"You are trying to be the parent who raised me. The parents who raised me are dead and I am sorry Loki, but like it or not I am a adult now. I don't have to listen to you. You can be my friend, but to me the people who found me and took care of me are my parents."

Loki was silent as he walked over to him. "You should think twice about what you say 'boy'." Steve flinched a little. Loki continued. "I have gone through a literal hell because of you. " Loki smirked sending a shiver down the Captain's spine. "You say you're all grown up now?" Loki laughed. "Well, then we will just have to fix that now won't we?"

The Captain backed away ever so slowly as Loki advanced forward.

"Loki, what are you talking abou-"

"Mother! How many times must I tell you! You are to call me mother!"

Steve frowned deeply at a loss for words. Apparently he broke Loki. Maybe he should have chose his words more carefully? After all he had no idea what Loki had been through. To say something as mean as 'You aren't my mother' was cruel to say. It was cruel because Loki was trying really hard to be that parental figure he thought he still needed. But the truth was he would probably never look as Loki that way. Maybe some day he would look at him as a good friend, but never a mother. Steven Rogers had grown up in a harsh world with no one, but a single friend and because of that he had come out strong and independent. He grew up quickly and no longer needed parents. The fact that two grown men where trying to pick up where his other parents left off was just so strange to him. He might as well tell Loki the truth so he would stop being so...so possessive and clingy.

Steven opened his mouth to speak, but was stopped by Loki.

"You say you're an adult? Well, you are nothing but a child to me!"

"I'm almost a hundred-"

"A child! My child! And this is the last straw!" He let out a strangled laugh. "I found a way to fix all of this." He walked closer backing the blonde against the wall giving him no where to run. "You asked what I was talking about...well, why tell you when I can show you instead."

"Sir, I think it would be wise for me to bring to your attention that-"

"Not now Jarvis, I am working."

"But Captain Rogers is-"

Stark looked up from his work in mock excitement. "Showering?!"

"No Sir. If you will just listen you will know. He's-"

"Broken something again? I swear the toaster talks to him one time and he runs for a bible."

"Sir, Mr. Rogers is currently being taken by his mother."

"But she's dead..."

"The biological one, sir..."


"That would be the one."

"Why didn't you speak up sooner!?" Tony asked in a panic getting up quickly from his work and running out the door.

"It wasn't for my lack of trying, Sir."

"Enough with the sass, Jarvis. Is Loki still in the tower?"

"Yes, he is currently in the middle of trying to stop the Captain from crying."

"What?! Did he harm him?"

"No, I think the Captain may be about to start teething soon."

"Sound the alarm and put this place on lock- Wait...what?"

Loki cooed at the tiny bundle in his arms as he held it close to him. Everything was going to fall into place. He would have his child one way or another and no one would stop him. He needed to act fast. The artificial intelligence would give him away soon. Loki sighed as his young one continued to wail.

"Child please, for me would you please be silent for a moment?"

When the babe stopped instantly Loki had to look down. Their eyes met and Loki felt whole. Like the missing piece of his heart that he had tried so long to fill was finally put back in it's place. Suddenly he was as happy as the day he had birthed Steven. He wanted nothing more than to hold him like this forever.

His joy was cut short due to the alarm finally being sounded. Loki cursed under his breath. How could he have been so careless. He needed to move.

Loki ran quickly as the doors around him began to lock. It was okay. He had a plan of escape. The cunning God always did and you could bet everything he wasn't about to let this turn out like last time and have his babe taken from him.

"Sir, Loki has managed to escape the Tower."

"What? How?!"

Barton frowned. "I would love to know how the hell he is moving so quickly while carrying around a grown man."

"He has de-aged Captain Rogers somehow."

"De-aged?" Thor asked confused.

"Made him into a baby?!" Tony screamed in outrage. "That guy has serious issues! What the hell is his problem?!"

The female assassin openly rolled her eyes. "Maybe it had something to do with the fact that you drool every time you see him. If you could just keep your hands to yourself we wouldn't be in this mess."

"So let me get this straight..." Clint said seeming to be thinking hard. "There is a baby Captain America out there somewhere right now?... Tasha! I want one!"

Tony glared. "Now is not the time for jokes, bird brain. We need to track him down."

