"Brody Weston!" The boy replied.

"Well I'm Finn Hudson and I'll be taking care of you." Finn said and they shook hands. Finn went out and looked at Brody's car. He determined it would only take like a day. "You might have to spend the night here and we should have it ready for you in the morning… around ten." Finn said.

"Thank you. I figured that so I did get a room down the street. Do you guys have like a rental car service or a taxi or something to take me to my hotel?" Brody asked.

"Are you staying at the Double Tree? I get out of work now and that's on my way home so I can drop you off." Finn said as he glanced at Brody's crotch again, wondering if he could get into that hotel room with him. Finn knew if Brody agreed that he could get out of work, he lied hoping Brody would say yes.

"Yeah I'm staying at the Double Tree, and that would be great."

"Yeah, let me just go let Burt know I'm leaving." Finn said and walked off. Brody got his two suitcases out of the trunk of his car and Finn came back. Finn helped Brody carry one to his car and they drove off to the Double Tree. They got there a few minutes later. "I can help you carry your suitcases up to your room if you want."

"That would be great thank you. Burt's Tires does a lot more then just fix your car."

"Just for you." Finn chuckled. They each took a bag to his room. Finn brought the bag into the room with Brody. Finn didn't know how to start this… he usually was so forward, like with Cooper the other day. "Anything else?"

"Um… no, I'm just gonna take a shower, but thank you so much, you were a lot of help." Brody said.

"So you won't need any help in the shower?" Finn asked and Brody gave him a weird look and then glanced down at the bulge in Finn's pants. "Sorry that was a weird joke." Finn said, turned around, opened the door, and walked out into the hall.

Brody followed him. "On second thought, maybe this shower is confusing so I might need some help." Brody flirted and then grabbed Finn's clothed erection and pulled him gently back into the hotel room while Finn shuddered. Brody took the do not disturb sign and put it on the outside door handle and shut the door. "So I wasn't just imagining you checking out my crotch earlier?" Brody asked.

"No I just… I'm sorry."

"It's ok. I've had guys be curious about me before... I'm straight, and I've never fooled around with a guy before… only girls."

"Then why did you just grab my cock?" Finn asked.

"I've been pretty curious but I was just afraid nobody would fool around with me that I actually wanted to fool around with. You're tall and good looking… and I can see how big your dick is because of the tent in your pants." Brody said and looked down. "And I knew you wanted me when you offered to drive me here and take my bag up to my room. So I thought why not have a little fun while I'm away from my girlfriend." Brody touched Finn's stomach while he spoke. "Now I take it you have fooled around with boys before."

"Yeah and it feels amazing."

"So I'm in for a wild ride."

"Yeah you are." Finn panted anticipating what was about to happen.

"Well then you're going to have to guide me." Brody flirted. "Do you want to take that shower first?"

"We are probably going to get a little messy so maybe we should shower after." Finn said and took off Brody's un-zippered sweatshirt to reveal him in a muscle shirt. That sight almost sent Finn over the edge. Finn put his hand on Brody's cheek. "I take it you haven't kissed a boy either."

"No." Brody whispered but leaned in. Finn leaned in more until their lips touched. "Uh I'm nervous." Brody panted in between kissing Finn.

"Don't be." Finn panted in between kisses. "Put your tongue in my mouth this time." Finn said and connected their lips. Brody hesitantly put his tongue into his mechanic's mouth. Finn massaged his tongue with his own and Brody moaned. "Just like making out with a girl." Finn smiled.

"That felt good."

