This is mostly sex and it's GRAPHIC so don't read if you don't like that. It starts out with a scene from the episode Never Been Kissed. I do not own Glee and I do not make profit from it. Rated M for graphic sex and language. PLEASE REVIEW!

"How many of the guys have done this?" Will asked sternly.

"All the guys whose girlfriends won't put out." Sam said.

"The girls too." Mike said.

"This is really bad, guys. What if Coach Bieste were to find out about it? Think about how hurt she'd be." Will said angrily.

"It's not personal." Sam said.

"Of course it's personal!" Will spat back. "Look, Coach Bieste is like us. Like glee club, she's an outsider at this school. No one appreciates her or her talent because they've decided she's too different. And for you guys to abuse that, even in private, is the opposite of everything we're trying to achieve in here."

"But we're just thinking about it, it's not like we're actually, you know, making fun of her to her face." Sam argued with his teacher.

"I need you to stop. And spread the word to all the other glee guys. And girls! This ends here and now. And Coach Bieste can never know about this."

"Okay." Sam muttered.

"Alright." Mike mumbled. Sam and Mike stood up to leave.

"Sam can you stay for a minute?" Will asked.

Sam rolled his eyes. "Sure." He said and turned around.

"Close the door and come back here and sit." Will said sternly. Sam closed the door wondering what was going on. He went back to his seat very confused. "You started this Sam and that's very wrong of you. And for you to think it's not personal is wrong. I'm very disappointed in you Sam and I need to give you a bigger punishment than just a talk."

"Well what do you want me to do?" Sam said as he shrugged his shoulders.

"Take off all your clothes." Mr. Schue said.

Sam could not believe what he heard. "Excuse me?"

"Stand up and strip down. You need a big punishment Sam Evans."

"Dude I think I would rather get a detention or something. I'm not into dudes."

"I'm your teacher, you need to call me Mr. Schue or sir not dude. And I can suspend you then it will be on your permanent record. You are going to suck my dick until I cum inside your mouth if you don't want that to happen." Mr. Schue saw Sam's body during Rocky Horror week and wanted that young boy to suck him ever since; he just needed to blackmail him somehow and this was it. There have been a few girls that have had a crush on him but he was sick of that; he wanted a boy to have a crush on him. Kurt has made him a lot more accepting, although he already was before, but he wanted to try something with a guy and Kurt got him more into that idea. Sam was the sexiest male student ever so why not experiment with him.

"I'm leaving." Sam said kind of scared as he stood up to leave. Mr. Schue grabbed his shoulders forcefully and shoved him back down. Mr. Schue grabbed Sam's head and shoved it against his clothed erection. Sam pushed Will and stood up and ran towards the door. Mr. Schue ran and stopped Sam. "Please leave me alone. I'm really sorry." Sam said.

"You're not getting off that easy." Mr. Schue said and smacked Sam's ass. Will pulled Sam over and sat him on the piano. "Don't worry, I'll suck you off first and it will feel amazing and then you can suck me." Will said and unbuttoned and pulled down Sam's jeans along with his underwear to his ankles. "Damn you are soft Evans."

"That's because I don't want you to do this." Sam said with disgust in his eyes although deep down he wouldn't mind a guy giving him a blowjob so he decided to let him.

Mr. Schue sighed. "Well sorry I got a little carried away, you can pull up your pants and leave. I really am sorry; I can't believe I did this. I'm not going to lie but when I was in high school I had gay urges… for Bryan Ryan actually. But I was with Terri for so long I never thought about it much. And now seeing you as the new Glee stud bought me back to those days."

"Mr. Schue it's ok. I'm not going to lie either, I have had gay urges before… like right now." Sam said and motioned towards his hardened dick. Will shuddered in delight as he saw the hot teen's cock standing up in front of him.

"It's wrong Sam. I pushed you into this in a horrible way and I'm sorry. You're a student, it's wrong." Will said as he turned his back to Sam. Sam stood up and took his pants all the way off and then took his shirt off. He walked up behind Mr. Schue and hugged him from behind. Sam kissed Mr. Schue's neck and rubbed his hands down Will's chest to his belt.

"Let's not be a student and a teacher; let's just be two hot people that have gay sexual urges and are finally given the opportunity to act on those urges." Sam whispered as he kissed his neck. Will moaned silently as he had this naked teen behind him caressing him. Sam let go of Will's pants after unbuckling and unbuttoning them and they fell to the ground. "Oops." Sam whispered as he breathed into his teacher's ear. He grabbed the strap of Will's boxers and pushed them down around his ankles as well. Sam began grinding the man as they both moaned. "C'mon Mr. Schue, give me that big punishment." Sam whispered as he stroked Will's member.

