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Chapter One: Broken Promise

The god of mischief sighed tiredly. How many more times were he and his brother going to argue over such petty things? Shaking his head at the God of Thunder he fought the urge to turn and walk away. The blonde stopped mid-speech and scowled.

"Brother, are you even listening to me?"

Loki sighed but smiled quickly, reassuring his brother "Of course I am."

Thor frowned not convinced. "Brother, you need to learn that your actions have consequences."

Loki could not hold back his laughter. Who did his brother think he was? Well, wasn't that a stupid question. His brother thought he was a king. Thor's head was always held high to look down at others, even him. Being Thor's brother didn't change Thor's behavior towards him.

Thor's mood was turning sour by Loki's laughter, so much so, he had to stop. "I am sorry brother. I just think it hilarious that you of all people are giving advice on being responsible. The man who swings first and asks questions later." Loki was sure Thor could hear the venom in his voice.

"That is not true! I always have a plan of action." The blonde protested loudly.

At this Loki chose to roll his eyes. "Brother," Loki started out softly, "you go about destroying things constantly. You think you are victorious from petty battles that cause more damage than prevent." The slender man walked gracefully over to the older man smiling. "Your little gang of barbarians follow a mindless leader." The smile stayed as he stood face to face with him now, looking him in the eye he continued, speaking even softer now. "You are blinded by arrogance and ran by your emotions. You think you are strong, but you have no idea how easy you are to control." To add insult to injury he gently placed a hand on the side of his brothers face. Thor fumed with anger his jaw set, teeth clenching not even bothering to push the slender hand away. To anyone else it might have been a fearsome sight, but to him it was nothing. Despite all Thor's flaws he knew Thor would never actually hurt him, no matter how angry he made him.

Loki looked in those cerulean orbs and smirked. Thor had control over many things, but not Loki's silver tongue and he knew Thor hated it. Thor loved to be in control, but never had a way with words so naturally Loki always won these arguments. Making the blonde angry for not having control was a victory in Loki's eyes. Having knowingly won the battle Loki turned to walk away.

What happened shouldn't have happened, but because of the childish creature his brother was it did. With anger his brother suddenly grabbed him by the collar of his coat, preventing his exit. Before Loki could begin to protest Thor silenced him with a kiss. As soon as their lips met he felt a jolt. It was like lightning shooting through him and for a moment it stunned him. Just like Thor the kiss was demanding, controlling and extremely overpowering. Despite it all he found himself kissing back. The moment his lips moved against Thor's, Thor stilled, obviously shocked by his brother responding. Very quickly the blonde found himself continuing, this time, slowing the kiss, making it gentle. He placed his hands on the smaller mans hips, pulling him forward roughly. The action was enough to pull Loki out of his daze and yank back. Even in Thor's zoned out state his grip kept the other in place. Loki panted as he looked about confused. Thoughts raced through his head as he tried to pull away yet again.

"Stop." Thor demanded slightly out of breath. "Let me hold you a moment."

"No!" Loki spat. " I do not wish to be held by you!"

Thor frowned looking hurt. The look almost made Loki regret his words. His brother had only kissed him to silence him. The fact that he responded was obviously a shock to his brother. This kiss meant nothing. It made no sense pretending it did.

"Brother, I-"


"Brother. please."

The desperate pitch in Thor's voice both shocked and hurt him. Looking back in the blonde's eyes he saw the same confusion he was going through.

"Thor, think this through." He said as if talking to a child. " We were fighting a few moments ago. This is pent up aggression, nothing more."

"You cannot feel it, brother?"

Loki looked up. "What?"

"The spark. It feels like lightning running through me when our skin so much grazes." Thor responded rubbing his thumb over his brother's cheek gently and looking at him expectantly.

Loki shivered at the tingling sensation then shook his head looking at his brother a moment. "I do not feel a spark," before Thor could object he added softly "what I feel is much stronger."