"Yeah… now come here!" Finn said and grabbed his new friend's hands and led him to the bed. Finn pushed him onto the bed and then straddled him, their clothes still on. They made out a little more passionately on the bed with their erections about ready to tear their pants up. Brody grabbed the bottom of the back of Finn's shirt and started to pull it up. Finn pulled it over his head and threw it at the wall. Brody caressed Finn's chest while Finn sat straight up and grinding against Brody's clothed erection. The older boy sat up a little and took his shirt off… that's when Finn was sure he shot pre-cum into his underwear. "Uh fuck you're so ripped!" Finn said and sucked Brody's nipples. Finn moved from the straddling position to lying flat out on top of him. Finn went back to making out with him as they held each other's shirtless bodies. The younger boy kissed down the older boy's smooth almost flawless chest until he got to the waistline. Finn unbuttoned the boy's shorts and stood up. He took Brody's shoes off and then his socks and then pulled his shorts off. Brody lied there in his silk boxers with a huge tent. Brody sat up and unbuttoned the standing teen's pants and pushed those to around his ankles. Finn kicked his shoes and pants off and laid on top of Brody again; their underwear the only piece of clothing separating their dicks. Finn grinded on top of Brody while they made out. Finn slid off of the boy and took the boy's underwear off and his dick flung free. "Look at that big long dick." Finn said while taking his socks off and then his underwear so they were both completely nude. Finn grabbed Brody's ankles and pulled him closer to the edge of the bed.

"Oh my god!" Brody moaned. Finn knelt down and licked the head of Brody's cock. "Uh Finn!" Brody moaned and Finn tasted some pre-cum. Finn put more of the older boy's cock into his mouth slowly to tease him. The cock slid down Finn's throat until Finn took it all. He gagged on it a little because it was so long and thick but it was shorter then Cooper's so he got use to it. Finn started to bob his head up and down faster on the dick. "Uh fuck!" Brody groaned as he groped his own chest. Finn caressed up Brody's chest and held his arm while sucking him. Finn moved his hand back down and jerked off Brody.

"In a minute do you want to try to suck me?" Finn asked. Brody hesitated for a few seconds but nodded.

"Yes! I'm not going to be as good as you though." Brody said.

"That's ok!" Finn said and sucked him again. Finn caressed Brody's chiseled body while he sucked the cock vigorously. Brody set his hand on Finn's and held it there. Finn stood up. "You ready?" Finn asked and Brody nodded. "Go lay on the pillows."

"Ok." Brody got on his knees and made his way over to the pillows. Finn stared at his ass in aw… it was so smooth and perfectly shaped.

"Holy shit… look at that ass." Finn got on the bed and slapped it. Brody laid on his back with a flirty smile on. Finn laid next to him on the bed. "Ok, are you ready to touch me?" Finn asked but he could barely finish his sentence because Brody's hand was wrapped around his cock. Brody stroked Finn's dick as the younger boy moaned in pleasure. Finn started to stroke Brody's penis. "That feels good!"

"Oh yeah!"

"Try sucking me." Finn said and Brody moved down on the bed so his mouth was closer to Finn's dick. Brody hesitantly moved his mouth closer and then put the head in his mouth. Finn already shuddered in delight at just the contact. The older boy put the cock in his mouth inch by inch slowly. He didn't take the whole thing but started to bob his head up and down slowly… then started to speed up. "Mm! That's a good boy! Try to go a little deeper." Finn said and Brody did but he choked. "Shit sorry."

"Whatever, it's ok." Brody said while jerking him off and then put it back in his mouth.

"Soon I want you to fuck me." Finn groaned.

"Yeah?" Brody moaned as he looked up into his eyes.

"Yes! I want you deep inside me. Keep sucking though!" Brody did as he was told and sucked Finn. "Uh!" Finn moaned and Brody cupped the tall teen's ball sack in his hands and played around with it.

"Let's see who is bigger!" Brody said and laid back next to Finn. They squeezed together and put their dicks as close as they could. Brody was longer but they were both about the same thickness. "I win."

"Yeah you do… you win my ass. Fuck me now." Finn said and kissed Brody.

"Let me get a condom." Brody said and hopped out of bed and bent over with his ass facing Finn to get a condom out of his bag. Finn checked the ass out again before he sat on the side of the bed and instantly started giving Brody a rim job. Brody was surprised and twitched a little but he let Finn continue. "That feels a little weird." Brody said but still let Finn do it.

