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Sitting in Ripper's bar at The Hob, Gale slowly and hollowly drank a bottle after a bottle after a bottle of some unknown liquor. He just couldn't believe it happened. Couldn't comprehend what happened. How could Katniss, the strongest, bravest, hottest woman in all of panem, be dead? How in one second she was breathing, and in the next, dead, on the dirty ground in the 74th hunger games' arena?

It was too much for him to handle.

Gale sipped some more of the disgusting liquid, happy to have a distraction, not to do anything but drink this alcohol that numbed the pain. Sure, Gale had siblings and a mom to take care of, and now Katniss' mother and sister in addition to that. And yes, he hadn't gone hunting for the past two weeks now, preferring to drown in his own misery than help the two families that desperately needed the help. And yes, he spent all the money he had left from his previous hunts on that very liquor he was drinking right now. And yes, his and Katniss' family were probably long dead after not being fed for two weeks. But none of it, none of it, really mattered.

Katniss was dead, after all.

After finishing the content of the bottle and practically wrestling Ripper to give him another drink, Gale was thrown out of the bar and into the dirty street by an angry Haymitch.

"Next time, you think twice before you finish half the stash of my goddamn liquor!" Haymitch shouted and returned into Ripper's shop.

Gale got on his feet, swayed a bit, and then saw something that made his heart skip a bit.

Peeta Mellark, the boy who was the reason behind Katniss' death, was making his way down the street, looking gloomy and depressed.

And boy, he looked fine in those new skinny jeans!

Not that Gale noticed or anything. No, he was too angry at the poor boy to realize how hot he was.

Now, a normal Gale would've kicked Peeta's ass for just walking past him.

A drunken Gale… well, he would do the same as a normal Gale, since a drunken Gale was pretty much the same as a normal Gale. Angry and moody.

So that's why, in his drunken state, Gale made his way to Peeta to kick his ass.

"Hey, y…you! B-bread boy!" Gale slurred threateningly at Peeta, who raised his chagrined eyes to look at Gale.

"You killed my girlfriend!" Gale shouted, not caring in the least for making a scene. He wanted the citizens of District Twelve to see him degrading the boy who killed Katniss.

Now Peeta looked mad. "She was never your girlfriend," He hissed between gritted teeth, "She was mine."

"No, she was mine!" Gale screamed in reply. A bit over the top and dramatic for a public place, but the author of the story just really wanted to show in Gale's actions how broken he was over Katniss' death, so the more dramatic and over the top it is, the better.

"No, she was mine!" Peeta screamed back.

"She was mine!"

"She was mine!"

"She was mine!"

"She was mine!"

"She was MINE!" Now Gale was really close to Peeta. So close that he could see every crumble of bread on the smaller guy's handsome face.

"SHE WAS MINE!" Peeta screamed, the sentence in Caps Lock to show the emotional pain Peeta was in.

And then they were making out.

Neither of them knew why and how exactly it happened – all they knew is that when they were standing there, so close to fight, in pain now that the girl they both loved was dead, all they could think about was 'man, I'd tap that ass!'

They couldn't explain that sudden attraction. Maybe it was because they both loved and lost, and their shared pain brought them closer together. Maybe it was a way to forget the sadness. Or maybe it was just the author's sick imagination that really wanted to write a yaoi story about Gale and Peeta and tried to think of a somewhat acceptable way for them to be together.

After about six minutes of furiously making out in the middle of the street, tongues battling for dominance and teeth clashing in passion and all that shit that must be pretty hurtful but, for some reason, the two characters both loved it, Peeta and Gale stopped for taking a deep breath.

And then Gale punched Peeta in the face.

"That's for killing my girlfriend!" He shouted, kissing Peeta again.

Peeta then kicked Gale while still kissing him.

"And that's for not realizing she was my girlfriend!" Peeta said, kissing him again.

Gale punched Peeta again, then said with fire in his eyes, "Wanna move to a more private place?"

"Please, do!" Everyone around them shouted, praying that the two boys wouldn't take their clothes off in front of everyone while in the middle of the very passionate and very confusing battle they had.

Peeta apparently agreed with the citizens of District Twelve, and so he and Gale started making their way to Gale's house, still kissing somehow.

When they finally got to Gale's house, a smell of stench surrounded them and they both grimaced in disgust.

"What is that smell?" Peeta asked, feeling nauseated.

"Oh, it's just my family and Katniss' family, decomposing."

"Oh," Peeta said, scrunching his eyebrows. "Don't you want to move them?"

"Why would I do that? Dead bodies are a great source of fertilizer."

And then they were kissing again, taking off items of clothing and throwing them on the corpses surrounding them.

Maybe what they did was wrong and unreasonable and way too soon after Katniss' death, but hey, the author wanted a smutty story about two hot guys making out, and a smutty story about two hot guys making out she shall get, no matter how little plot to it there is.

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I actually kinda like Gale/Peeta stories. It really depends how good the author is, because it's one of those couples that it's hard to make them work. But I read some awesome stories about them, and some stories... not so awesome about them.

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