That was all it took for his brother to be all smiles his foul mood quickly forgotten. With his superior strength he pulled him close burying his face in the younger's black locks. Slowly Loki ran a hand through the blonde's golden locks; a rare sign of affection from Loki.

"What do we do now?"

Thor pulled back. "What do you mean?"

"Where do we go from here? This is never going to work. You know this."

Smiling, his brother took his hand and kissed his palm. "Do not worry. We will figure this out together and I promise to handle anything that may come our way."

Loki shook his head non-believing . "Like father?"

"Like father." Thor promised.

Looking back Loki knew it was stupid to believe him.

A month. They had spent a moment in pure sexual and happy bliss. It was fantastic. Every moment alone was a moment they spent touching one another. He had had many lovers, but none quite like Thor. And that is why all good things must come to an end. Thor was a great lover and could be kind, caring and gentle. But in the end it was still Thor which meant he was also cruel, arrogant and stubborn. He had been a fool to think sex would make his brother look at him as an equal. If anything, it had made things worse. He became more demanding and expectant of Loki. It was making things more stressful for the mischief maker. The fool even went as far as to still kisses in public. They were brothers and if father found out they were doomed. So Loki took it upon himself to end it before things got out of control.

Weeks passed and Loki avoided his brother like a plague. With magic it was simple. He could tell when Thor was coming and even get away as quickly, but his brother was persistent and a damn good hunter. He would track him to the ends of this world and the next. Sighing, Loki knew he was going to slip soon and get caught. Quite recently he had been tired. Usually he could keep his magic up for more than a couple months, but he was already tired. He blamed it all on his raging emotions. One moment he would feel upset then the next happy and then suddenly furious. It was all his brother's fault. He ranked his hands through his hair, grabbing it and slightly tugging. This was so frustrating!

Sighing he continued to walk. A walk outside usually helped him clear his thoughts. This walk however was just earning him odd looks from others passing by. He couldn't blame them. His face must have been a sight, he thought laughing a little. From anger to amusement to sadness and all in a couple minutes.

"Brother!" A booming voice sounded from behind making the smaller God jump startled. Before he could disappear two strong arms wrapped around him tightly (probably earning him more strange stares). The oblivious blonde continued to hold him longer than necessary while nuzzling into the crook of his neck. He could hear his brother inhale his scent. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing. He really shouldn't let this continue. Reluctantly he disappeared barely making it to the back to his room.

Thor stood alone and upset, his arms still open from hugging Loki. His brother had been acting strange in avoiding him. He lowered his arms to his sides clenching his fists. He did not like how Loki was running from him. Was he not happy being with him? Whatever the reason Thor hated it. Even if it took years Thor promised himself would find out why and if Loki kept up his disappearing act it seemed it would actually in fact take years.

Thor sighed and went back on his quest for his brother.

Loki paced his room frantically, his arms behind his back.

What was wrong with him? Why didn't he sense him coming? His magic was fading and recently becoming less and less reliable. There was only one time where his magic only worked at half capacity and he refused to believe it. It was impossible. It just couldn't happened.

When he started to shake he sat on his bed.


He sat until he calmed and built up the nerve. Swallowing hard he moved his hand, placing his palm over his abdomen. With his eyes closed he took a calming breath and waited. A moment later he felt a tiny flutter against his hand.

A heartbeat.

He was with child again.

His brother's child.


He didn't want this. It was Thor's child. Thor was an over grown puppy not fit to take care of an infant. If Thor would even want the child. All his children come out as monsters; extra limbs and eyes. Loki shuttered. This child would be just like the rest if not worse as punishment for his sin of sleeping with his own brother.

His panic was brought to a screeching halt as he heard a loud bang upon his door.

"Brother! I know you are in there! I am coming in. Please, do not run. I wish to speak with you."

The door then splintered and broke in half, Thor then walked in casually. Seeing his brother's distressed face made him stop.

"Loki?" He walked to his brothers side. "What is wrong?" He knelled. "Is is something I have done? Please tell me."