"You'd get use to it." Finn said and put both hands on each butt cheek and stretched them a little before putting his tongue back in. Brody leaned against the wall in front of him and Finn stuck his tongue in his asshole as deep as it could go.

"Uh yeah, that's starting to feel good!" Brody groaned. Finn grabbed his new friend's cock and stroked it as he gave him a rim job. "Uh fuck yeah!" Finn took his tongue out and put two fingers in. "Oh shit." Brody was getting into this. "Put those fingers as deep as they can go." Finn did and Brody squealed at the feeling. "Uh shit, I think I'm going to cum." Brody moaned. As much as Finn wanted his cock inside him, he turned Brody around and sucked his penis. "Oh Finn." Brody grabbed Finn's head and started to face fuck him hard and fast. "Uh, can I cum in your mouth?" Brody said and Finn nodded so the older boy continued. "Oh fuck!" Brody lunged onto the bed, still in Finn's mouth, and face fucked him against the bed as he shot his huge load into Finn's mouth and down his throat.

"Mm." Finn said while he grabbed Brody's ass and pushed him up and down, taking the whole cock and all the cum. Finn turned a sweaty Brody onto his back and sucked him for a few more seconds.

"Oh fuck Finn." Brody moaned. He couldn't believe how amazing that whole experience was.

"How was that?" Finn asked as he crawled up and made out with the boy.

"Great!" Brody panted. "Sit on my chest and I'll jerk you off." Finn sat on Brody's chest and Brody started to jerk Finn off.

"Uh! I'm close!" Finn moaned.

"Yeah! Shoot that cum… I know how good it feels!"

"Mm… uh… mm!" Finn said and shot his load onto Brody's hand, chest, neck, and even on his face. Brody kept his eyes and mouth shut as he felt the warm jizz land on him. "Uh!" Finn groaned while he released his entire load. Finn laid on top of him and made out with him for several seconds. "I'm so happy to be back into fooling around with boys."

"How many have you been with?" Brody asked.

"There's my friend Sam, my… friend Will, Puck, Mike, Blaine, Cooper, Nick, Jeff, and now you… so nine."

"You're a little fucking whore!" Brody said and slapped Finn's ass.

"Yeah I am!" Finn smiled and got up. "I just enjoy it so fucking much! It's something I never thought I'd enjoy but it feels good and it became addicting. When it stopped between Sam, Puck, Mike, Will, and I, I kept it going with just Blaine until he started dating my stepbrother."

"Oh shit!"

"No, it was fine. But I started to have dreams about it… wet dreams even." Finn said as he sat on the bed and Brody sat next to him… both of them still naked. "And I wanted it so bad… couldn't get it with any girl but sometimes I only wanted to do it with a boy. Don't get me wrong, I like girls and I'm going to marry a girl definitely but I want to have fun while I'm young."

"Yeah? Well we can have fun for the rest of the day if you want." Brody said and kissed Finn's neck and then his cheek. Finn smiled and started to get turned on again. He turned his head and kissed Brody's lips. That kiss turned into a passionate make out session. Finn rubbed his hand down Brody's smooth chest, caressing his nipples and six-pack. Finn kissed down the boy's neck and then sucked on his nipples.

"I still want to ride you! My buddy Sam loves to ride a good cock… he would love yours." Finn said as he rubbed Brody's dick against his chest as it started to get harder.

"You should invite him then." Brody said and Finn chuckled.

"I wish but he's saving himself for someone else until tomorrow night. But I would have really liked that threesome." Finn said as he sucked Brody's half hard dick.