"It just turned into a reward." Will panted and turned around and pushed Sam down onto the seat as he fell to his knees shoving his student's cock into his mouth. Sam smiled as he moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck yeah!" Sam panted. Will stopped and stroked the member in front of him.

"Watch that language or this will turn back into a punishment." Will warned sarcastically with a grin on his face.

"Get up here!" Sam pulled Will by the vest up to his lips. They made out as Will groped Sam's smooth sexy body as Sam unbuttoned his Glee club director's shirt. Sam ripped the shirt off and then took the vest off. Sam grabbed the tie, which was still on Will and pulled him in for another kiss. The hot blonde student grabbed Will's long cock and stroked it as he stroked his. "Oh my god Mr. Schue!" Sam moaned.

"Oh crap I can already feel it coming!" Will groaned. "I'm going to cum all over that amazing six pack of yours."

"Good! Because I'm about to cum too." Sam panted as he reached his available hand up to Will's neck and rubbed it down his chest.

"Uh fuck Sam!" Will moaned and shot his thick sticky sweetness all over Sam's chest. Sam felt the warm liquid hit his skin, which triggered him to have his orgasm.

"Uh Mr. Schue." Sam moaned as he shot his load onto Mr. Schue's legs and onto the floor. They both panted as they finished their orgasms. Sam pulled the tie down and kissed his teacher as he grabbed both of their cocks and stroked the remaining sperm from their members. Sam grabbed Will's ass as they made out which made Mr. Schue wail on pleasure. Sam stood up as they made out and Will spanked his ass.

"There's you punishment." Will laughed and Sam chuckled in return. Will knelt down and licked his own cum off of Sam's chest and then sucked the very last drop out of him. The blonde teen began to get hard again already so he grabbed Mr. Schue's hair and pushed his head back and forth. Mr. Schue moaned.

"I think I can go again already." Sam moaned. He was lucky to be such a young teen because he can go for round two so quickly sometimes. "Do you mind?" Sam moaned.

"It's fine, you deserve it." Will said as he took the penis out of his mouth. Sam smiled and grabbed his hair again and shoved his dick back into his mouth and pulled back and forth. Mr. Schue grabbed Sam's balls with one hand and put his other hand around the bottom of the boy's cock as he sucked.

"You know how to do it!" Sam moaned as he smiled. "Can I push myself deeper?" Sam asked and heard mhm come out of his teacher's mouth. Sam pushed Will's head all the way and heard him choke a little. Sam let go quickly; he didn't really know what to do exactly because he wasn't use to being sucked by a guy. "Sorry."

"It's fine. I like this a lot more than I thought I would." Will said. Sam smiled and pulled Will up to him and made out with him.

"I do too! Obviously because I'm going for round two." Sam chuckled. "But no one can know."

"I have a lot more to lose than you do." Will said and kissed down Sam's flawless chest. Will put his arms around his student's hips and lifted him up and sat him on the piano. Mr. Schue kneeled on the piano bench and sucked Sam's big member again.

"Yes!" Sam moaned.

"I want you inside me." Will moaned out of nowhere.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked.

"Hell yeah."

"Wait, stand up on the bench." Sam ordered and Will stood up and Sam shoved his teacher into his mouth and sucked fast.

"Sam, I'm begging for it. I want you inside me." Will groaned. Sam knelt on the piano and kissed his teacher's chest.

"Bend over on the piano then. I don't really know how to do any of this though. I'm surprised I knew how to suck well, I guess I just thought of what I wanted to be done to me."

"I don't know how I'm doing this either. I watched some gay porn before though so I guess that's how I'm doing it. And the stroking is like masturbating so that was easy. Just put your penis into my butt hole and hump me like your doing a girl."

"I'm a virgin."

"That's actually good! You're a sophomore but still it's good. Kids lose their virginities too soon. Now I need to stop talking so you can pound me hard… I just can't believe you are so young and sexy." Will said as he brushed his fingers down Sam's abs. "I have a condom for you, let me get it." Will said and ran to his office in the choir room. Finn came into the choir room after Will went into his office and noticed Sam sitting their naked with his back to him.

"Sam?" Finn asked surprised.

"Shit." Sam yelled rather loudly as he turned around quickly and stepped off the piano. He discretely kicked Mr. Schue's clothes under the piano and then realized his dong was hanging out so he covered it with his hands. Finn was looking away but did see Sam's penis for a second.