Loki looked at Thor and noticed the man's eyes held actual worry. The raven haired man opened his mouth to assure his brother all was well but ended up letting out a chocked sob. The tears rolled freely after that. Thor pulled his brother into his arms.

"Loki, what is wrong? Please tell me. It hurts to see you like this."

"I," The smaller God took a deep breath fighting back another sob, "I am with child, Thor."

Thor stilled. Loki sniffled and pulled back to look at his brother. "T-thor?" He asked worried.

Thor looked his brother in his eyes. "You have not laid with another, correct?"

Loki scowled, a little offended. "Oh course not! I do not just sleep with whoever seems pleasing to the eyes Thor. I am not like you." He spat.

Thor ignored the comment all together and hugged his brother tightly. "This...this is fantastic!"

"No Thor, this is terrible! Father will know if he does not already! We will be punished."

"Did I not say I would handle father?"

"Yes, but-"

"No. Do not worry about him. Do not mention him and ruin this moment for me."

Loki stared at his brother. " You do realize that the child may not come out right? There is a high chance because of our relation he will be a monster." Loki looked down.

Thor laughed loudly. "I would not have it any other way."

Loki looked up.

"The child of the God of Thunder and the God of Mischief has to be a little monster." He placed a hand on his brother's cheek. "No matter what I will love it. It is something that we created. I will be a proud father regardless of it's appearance."

That was the moment Loki knew he was in love with Thor. The man had his faults no doubt, but for every flaw there was something about him that made up for it. So instead of fighting it any longer he leaned forward and kissed his brother. For once he would let himself be happy and damn the consequences.

The months that followed were peaceful and glorious. Every time Thor saw his brother he would shoot him a knowing smile. The kingdom knew of his new pregnancy they just did not know the father. His father and mother had found out after he started to show. Odin gave a speech about dishonoring himself by not being wed first. He knew the speech by heart he had heard it so many times. When asked who the father was he had merely shrugged. It was the first time he had told his parents he had no clue. His father had narrowed his eyes in suspicion but did not say a word. Loki considered himself victorious for having tricked his father.

Some nights Thor would sneak into his room and lay with him. He would wrap his strong arms around him and rub his ever growing belly. That night however Thor came bearing a gift.

"Why must I keep my eyes closed?"

"I have a surprise. Hold out your hand."

Sighing he did as he was told. A moment later he felt a small, cold object placed in his hand.

"Open your eyes."

Slowly Loki opened his eyes to look down at his hand. A thick metal chain sat in the palm of his hand. At the end was a blue orb. Loki ran his thumb over the orb and watched it shine.

"Is this..."

"Stardust," Thor finished for his brother.

"But how did you acquire this?" He held it close to him. "It is almost impossible to find."

Thor smiled proudly. "I have my ways."

"Is this why you were away for the past three days?"

Thor nodded, "I wanted a very special gift for our child. Something that would suit it. Our child will be one of a kind. I wanted something as rare and precious at it"

Loki rolled his eyes. "You can be so precious sometimes."

Thor frowned, "I am?"

Loki laughed and placed the necklace in his pocket.

"Do you know the tales of the stardust?"

Thor nodded. "It is powerful."

Loki raised a brow, "That is all you know about it?"

Thor nodded.

"Star dust is said to have special healing powers as well. Though I do not know if it is true. I have never read actual documentation of it being tested only theories."

Thor just smiled and walked over to capture his brother in a inescapable hug. Loki still tried to push him away though.

"You are so smart brother."

Loki rolled his eyes. "Yes I am a genius. Now go before they suspect you. You have been here far too long."

Thor groaned nuzzling into his brothers neck. "I do not wish to go."

Loki smiled despite himself. "Leave Thor." He kissed his cheek. "You will see us tomorrow at breakfast."

Thor hugged his brother one more time before letting go. "Very well. May you both sleep well."

Reluctantly, he turned and left leaving Loki standing there smiling. A small kick made him look down.