"Uh!" Brody moaned as he threw himself back on the bed and rubbed his hand down Finn's back. Brody caressed his own chest with his other hand and felt Finn's spit where he sucked on his nipples. As Finn sucked he felt his new friend grow in his mouth into a fully erect dick. Finn stood up, grabbed the condom Brody dropped before, and put it on Brody. Facing Brody, he hopped on him and maneuvered he big cock into his butthole.

"Oh shit!" Finn moaned as he lowered himself on the dick. "Uh you have such a big cock!"

"Ever taken one like mine before?"

"Nope, not one this big… and I don't really do this position either but I wanted to try it." Finn panted as he started to ride the cock penetrating his hole.

"Uh fuck yeah!" Brody moaned as Finn humped faster. Brody grabbed his new friend's hips and pushed him all the way down on his dick.

"Uh fuck!" Finn moaned loudly. "Uh, uh!" Finn moved his hips forwards and backwards. He groped Brody's breasts as he rode his member.

"Uh fuck that feels good!"

"Yeah Brody!" Finn groaned. Brody grabbed Finn and flipped him on his back. Finn's legs were on Brody's shoulders while he got fucked. Brody thrust his hip hard and fast, pushing his cock in as deep as it could go. "Oh fuck me harder." Finn moaned as he felt the dick so deep inside him. The younger boy grabbed Brody's ass while being fucked. "Uh." Finn wrapped his hand around his own throbbing member and stroked it.

"Yeah, you like my cock?" Brody asked while he rubbed Finn's long legs.

"Yeah… I love getting my ass fucked by your huge dick."

"Mm!" Brody moaned and leaned forward a little. Then he pushed Finn back a little and knelt on the bed instead of standing. "Uh I'm so fucking close!" Brody leaned forward more and made out with Finn, both of them sweating. Finn groped Brody's back and down to his ass. Finn thought Brody had a great looking ass.

"C'mon, give it all to me!" Finn whispered seductively into his ear and then he stuck his tongue into his ear and licked it.

"Mmmmm! Uh! Oh fuck!" Brody moaned and Finn watched his face change into a face he knew was getting so much pleasure. "Oh, uh… shit!" Brody moaned in a high pitch voice and shot his load into the condom. "Fuck!" Brody grabbed Finn's head and pushed it against his chest as he thrust his hips. Finn kissed and sucked Brody's nipples as Brody cam. "Uh fuck!" He panted as he pulled out of the mechanic and stood up. Finn looked at all the cum in the condom as Brody took it off. "Now that was fucking awesome!" Brody panted as Finn sat up. The older boy leaned over and kissed the younger boy. Finn stood up and held him as they made out. "I'm gonna let you fuck me." Brody whispered.

"Are you sure you are ready?"

"Yeah… to be honest I don't know if we will ever meet again, unless you are going to go to New York or NYADA after you graduate because that's where I am. So I might as well take advantage of this situation and try getting fucked because I don't know if I would ever do it with a guy again."

"Well I'm actually going to New York tomorrow for our Glee club's Nationals but I don't know about after graduation next year."

"Awesome… too bad I'm not going to be there. Anyway… let's get in that shower and then I'll try getting fucked by you when we come back out." Brody said and went into the bathroom with Finn. They got into the warm and steamy shower. Finn was still so hard because he didn't cum a second time and Brody was starting to get horny again. Finn soaped Brody's body and then Brody soaped Finn's. They got out a couple minutes later… both completely hard. They dried off and walked out of the bathroom as their hard-ons bounced up and down. "I wanna get right to it." Brody said.

"Ok… get on all fours on the bed." Finn said. Brody walked to the bed and Finn slapped his fine ass. Brody got in the doggy style position on the bed while Finn got a condom and lube on. Finn bent over and gave his pal a rim job. Brody did enjoy that but he was nervous about the dick. Finn stuck some fingers in the ass, getting him ready.

"Uh yeah!" Brody moaned. Finn sucked Brody's ass cheeks as he pushed his fingers in and out.

"I love your ass!" Finn said and stuck his tongue in his hole again. Finn grabbed the boy's hips and pushed him back on forth on his tongue.

