Chapter 3

I woke up and felt the hot summer heat on me. Something didnt feel right, like something bad was going to happen. I pushed the feeling away and got out of bed.

I saw the guest room door open and i knew Humpty was awake. I looked in the living room and saw him watching Tv. He looked tired for some reason. " Hey, did you stay up all night ?" He looked at me and slightly smiled. " Uh yeah just thinking about something." I laughed and sat next to him. " Well whatever your worried about hopefully goes away."

He coughed " Yeah just uh lady troubles." He moved his hand so it could rest on my back. " Oh really ?!" I ask trying to avoid his hand on my back, probitly a accident.

" Yeah, she will never love me." Humpty sighed and his eyes hovered back to the Tv screen as i couldnt help but feel for him.

" Im sure she does love you." I give him a nice pat on the back and a encouraging smile. He shakes his head " She doesnt love me, she loves someone else." My mouth forms into a "o" and i scooted away from him. It soon became awkward with his hands in his lap and me looking away.

" Hey i was going to The Club tonight and i was wondering if you wanted to come with me." Humpty and i looked at each other and i smiled " Yeah sure, it will be fun."

He smiled at me and i could have sworn i saw him blush through his hard shell. I looked at the Tv screen and it showed a interview with Fiona and Shrek with thier kids who are much older now.

" Do you know them ?" Humpty asked me with interest.

I nodd " Yes they're like family to us." I heard Shrek say that he wouldnt be here without his wife. I ahhhed and i heard Humpty smirk at that.

I looked at the time and it was much later than i thought it would be. 2 o' clock.

I take a shower and it takes two hours for my hair to dry. I blow dry my hair and straighten it. I put on a very cute dress and the best make up i have.

I walk downstairs in a flirtatious way, and walk in the living room.

" So, how do i look ?" Humptys eyes hover from curve to curve on my body and leaves me blushing.

" Absolutly beautiful." he whispered loud enough for me to hear. I start to blush even more and it starts to get noticable.

" Where are your parents ?" He asked and i shrugged like i didnt care, because i dont.

" I dont know and i dont care." I sat down on the couch and they were still interviewing Shreks family.

" Hey Loni, do you want to stay a human for the rest of the night ?" My eyes move from the Tv to Humptys.

" Is that possible ?" I whisper so that only the two of us could hear each other. He smiled and gave me a small bean, while he kept the other one.

I took it in my mouth and chewed it up. A bright green glow took in my whole body and i still looked the same. I went to look at Humpty and he looked well human ! He had brown hair that was short but not two short, kinda like Zac Efrons hair and he had brown eyes, and he was muscular.

It took me a whole before i knew i was blushing at his handsome appearance. " So how do i look ?" He asked quit flirtatiously.

I laughed " You look good." We walked out to the carriage and he went in the driver seat.

He drove to The Club and we walked out together with photographers flashing thier cameras at us. We walked inside and i saw alot of people dancing and holding each other close.

" May i have this dance." Humpty gave a flirty wink and i giggled at his friendly flirts. I grabbed his hand and he twirled me around. I felt like i was flying.

When he set me down we got a round of applause for our dancing. I looked around at the people and saw...something that made me want to vomit.

I saw Troy kissing a blonde girl. All of the applause faded within the back of my mind and i heard a faint " Are you ok ?" from Humpty.

Anger filled my veins and i walked over to them and slapped Troy in the face, with tears rolling down mine. " How dare you ! I thought you loved me ! Were OVER !" He stopped kissing the blonde and ran after me, so did Humpty.

" Loni ! Wait !" I stopped and let the cheater come foreward. " No ! This ends tonight ! I-We arent ment to be, obviously ! Im ending our relationship !" Humpty and I hopped in the car and drove off to my house.

I cried all the way home. When i opened the door to my house, i ran to my room with my make up that i worked on for hours was ruined. I flopped on my bed and buried my face into the pillow.

" You were brave out there." I lifted my head to look at Humpty. " *Sniff* How was i brave ?" He slightly smiled and sat on the bed. I sat up next to him, " You ended the relationship." A small smile creeped on my face. " Yeah i guess i was brave." Humpty got up and started for the door.

" Wait !" He stopped when my sudden outburst stopped him. " Can you stay please." My soft blue eyes met his handsome brown ones. His small smile was getting bigger by the second. " Sure." He sat down next to me and we started to talk and talk and talk.

" Yeah your father and i went way back." Humpty said as if remembering a memory.

" Yeah he talked about you alot." I laughed and his brown eyes were burning into mine. He leaned into my face and i leaned into his. I felt his soft lips against mine and i felt a electric shock go through my body, i never felt this way before.

One of his hands was on my back and the other was running through my ginger hair. " You have soft hair." I heard him whisper against my lips. I smiled and he continued kissing me. For once in my life i feel safe and right. I knew nothing was going to stop this night from being the most passionate.

" I just want to let you know that i love you Humpty." I looked at him straight in the eyes and he said something that was going to change me forever. " I love you too Loni Alexandria Boots." I looked at the clock and it was two hours from twelve. I turn back at Humpty and we both know whats going to happen next. I jump into his lap and dont stop kissing him, he grabs my dress and gives it a tug.

The next day...

Puss walked upstairs to check on his daughter from being away for a night. " Hey Loni, were ho-" He stopped in the middle of the sentence when he saw Humpty asleep with his daughter,in-her-bed.

" HUMPTY ALEXANDER DUMPTY !" He screamed at the top of his lungs and the two lovers scrambled out of the bed, Loni fell off the bed trying not be seen without anything on and Humpty well he was just embarressed that he got caught with his best friends daughter.

Puss closed the door and let them get changed with anger boiling in his body.

Loni POV

I put on my dress while Humpty put his stuff on. I was about to walk out the door when Humpty started asking me all these questions. " Was this your first time ?" I sighed and turned around " Yes." I walked out the door and my dad was standing there with his arms crossed, very pissed.

" How dare you sleep with my daughter Humpty and you Loni, i thought you were dating that Troy boy." Puss growled us and i told him what happened last night and he said my mother would be very dissapointed in me if she were here right now.

" And i will tell your mother when she gets back from picking your brother up from his friends house." Dad walked away but i knew he was keeping a eye on us. A shiver shot down my spine. Creepy.

Humptys hand found mine and it intertwined. I have never been happier in my life. Even though Humpty is back in his egg form and im a human, we can still make this work.

Humptys POV

In the night when she is a cat we will go as partners and crime. Poor girl, doesnt know, Naive Loni.