"It would seem someone already misses their father." He rubbed his stomach as he sat down on the bed. "I am just glad to feel you kick. My other children were much more lively. You seem to be too still."

The child gave another kick. Loki smiled. "I think it might be time for bed, little one."

Crawling under his blankets he imagined what the child would look like.

He let himself drift to sleep and imagine the perfect family. It would look like Thor, if it was male with tan skin, golden locks and blue eyes. He wanted a girl that looked like him though if he was being honest with himself. That was the good thing about dreaming because in his dream he could have both. Some moments in the dream he would be lifting his son and the next moment he would be brushing his daughters hair. The dream continued with the family sitting outside on one of Asgard's country sides. The grass was soft and the air smelled sweet. Thor was making faces causing the child giggle. Loki would sit and smile as he watched. As soon as small God was content the happy image would suddenly disappear. The once splendid image was replaced by a vast valley of snow and ice. Loki stood quickly and looked around frantically the harsh winds blowing him back.

"Thor!" He would scream over and over.

Thor would not respond instead he could hear an infant crying. He ran in the direction of his child's cries not knowing or seeing where he was going. When he reached the crying he was greeted by Odin. The All Father carried the screaming bundle in the crook of his arm wrapped in a blue clothe. The child could not be seen.

"Father,Give the child to me. Give me my child."

Odin shook his head. "The child does not live Loki. I am sorry."

"You lie! I can hear it! Give it to me!"

Odin narrowed his eyes before sighing. "It will die eventually. It is not meant for this world."

"I do not understand. Father please." Loki held out his arms for his child.

Odin lifted the bundle in the air by the edges of the clothe. Loki could see the child squirming; it's cries becoming more frantic as Odin held it higher.

"Father no!"

Before Loki could react his father let go

Loki woke with a startle his breathing heavy. Instinctively, he held his stomach. He felt a gentle kick and he calmed himself. Laying on the bed he stayed awake just counting the moments that passed until he saw Thor again.

He had not seen his brother in days. Thor had been sent away on another quest by father and Loki had not been able to tell Thor of his worries. The only thing he had been able to do was hug his brother before he left. Thor held on longer than necessary probably adding to their father's suspicion. He would have to talk to him later about it later.

Since that night he had been having the same dream. Every night he would wake in a panic only to be calmed by a gentle kick. The dream was getting to him. He was not himself. Usually he would stand tall and hide his weariness, but as of recently he was slouching and falling asleep during his father's meetings. His father would never yell at him though; he only looked on worried.

When Thor finally came back it was late in the night. He brushed Loki's hair out of his face and smiled. Loki opened his eyes and smiled back.

"There you are."

Thor chuckled, "I was not hiding, brother."

"I am aware." Loki sat up.

"You look terrible."

"Why thank you."

Thor frowned, "You have not been sleeping." Thor stroked his hair.

Loki nodded, "I have been having nightmares."

"Would you like to speak of them?"

He shook his head no. "Just stay and hold me for a while."

Thor nodded and did as he was told eventually it was time for him to depart.

"No," Loki grabbed his arm. " Stay the night."

"You know I cannot."

"Please, just this once."

Thor looked at his brother worried and nodded quietly. He wrapped his arms tightly around his brother and closed his eyes.

The night went on in silence. Loki thought he might get a good nights rest finally. Of course that was not the case. Fate had a way of messing with him. In the middle of the night the small God woke to a searing pain. Thor was awakened by a stirring Loki.


Loki groaned in pain, rolling from side to side "Thor," he gasped, "it is time."

Thor blinked once...then twice...then jumped out of bed.

"What do I do?"

"Help me undress and hold my hand. Calm yourself Thor this is not my first child."

Thor nodded and helped his brother. He knelled and held his brother's hand.

"Brother I wish to do more. Tell me what to do."

Loki panted looking at his brother a moment. "A-alright. I need you to pull Thor and be very gentle. Do you understand?"