"Uh!" Brody extended his arm back and pushed Finn's head at his ass.

"Oh yeah!" Finn groaned as he stood up. He slapped Brody's ass with his hands and then slapped it with his cock.

"Oh Finn just fuck me!" Brody demanded. Finn put the head of his dick at the entrance of Brody's ass. Finn maneuvered his member into Brody. "UHHHH!" Brody moaned. It actually hurt a little. Finn pushed himself into his friend's tight ass a little more. "Uh fuck!" Brody dug his face into the bed as he moaned loudly.

Finn pulled out slowly. "Sorry dude."

Brody sat up. "Shit that kinda hurt."

"Yeah it takes some getting use to… we don't need to try it anymore." Finn said as he rubbed Brody's back.

"One more try!"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah!" Brody said. Finn kissed his shoulder before standing up. Brody got back up on his hands and knees, ready to take Finn's cock but still so nervous. Finn started to maneuver his cock in again. "Uh!" Brody moaned. Finn pushed it in more and it still hurt but Brody wanted him to go in more so he could get use to it.

"Are you ok?"

"Deeper!" Brody panted. Finn pushed himself inside Brody more. "Uh shit!" Brody dug his face into the bed and bit the comforter again. Finn pulled out of the older boy and took the condom off.

"I'll just jerk off on you… at least you tried."

"No no no… keep going, loosen up my hole."

"It's not for everybody dude."

"Fine… but I'm glad we at least tried." Brody said and laid on his back. Finn kissed Brody's ripped chest again and then knelt in between his legs and stroked his own cock.

"Uh!" Finn moaned. Brody sat up, licked his hand, and started to jerk Finn off. "Fuck!" Finn groaned and caressed Brody's chest. Finn pushed Brody onto his back and licked his stomach. He laid on him and grinded against him as Brody held him tight. "Mm!"

"Yeah!" Brody moaned and groped the younger boy's ass. Finn kissed Brody's neck as he felt himself getting closer.

"Uh… uh! Brody, I'm… uh, fuck!" Finn moaned and groaned as he twitched a little. Finn shot his load and they felt the warm sticky sweet cum in between their stomachs. Finn rolled off of Brody panting. He stood up and grabbed a towel and cleaned himself off and then cleaned Brody off.

"I'm glad you were my mechanic." Brody said as they started to get dressed.

"Me too! You know what… I won't be in tomorrow because like I said I'm going to New York, but here is my number in case you have any questions about your car in the morning… or you know if you're ever in town again or if I'm ever in New York." Finn flirted a little and handed Brody his number.

"Thanks… I wouldn't mind seeing you again." Brody said, thinking he could have gay sex again even though it's something he never though he would do.

"You never know… maybe someday I'll be in New York." Finn said. "See you around."

"Yup!" Brody said as Finn walked towards the door and left. Brody laid back on his bed and sighed, thinking about how much fun that was.

Finn walked down the hotel hall feeling so good and relieved… he was back! He fooled around with Sam, Cooper, Jeff, Nick, and Brody within a matter of days after being deprived from gay sex for months. He felt so good now and so happy. And what made him just as happy is that tomorrow he would be in New York and tomorrow night, he could do it with Sam. Yeah he was excited for everything, especially Nationals in New York City.

The next night the glee boys were getting settled into their hotel room. Finn and Sam were making flirty eyes at each other but it wasn't noticeable. Sam motioned for Finn and him to go out in the hall. Sam left the room and several seconds later Finn left too. Sam was out in the hall waiting for him. "I can't wait until I come back from Mr. Schue's in the middle of the night and I get to take your cock. I'm like more excited for Mr. Schue and you then I am about Nationals."

"I'm fucking excited too!"

"Finn… dude I'm really happy that we are back into fooling around! I really like fooling around with Mr. Schue but it's great to have someone more my age." Sam said quietly and looked around. "Especially someone with such a huge cock."

