She smiles like she's as happy as she can ever be.


She loves to tease Red, as he's incredibly gullible. Playing pranks on him is something she enjoys, but the looks on his face are priceless to her. He is a good friend and learns to laugh along, knowing she is only joking.


Green is always serious, so she has to find ways to lighten the mood with him. He always calls her pesky, but a slight grin spreads across his face every once in awhile. This is what she wants to see from him and calls it an accomplishment when she can pull it off.


She adores Yellow like a little sister, and loves to play dress up with her. Yellow doesn't mind it, giggling along with her as they fall together in their silly six-inch heels that are impossible to wear and shop for clothes that just look ridiculous on them.


She purposely flaunts herself in front of Gold because she knows that he can't resist wanting to ask her out. Gold finds this irritating, but he doesn't give up. They can't help but laugh together at his new batch of terrible pick-up lines.


Crystal is one she hasn't had too much time to get to know, but she tries because she doesn't want to leave Crystal out. Crystal decided to show her all the Pokémon she has caught, to which she asks which Pokémon are the most mischievous. Crystal isn't sure if it's such a good idea to tell her, but trusts her anyway and they enjoy their time together.


She always smiles at me when she talks. I hardly ever see her frown. I find it bizarre because years ago, it was never like this. There was nothing to enjoy, no friends to laugh with, nothing to be happy about. That, and the fact that we were to hide our faces. But we pulled through, made our escape, defeated the Mask of Ice, and we now live our lives in freedom.


We are free, but even now it's difficult to smile. She tells me I'm too serious and that I should lighten up once in awhile. But I know the truth. I've known her for years; she can't hide it from me. It shows in her eyes. She's not truly as happy as she wants to be, even with her closest friends by her side. I asked her about it one day, asked for her to tell me how she really feels deep down.


"Silver, I just want to disappear."