zane and the others followed him in, and Zane saw for the first time the 6 agents they were told to fight.

They were all different shapes, sizes, and hair colors. Even their uniforms, while roughly the same had different colored sleeves.

The one with the blue sleeve was slightly tall and muscular. His hair was brown and spiked like Zane's was.

The one with a red sleeve was a woman. She was average height and a little heavy. Her hair was a little longer than Nya's and bright red. She worse circles of glass over her eyes.

The yellow sleeved one was much shorter than the rest and had very neat black hair. He face showed no emotion, and like the woman he had glass circles, though the glass on him was black.

The one with the green sleeve was the opposite in size. He was tall, fat, and muscular. His hair was completely covered by a soft black hat.

The one with an orange sleeve was both the tallest and the thinnest one there. He wore a hard black head covering under which orange hair could be seen. Despite the fact that his team was being attacked he supported a HUGE smile.

The last agent worse a purple sleeve and was also female. She was a bit short, thin, and wore a lot of makeup. Her hair was in purple braids.

All of them, save for the one showing no emotion, looked shocked at the ninjas bursting in.

Zane drew his regular shurikans. He needed to focus on the fight. But something was tugging on his mind and wouldn't let go.

"We've seen the damage you've done. We're here to stop you!" said Cole.

"What are you talking about?" the blue sleeved one asked.

"Don't try to play us for fools. Come with us before we're forced to attack," said Kai.

"We haven't done any damage. Fight us if you have to, but we won't take blame for what we haven't done," said the red sleeved one.

Zane sensed truth in her words. This team was innocent. Suddenly he felt himself have an epiphany. He knew exactly what was going on! But what could he do?

"Alright you asked for it!" said Cole, raising his scythe.

"NO!" Zane shouted, running in front on the blue sleeved man.

Cole got a startled look on his face and tried to move the scythe. He managed to keep it from killing Zane, but out took a chunk of his shoulder.

Zane gripped his shoulder in pain. It was wet from blood.

"Zane what on Ninjago…" Jay started.

But Zane interrupted him before he could start to babble, "You three told me to tell you if I started to sense anything that provided answers, correct?"

The ninjas nodded.

"Here is what I am sensing," said Zane, "The aura with Ogel felt familiar because it was similar to lord Garmadon's throne room in the underworld. With these 6, I sense honesty and confusion. We've been tricked. These people aren't the ones turning others into skeletons. Ogel is."

Zane sensed the ninjas pondering his words. Then they put their weapons away.

Zane turned to the agents still gripping his hurt shoulder.

"We owe you an apology, and an explanation," said Zane, hoping the agents would forgive them.

"And we owe you for stopping your friends and saving us," said the blue sleeved man.

Zane sensed that the blue sleeved man trusted him. He also sensed the agents trusted the blue sleeved man. He must have been the leader.

The purple sleeved woman came up. "There is a sick bay in the room next door. I can tend your shoulder if you like." she said, "Then we can figure out exactly what is going on."

"That would be most appreciated," said Zane.