Clint whined. "But think of how adorable a tiny captain would be! With his wittle shield and perfect manners."

Natasha sighed. "Stark, we need to get moving."

"No shit. I'll put on my suite. Head out without me and alert me if you see anything. Thor I am gonna need you to-...Thor? Where the hell did Thor go?"

Bruce cleared his throat. "He slipped out while you guys were bickering."

"Not bickering-"

"Stark, just get your suite on!"

Loki was quite pleased with himself to say the least. He had turned his son into a child, escaped the clutches of the Iron mans' fortress and used his magic to get a secure place to live and all in under an hour. If he just stayed out of sight for a while and didn't use his magic he should be in the clear. After all, this city was huge. It would take ages for the misfit team of super heroes to find him, especially now that their leader was gone. Loki was almost giddy with excitement. Everything was falling into place.

...Now if only Steven would stop wailing!

"Shhh my little one. Please calm yourself."

Steve's wails died down to sniffles and Loki smiled gratefully. The child stared a moment at it's mother before wailing again. Loki could only sigh.

"Why? Why must you torment me so!?"

A sudden rapping upon his door made Loki jump. "Excuse me!" A female voice shouted through the door. "These walls are thin and I cannot help but hear your troubles. He sounds hungry."

Loki stayed froze a moment. "How can you tell this just by his wailing?"

The woman laughed from the other side of the door. "You're new to this aren't you?"

Loki opened the door slightly revealing a small elder woman. "You know how to make him stop?"

Once again the lady laughed. "Of course dear, but it has been a while. Let me see if I have anything left from my children and I will show you what to do." The elderly woman scooted down the hall using her cane to balance her.

Loki blinked watching her go into her apartment only to come out minutes later with a bag. She let herself in his new acquired home and walked into the kitchen beginning to make some sort of concoction. Loki watched silently keeping his hold on his child as he eyed the woman suspiciously.

When she was done she handed Loki a bottle. The God took it slowly.

"I will leave you instructions on how to make it. If you need anything, I am right down the hall." She gave his shoulder a gentle pat before walking out of the apartment.

Loki could only scoff. "Naive old fool..." He mumbled before going to feeding his son. After Steven was fed the crying had stopped.

Twenty minutes later he started up again and Loki found himself going down the hall to the old woman's apartment.

One week had went by and Thor was less than thrilled. Everyone could see it. It wasn't hard actually. The usually happy God was mopping around. Sometimes he sat quietly for an hour or so (during those times he carried around a small Captain America bear. They yet to figure out where he found the thing but they knew someone needed to take it away.) and other times he would stand and look out the window. After searching for a week they decided to take a break. Their Captain was not in danger, he was just missing. Tony had pointed out he was not missing but taken so they needed to look harder. That was Thor's moment to stand up for his brother claiming.

"He would never harm our child!"

The others didn't argue because they believed it to be true. Loki was a mother hen to their leader. Never once was he violent to him. So that made everyone breath easy. Besides, after Thor's outburst no one was going to argue other wise.

Thor was not the only one effected by the loss of their leader. Every since he was taken no one was there to feed the team in the mornings so they often missed breakfast. No one was there to spare with Natasha. (Okay, there was, but no one was that stupid to try.) No one was there to talk Thor out of putting liquids in the toaster or metal in the microwave. But worst of all there was no one there to keep Tony entertained. Without someone there to patiently listen to his rambling all the time he was starting to feel lonely again. The genius swore he was fine. He knew he wasn't fooling anyone though. He could say he was fine all he wanted, but Natasha knew he was the one who bought the Captain America teddy bear. How she figured it out he will never know.

"FRIENDS!" Thor bellowed making everyone sitting at the table except Bruce jump. "I can no longer sit and wait for the Captain to be brought back to us! I vow to look until I have found him!"

Clint sighed. "Look, big guy, we are all shook up from this as you are, but you can't just tear the city apart."

"I shall do no such thing! I will only search the streets until I find them!"

Stark scoffed taking a sip of his coffee. "Yeah, you go do that."

The thunder God patted the genius on the back a little too rough making him spit out some coffee. "Thank you for your support Anthony."

Natasha sighed. "Thor I don't care if you look for them. Just check in so we know you are alright. We don't need you to suddenly go missing too."

"Very well, I am off then!"