"Dude, what are you doing in here naked?" Finn asked without looking at him. Mr. Schue looked out of his office and saw Finn looking to the ground with his eyes closed. Sam mouthed hide to him so Will went under his desk.

"It's really embarrassing but I was jacking off." Sam said as he stared to ground.

"Well if you must do that at school I suggest the boys' bathroom or locker room; that would be better than the choir room… or anywhere else in the school." Finn said. "Anyway I'm guessing Mr. Schue isn't in here… at least I hope not. He must have left for the day, I'll leave a note on his desk." Finn said and began to walk to Will's office. Sam ran over there and grabbed Finn's arm and pulled him back but his hand accidentally touched his dick. "Damn it." Finn said as he quickly pulled his hand away and Sam covered himself up again. "Why did you just rub my hand against your dick dude?" Finn asked sternly.

"How about you talk to Mr. Schue tomorrow because I'm horny and I really want to finish up in here so if you could leave that would be great."

"Ew Sam, you're my friend and all but don't share next time and this is all really weird. Don't do that in here again, do it at home ok." Finn shuddered and left the room. He couldn't believe he just saw one of his friends naked and jerking off. That's what he gets for coming back to school after hours he thought.

Will walked out of his office no longer hard. "That was close!" Will said as he embraced Sam from behind and kissed his neck, regaining that erection.

"Yeah, too close. Maybe we should stop." Sam said as he turned around to face his naked teacher.

"Or…" Will said and picked up their clothes and wiped the cum off the ground with his boxers and went to his office and threw them on the ground. "We get in here together, lock the door, and turn off the lights and you fuck me with all the energy you have." Will said sternly as he walked up to Sam.

"I want to so bad. I wanted to try anal, it's part of my sexual urges that I have. But I don't want to get caught. You're an awesome teacher and I don't want to lose you." Sam said.

"You won't; I'll close the blinds, lock the door, and turn off the lights as I said and if someone comes into the choir room they will just think I went home. Sam, I don't know why I enjoyed you so much a few minutes ago but I think it's the sexual urges coming back and me finally being able to act on them. So come into my office." Will smiled as he grabbed Sam's butt and pulled him all the way to his body and kissed the blonde boy. "But only if you truly want to." Will muttered as he sucked Sam's neck.

"I want too!" Sam moaned. Will smiled and grabbed Sam's erected penis and pulled him gently into his office and shut the door. Will locked the door and shoved everything off his desk and laid on it on his back.

"Here's the condom Sammy. Can I call you that or is it weird?"

"It's weird, but can I call you Will or is that weird?"

"You can call me Will." Will smiled as Sam smiled back. He quickly put the condom on. He then licked his teacher's hole, which made Will whimper. After he licked it for a few seconds he put two fingers in his asshole. "Oh god yeah Sam." Sam added a finger after Will said that which made him moan loudly. Sam then took the fingers out and put lube on his dick and in Will's hole.

"You ready for me?"

"Yes!" Will grunted and Sam stuck the head of his member into his director's hole. He had to maneuver it around though because he wasn't use to it and it was pretty dark. "Oh shit Mr. Evans."

"Yeah you like that?" Sam moaned.

"Yeah but put it in deeper." Sam did as his teacher told him and slowly put his dick further into the hole. "Holy shit! Faster!" Sam began to thrust back and forth putting his dick all the way in and then out a little.

They both moaned for minutes as Will began to jerk himself off. "I'm close." Sam moaned.

"Good baby! It feels so good!" Will panted. Sam moaned loudly and bent down and kissed Mr. Schuester.

"Let me sit on your chair and you ride me." Sam moaned as he pulled out of Will and sat on his desk chair. Will stood up and sat on Sam's cock facing him. Sam tightly hugged his teacher and kissed his chest as Will began riding Sam hard and fast. "I'm going to cum pretty quickly." Sam muttered. The chair squeaked as Will humped up and down on the sophomore's member. Will rubbed his hands all around on the teen's back as they both moaned and groaned as their sweat dripped down their naked bodies. Sam felt that indescribable sensation as he moaned loudly and shot his heavy load. "I'm cumming." He said through his deep breaths as he shoved himself in as deep as he could go as Mr. Schue squealed. As he finished squirting he grabbed the back of Mr. Schue's head and pulled him down for another kiss. Mr. Schue hopped off of Sam and sat on his desk. The young boy rolled the chair forward. "You need to cum again it wouldn't be fair." Sam whispered and put the long cock in his mouth.

