Chapter 1

My name is Loni Boots, i have my dads ginger fur and my moms blue eyes, i have visited Princess Fiona and Shrek, they treat me like im family. Were currently staying in Far Far Away. Im a cat at night but a human at day.

I have a curse that was set right after i was born and i have to find my true love in order to be a cat forever, but i really hate being a cat sometimes, i feel like being a human is more freedom.

Im adventurous, good dancer, sly, but i dont like being a flirt, unlike my parents who wont stop kissing each other. Im a bit stubborn and fiesty

Everybody has an owl, except for me because of my dad, hes afraid ill run off with some guy and get pregnant or something.

I walk up to my room in the house i live in and look out the window and see him...

Troy, Troy Jones. The guy i have a really big crush on, unfortunetly hes human and i turn into a cat at night.

I stare at him on his "skateboard" whatever that is. I quickly get dressed and put on my make up. I rush downstairs to meet my crush and i hear the doorbell ring.

I open the door and I dont see anyone. I look down and see a egg.

" Uh Hello do you know where Puss is ?"

I turn around " DAD ! SOMEONES HERE TO SEE YOU !" I yell to my dad whos kinda occupied at the moment.

All of the sudden i see my dad draw out his sword and hit the egg in the head. " Humpty ?" he gave his best freind a hug and my mom started walking over.

" Humpty, i thought you were dead." My mom walked over and stood next to my father.

" Whos at the door ?" I heard from behind me. I heard my brother meow and stand right behind me.

My dad invites Humpty inside and they talk about their life and i stopped listening when they started talking.

I try to sneak outside and see Troy but my fathers quick eyes catch me.

" Hey, Loni ! You can not go outside !" And of course i was right at the door when he said that. I turned around and yelled at my dad.

" OK WHY CANT I SEE TROY ! I LIKE HIM !" My dad stood up and walked in front of me, gaurding the door. " Because i dont want you to end up heartbroken."

I roll my eyes " Im going back in my room." I slugg back to my room and try to think of something, something genius...

Puss POV

I watched as my daughter walks back to her room. Kitty gives me a angry stare. " What ?" I shrugg and Kiitty gives me the hand " I give permission for our daughter to date boys, even human boys."

I cringe when she says human boys, rumor has it that human boys treat girls horrible.

I watch my wife walk upstairs to our daughters room to talk to her, and i walk back to the living room with Humpty sitting there awkwardly.

" Sorry about that," I rub my hands together.

" Its Ok," Humpty smiles at me and Kitty walks over here again.

" Loni wants to watch the Hunger Games...again."

I sigh in dissapointment " Again..."

Kitty crosses her arms " Yes again."

Loni comes sprinting down stairs with the movie and puts it in the Tv.

" AHHH HUNGER GAMES TEAM PEETA !" She screams and sits down on the coutch.

She starts the movie and it shows Prim screaming and Katniss comforting her.

i fall asleep and a few minutes i wake up by my daughters screams. " Ahhh" I look over to Loni and shes looking dreamy at Peeta Mellark.

I roll my eyes and i look at the time and its 7:20.

" Loni ! You need to go to your room NOW !" Loni looks at me confused and than at the time.

She gasped and ran upstairs.

" So you have a human daughter, how did that happen ?" Humpty asked me.

" She was born with a curse, at day she is human and at night shes a cat." My ears went down and i saw a green glow come from her room.

Humpty looks at the glow in amazement. " She says she likes being a human better than her real species."

" She has your ginger fur." Humpty says quietly.

I smile " Yeah, and Kittys eyes."

It took me a little while to realize that Humpty and I were the only ones in the living room. " Uh theres a guest room upstairs." I point next to Lonis room.

" Oh ok." Humpty started walking upstairs and i walked to the room Kitty and I shared together.

Loni POV

I couldnt sleep, i dont know why but i just couldnt. I got up and heard walking coming upstairs. I quickly hide in my room untill the walking dissapeard and i opened the window, the cold air was blowing in my face and the FAR FAR AWAY sign was so bright it was beautiful.

I climbed out of my room and onto the roof. The stars were so pretty, this would be a wonderful date.

I almost closed my eyes and i heard a cough, i quickly jumped and put up a fight stance than stopped when i realized who it was.

" Humpty what are you doing out here ?" I asked him, he smiled at me " I was about to ask you the same thing." He lied down next to me and watched the stars with me.

" So what are you doing out here ?" I asked again. He looked at me with his light brown eyes " I felt the cold air in my room and i got curious, what about you ?"

" I just wanted to watch the stars." I bit my lip and Humpty narrowed his eyes at me.

" You dont need to lie to me, now whats the real reason." His arm brushed my arm and i felt blush creeping up on my face, thank goodness my ginger fur hid that.

I sigh and turn over to face him " I go out every night to watch Troy, my boyfriend not my crush sleep, because it reminds me how lucky i am, please dont tell my dad that i have a boyfriend he will kill me, even though im old enough to have a boyfriend."

Humpty smiled " Dont worry i wont, but there is a question i want to ask you." I raise a eyebrow " Ok what."

"I want a partnership." He holds out his hand and i shake it, trusting him with my life.

" Ok, i need to go but you can come if you want." Humpty smiles " Ill go." I grab his hand and bring him to my boyfriends house and we look at the window. I pull out a picture of us from my pocket.

" Whats that ?" I give Humpty the picture and he raises his eyebrow. Than he looks confused " Wait you said you have to remind yourself your lucky to have him but why ?"

" Because i always have this strange feeling that hes not being faithful." I sadly look in his room and he has a shrine of us on his wall.

" Well its obvious that he has feelings for you, i mean look." He points at the shrine in the room and i smile.

" I think its time to go back." I go back to my room with Humpty and i climb into my bed.

Humptys POV

I watch Loni climb into her bed and as soon as she closes her eyes i whisper in her ear " Goodnight." And walk off to my room.