Chapter 4

My lips meet his with intense passion, heat sprung up on my cheeks in the cold night of Far Far Away, his hands snuck down my belt...

I woke up in a start, sweating like crazy, stupid teenage hormones. Suddenly i felt my mouth was extremely moist, than i felt vomit coming up my throat, I quickly covered my mouth and ran inside the bathroom with my head inside the toilet getting all of my dinner from last night out of my now empty stomach.

I hear a soft knock from the doorway. " Hey, are you ok ?" Its Humpty. I guess my puke was loud...

" Uh, yeah are you ready ?" I watch as Humpty looks in the direction of the bathroom than at me with his eyebrows furrowed in suspition.

" Yeah, are sure your ok ?" Seriously this again ?

I sigh in annoyonce. " Yes, im fine, the dinner didnt adjust with my stomach." I felt my stomach drop as i lied to my love, But wait...if it wasent dinner than what was the cause of my random puking ?

Humpty placed his hands on his hips than eventaully gave up. " Ok, just follow me, than i'll tell you what to do from there." I nodded at my lover and grabbed the sword i once trained with my father.

We climbed out of the window and saw the bright lights of the Far Far Away sign. Humpty nudged me in the shoulder and pointed towards the bank, that stored all of the gold from the villagers and possibly King Artie

" Uh- Humpty, where are we going ?" I said with my hopes high, hoping we wouldnt be stealing from the bank.

" You'll see." He grabbed my hand, and we jumped down from the roof of the house and into the night, the too quite night.

But of course i let my stupidity get in the way and turns out we were stealing from the bank. " HUMPTY ! We cant do this ! This is the kings gold ! We will be exicuted for this !" I whisper the loudest i can without being caught.

Humpty sighed and looked back at me in irritation, he walked down from the crate he stood on and grabbed my hands, dreamily staring at me " Just think about it, Loni, we can have it all together, we can have a house together, we can get married, anything you want, all we need is that gold and you can have it all."

I looked back at the gold to Humpty who was eager to know my awnser. I sighed in defeat, " Fine, but lets not mention this to anyone, i'd rather not get killed by my own father." I say with a hint of sarcasm at the end.

I help Humpty up and he gets the gold while i hear the faint sounds of horses coming our way. I start to feel the panic rising up in my stomach.

Humpty finally comes down and We hurry up, we run past houses untill we finally reach mine.

We go inside the window in my room and I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

" That was too close." Humpty wispered and I just stood there as if in a trance. I cant believe i just stole from my childhood friend.

I sat down on my bed and just stared at the wall, deep in thought.

Suddenly, i felt that sick feeling again, i ran to the bathroom and pushed my love out of the way.

I threw my head in the toilet and vomited like i had an hour before.

I heard the door open on the other side of the room, and it and it had turned out to be Humpty.

I lifted my head up as i was done and looked at him, he looked concerned.

" Maybe you need to see a doctor." Humpty kissed me on the forehead and i slightly smiled at him.

" Yeah, i'll go first thing in the morning." I walked past him into my room, i climbed into the most comfortable night clothes i could find and went to sleep.

The Next Morning...

I woke up but didnt feel that sick feeling just yet, than I remembered i had to go to the doctors.

I dragged myself out of bed and drove over to the doctors office.

" So, have you had sex lately." The docter crosses her arms and I start to blush furiously.

" Yes."

The doctor smiles and says " Congradulations Ms. Boots, your going to have a baby."

I knew it ! But wait...what will your parents think ?! WHAT WILL HUMPTY THINK ?!

Dr. Carmen helps me up and my mind is arguing with each other.

I hear the door swing open and I look fearfully but instead of Humpty i see my childhood friend "Artie" or Aurther.

bows down at him and Artie tells her he should'nt do that.

" Hey Artie, what are you doing here ?" I asked my blonde-headed friend.

" Oh, Humpty told me that you wernt feeling well, so i drove over here to see if you were ok." He put all of the weight on one leg and i could tell he was hiding something from me.

" Hey ! Loni, are you ok, what did the doctor say ?" My lover walked inside, very curious with the situation.

It started getting really hot in the room, Loni's forehead was breaking out in sweat and everybody's eyes were on her.

" I-I-." My voice trembles in the quiet room, i look at Artie whos eyebrow is raised.

" Artie, can i talk to you for a sec." I grab his wrist and pull him out to the hallway.

" Hey ! Hey, whats wrong, why could'nt you tell Humpty ?"

I rubbed my arms and looked at my overly concerned friend. " Because i dont know how he will take it."

Artie looked really confused now. " Wait...take what ?"

I looked at my friend with slight blush on my face. " Im pregnant, with his baby."

Artie's eyes went from confused to suprized. " Woah, congradulations." He gave me a hug and i hugged him back.

Humptys POV

I watched as Loni pulled Aurther or as everybody calls him "Artie" into the hallway and they started talking awkwardly. The boy had clear feelings for her and maybe i felt a tiny bit of jealoucy.

But then i pushed them away untill i saw them hug, ok thats it im going over there.

I walked into the hallway and they broke up the hug.

Artie walked over to me and whispered to where only i could hear. " Loni needs to tell you something." Cleary

Aurther walked by us and left us the only two in the hallway.

I looked into her bright blue eyes and she looked terrified. " So, whats up with you and " The King". I mocked Artie label.

Loni's eyes got bright and she waved her hands in front of her angrily. " Are you saying that Artie and I have romantic feelings for each other ?! Than your wrong, were only friends !"

I narrow my eyes at her than get back to normal.

" Than what do you need to tell me." I whisper venomusly.

Her innocent blue eyes look into mine fearfully. " Im pregnant."