"Uh Sam you are amazing!" Will chuckled as he felt the blonde boy's mouth around his length. "That big mouth is good for something other then singing uh?"

Sam chuckled a little as he sucked his teacher. Sam put his arms on his teacher's legs and groped his hips as Will rubbed his hands up and down Sam's arms. Sam used one hand to hold his teacher's balls, which made Will go wild.

"Sam if you don't want to taste me I would take it out of your mouth." Will panted. Sam took it out of his mouth instantly and just jerked him.

"Sorry Mr. Schue I don't want it in my mouth." Sam panted but stroked Will hard and fast.

"That's fi… uh Sa… Sam… uh." Will shot his load high as he twitched and jerked, some of his cum landed on the top of Sam's head but most of it landed on his stomach. Will laid with his head over the other side of the desk as he grasped for air after his orgasm. Sam decided to try some so he continued sucking the remaining cum out of his teacher. He didn't like the taste so he quickly took the cock out of his mouth. "That was amazing Sam." Will panted as he sat up. He leaned over and kissed Sam on the top of the head.

"Damn right Will… but this can't happen again." Sam stood up and said. "I'm sorry but I think you know that."

"I know. We both got what we wanted; we both got to experiment with a boy. It felt great but it was a one-time thing. I really am sorry for trying to force you into it at first. It's kind of embarrassing but I watched a gay porn video where the teacher said that kind of stuff to his student so I thought I would try it."

"To be honest it was hot." Sam said and they chuckled. "Just so you know from the very beginning of that whole thing I wanted to try it but I told myself that I'm straight so I tried to walk out but I gave in. And I'm glad that I gave in!"

"Me too." Will smiled and stood up and began cleaning himself off as Sam cleaned himself off. The hot teenager walked to his clothes and Will spanked him hard. "There's the rest of your punishment." They both chuckled. "You have some cum on your head still."

"Well I'm going to go to the locker room and take a shower anyway so yeah." Sam said as he finished getting changed.

"Oh God I wish I could join you." Will said as he stroked Sam's blonde hair. Sam smiled at his teacher.

"Well I mean we could both use a hand washing each other's backs." Sam flirted. "We can just wash it wouldn't even be a third time so we wouldn't be breaking our rule."

"I'll meet you in the locker room in two minutes." Will whispered after thinking about it for a few seconds.

"Great!" Sam said and pressed his lips firm against Will's again. Sam smiled as he left his teacher's office and headed to the locker room. He undressed himself and hopped directly into the shower cell. He turned the water on and waited several seconds for it to warm up. He couldn't believe this was happening but doing it with Mr. Schue felt amazing! A lot of guys experiment with other guys Sam told himself so it wasn't harmful to just try it. He heard the door open and smiled as he saw Mr. Schue walk over to him undressing himself. Will walked under the water holding his student's bare hips as their erected cocks touched one another's. Sam groped his teacher's bare-naked skin as they made out. Will grabbed the bottle of shampoo and rubbed Sam's golden locks. Sam also put some shampoo on his hand and rubbed Will's curly hair. They then soaped each other off, which they enjoyed every second of.

The next day Sam walked into school feeling great… until he passed Finn in the hallway.

"Hey dude." Finn said.

"Hey Finn. Look I'm really sorry about yesterday."

"Can we just forget it? I really would love to forget the fact that I saw you naked and then you made me touch your junk."

"That was an accident dude." Sam said rather embarrassed. "And you know what you are right, let's just forget it. I'll do my business at home from now on." Sam said knowing that Mr. Schue and him was just a one-time thing.

"Cool, see you in Spanish class." Finn walked away awkwardly.

"See you." Sam said.

Spanish class came quickly. Sam sat next to Finn as Mr. Schue walked in smiling at both of them and gave Sam a more lasting look. The class began to fill in until it was full so Will began teaching. "Life goes by fast. We are going to learn some vocab today that has to do with life. Everyone in life has regrets." Will said and Sam looked up horrified that his teacher could mean him. "Lamentar is to regret. Each one of you has regrets in your lives but I want to ask some of you if you may regret anything that's happened recently; like in the past 24 hours let's say."

Sam raised his hand almost too quickly. "I don't regret anything that has happened in the past 24 hours." Sam said which made them both smile.

Will thought about what he had done with Sam and enjoyed it although it was wrong. Will smiled a little more brightly at Sam and answered. "Me either."