Tony sat up a little. "Sure just leave the bear!"

The God of Mischief walked through the park holding the little bundle to his chest. He had to wrap him just right or Steven would start sneezing again due to his horrendous allergies. Loki would come here every now and then to get out of that small house. He enjoyed the view and the fresh air and how seeing things like birds and clouds made Steven smile.

The raven haired God found out quickly that parenting became easier the longer you worked at it. He had found ways to make Steven stop his crying. It turned out that all the little one wanted was attention and being the most caring mother in the universe, Loki would gladly shower the child with hours off affection.

It got hard sometimes, but only because Steven was so fragile and sickly. There were times Loki regretted changing his son into a child again. The baby would have coughing fits and breathing problems. Every time Steven coughed the stone would glow and cause the poor child to calm down and catch his breath. He thanked the heavens that Thor had gotten it for him.


He would be lying if he said he didn't miss the idiot. Back when he was pregnant with Steven all his dreams of a family included Thor. He imagined the buffoon being a great father and now that he actually had Steven as a child again he imagined it even more. As he sat from his spot on the park bench he saw fathers teaching their children how to fly their contraptions called 'kites'. It seemed to be fun. The little ones loved it.

A longing sigh escaped his lips as he looked out onto all the sickeningly happy couples. A small tug on his lock of hair made him look down. Steven had decided to wished to consume something and put the hair in his mouth. Loki let out a small chuckle.

"No dearest, that is not food. I assume you must be hungry now." He lifted the bundle in his arms and started to head home. He had bottles already made for his little one. There he would feed Steven and rock him to sleep.


Loki sighed happily. Sleep sounded wonderful. For some reason when Loki left his little bundle alone he would cry loudly and not stop until Loki picked him up. He couldn't even put him down without the child crying. The god sighed. He needed a break. He really need sl-

The small God blinked running into another person. Loki paid no attention to the person as he cradled his child protectively. Steven wailed loudly, upset to be woken up.

"There there precious. Calm down."


The smaller God froze. He knew that voice. "Yes, brother?"

"Look at me."

Loki looked up slowly. He put on his best smile. "I have missed you."

"Loki," Thor said looking more relieved than angry, "you worried me endlessly. Are you alright?And where is the captain."

Loki scowled at the mention of his child and held his bundle closer. Thor's eye shifted to it before looking at his brother with extreme disapproval.

"You had no right to do this brother..."

"Oh shush! You sound just like him! I had every right to do this. I am a GOD and I am his mother- Oh Steven, would you please hold still!"

Thor calmly took the child out of Loki's arms, much to Loki's protest. "What are you doing, you fool! You'll hurt him or worse break him! He gets upset without me...he...he is calm now."

Thor nodded "Because I am holding him correctly."

That earned a scowl from the small God. "I was too until he decided to squirm around in my arms!"

Thor shrugged looking down at his son no longer paying attention to the other man. The blonde god smiled at the infant in his arms. "He is so small." He said with wonder in his voice. Steven looked back at his father with amazment probably thinking the exact opposite about his father.

Such a shame Loki was going to take advantage of the moment.

"He is small, isn't he?"

Thor nodded in response still looking at his son.

"Think about it. You can watch something this small grow into the man you met. You can shape and make your child into the perfect Asgard warrior. If we just kept hidden long enough we could be parents!" The small good exclaimed the last part excited.

Thor looked from the small bundle in his arms to his brother. "But he had a life before us. We cannot take such precious memories away. The stories he told me about his old family-"

"Are from a past that shouldn't have happened." Loki finished looking annoyed. "We were supposed to raise him! I know you know that Thor. Can you not feel it in your ones bones that you were made for this?"

"Change him back."

"Can't you just once listen to reason?"



"I am serious. Change him back now and he might not be so angry with you."

Loki looked into his brothers oh so rare serious face and began to panic. He couldn't lose now. He wouldn't lose now! No! He was the God of lies all he had to do was think. After a moment or two a smile spread across his face.

"Brother, how about I make you a deal?"

Thor looked at him suspiciously but he didn't really object.

Loki knew he had him then.

SO SO SO SO SORRY. Sorry this is short and took so long. I had a bunch of family issues and I am now back to writing. I will add more way sooner this time guys. Thank you for all the love and reviews. Love ya and be safe out there.