After countless minutes of screaming and pushing the deed was finally done. Panting heavily he looked at his brother at the end of the bed. He held a extremely small infant in the palm of his hand. Loki sat up painfully.

"It is a boy," Thor said quietly "and he is perfect."

He handed the small infant to Loki. Loki took him eagerly and smiled. The child had pale almost porcelain skin. Loki looked over the infant. Light blonde hair covered his head. His eyes were closed leaving Loki to wonder their color. It did not matter though. The child was perfect; small but perfect. He was everything Loki could have hoped for. He was also... very quiet.

Loki started to panic. He looked closely the child's tiny chest; it was not moving.

"Thor, quickly! In my jacket. The stone of stardust, quickly."

Thor took off and did as Loki commanded. Loki patted the infants back and made sure all his passage ways were cleared; nothing seemed to be working.

Loki held the child closely. "No no no no. Please don't, please."

Thor, after what seemed like forever handed him the stone. It was time to test out the theory. Carefully he placed the stone on the infants chest and looked on hopefully. Thor stood beside him waiting, the stress on his face obvious. A moment passed then another making the room deathly quiet. Loki swallowed thickly fighting back his fresh tears. Thor placed a hand on his shoulder to comfort him before looking away to hide his own tears. Loki placed a hand on his brothers and looked at him.

"Thor," he said quietly. "Thor, look at me."

Thor looked at his brother. Those teary blue eyes tore at Loki's heart.

"It is alright. Things like this, " he swallowed again "happen."

Thor shook his head. "There had to something we could have done."

"Do not blame yourself! There is nothing we could-"

The squirming infant in Loki's lap silenced him. A second later a tiny cough followed. The two Gods looked down to see the stone shinning brightly. Loki lifted the child closer to them. The little coughs subsided and tiny eyes fluttered open. Loki gasped. They were blue, but they were a blue he had never seen before; such a soft and light color.

"He lives!" Thor boomed raising his fists in the air.

Loki smiled down the child who in turn looked up at him and won Loki's heart with a smile.

That morning the kingdom was in awe of the small babe. The small boy won the hearts of all who saw him. Loki blamed all this adoration on the eyes. They were so wide and innocent plus their color was something to behold. The two brothers walked to their father's throne room. His father stood looking at the child with a somewhat shocked expression.

"He lives?" His father asked.

Loki frowned; Thor did as well.

"Leave, everyone leave me with my sons."

The room was cleared almost in an instant. Loki held his child closer as the All father made his way down to them.

"How is this possible?"

Thor stepped in front of Loki. "What do you mean? You knew of the child's fate?"

Odin nodded. "I knew he would not survive the birthing process. Death was his fate. What keeps him alive?"

Loki held him closer. "Thor's gift."

Odin looked at Thor. "Explain."

"I found the babe a stone of stardust. It is what saved his life."

Odin's gaze made it's way to Loki. "It will not work for long. The babe's fate is death. Loki, "He shook his head looking sadden by it's fate, "I am sorry."

Loki shook his head. "You cannot possibly know such a thing."

"I do Loki. This child is not meant for this world, by prolonging the inevitable you are tempting fate."

His child was suddenly gone. Odin now held him close. The infant looked up at him in wonder not fear as he reached for him.

Thor reached for the babe. "Father, give brother back his child you are upsetting him."

"Apparently, I am upsetting you as well. How long did you think you could hide this? Both my sons bearing a child together. You think me so blind as to not know. "

Thor stood his ground. "No father I would never think you blind just not understanding. We fear what you might do that is why we have hid it from you."

"My sons,you have nothing to fear from me. I only do what is best for you." He looked at Loki. "I hope you will remember that."

Loki looked back as his father shaking his head; he knew what was coming. "Father no! Give him to me." Loki had never begged for a single thing in his life, but when it came to his child he did not have to think twice.

Odin seemed hurt by his child's distress, but it did not stop him from turning and quietly disappearing.

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