Finn chuckled a little as he got hard. "Yeah… I'm so happy we are back into it too!"

"Come here!" Sam smiled and walked across the hall as he grabbed out a key. "Mr. Schue gave me an extra key to his room… he's making sure everything is set up for Nationals so he'll be gone a while." Sam opened the door and the teens went in. They put the do not disturb sign on the outside. Sam closed the door and immediately pinned Finn against it and kissed him. Sam un-zippered Finn's sweatshirt and took it off. Sam knelt down and put his mouth against Finn's crotch. Sam unbuttoned and un-zippered Finn's shorts and took his penis out from under his underwear. "Sucking you isn't breaking my promise to Mr. Schue." Sam flirted and started to suck Finn. Sam sucked his friend as he looked into his eyes.

"Uh yeah!" Finn moaned. Sam slipped his hand under Finn's shirt and caressed his chest. Finn pulled Sam up to his lips.

"Lay on the bed." Sam said as the two made their way over to the bed. Sam pushed Finn onto the bed and pulled his shorts and underwear off. Sam took his own shirt off and knelt down on the floor and continued sucking his tall friend. Finn took his shirt off and threw it as he moaned in pleasure. Finn sat up and pulled Sam's shirt over his head. Finn leaned down and kissed his friend as Sam stroked Finn's cock. Finn extended his arm down Sam's back to the waistline of his shorts. "I can't cum until after I do it with Mr. Schue."

"You can be naked though." Finn whispered. Sam instantly agreed and stood up. He pulled down his shorts and underwear in one motion. Finn put his friend's member in his mouth and sucked him. Sam decided to let him suck him for a little bit.

"Uh!" Sam moaned after three days of not cumming after being so use to cumming at least once a day for so long. Sam knelt down and sucked Finn again. Soon horniness took Sam over and he wanted Finn inside him again… he loved having Finn's big cock inside him; he loved any cock in him but still, Finn's was his favorite. "I want you to fuck me!" Sam said in between licks up and down his friend's member.

"Are you sure?"

"No shit dude, I've taken your cock numerous times." Sam said and laid on his back on the bed. Finn grabbed his shorts and took a condom out of his wallet. "But neither of us get to cum because we are still going to meet tonight after I'm done with Mr. Schue."

"Deal!" Finn said and quickly got the condom on and applied lube onto his penis and into Sam's hole. "New position!" Finn said and turned Sam on his side with one of his legs on the tall teen's shoulder. Finn maneuvered his dick in that way and Sam moaned.

"Oh yes!" Sam moaned while Finn thrust his hips, his cock opening Sam's hole in a whole new way. "Fuck that ass!"

"Mm!" Finn groaned as he picked up his speed. The tall teen kissed his friend's ankle while he fucked him.

"Uh!" Sam moaned as he gripped the sheets, even biting them some. Finn pushed Sam's leg forward more. "Uh fuck!" Sam basically yelled in pleasure, a little pain because he wasn't use to it but he mostly just enjoyed it. Finn kissed Sam's leg while his hips thrust rapidly.

Puck walked out into the hall from his room looking for Finn and Sam. Then he noticed the do not disturb sign on Mr. Schue's door. He knew Mr. Schue was out at the moment. He called Mr. Schue. "Hey Puck, is everything ok there?" Will picked up and said.

"Uh yeah… you're at the Nationals place right?"

"The Lincoln Center? I was there but I'm on my way to the hotel now… it finished earlier then I thought." Will said. Puck heard people in the background so he knew he was actually out… so maybe Sam and Finn were in his room fooling around.

"Ok thanks… just making sure." Puck hung up. He held his ear to Will's door to see if he could hear the boys. He heard very distant moaning. Noah got a boner as he listened to the faint moaning. He knew Will would come in and catch them if they weren't almost done. He wanted to be having fun with them, as much as he wanted to quit gay sex for good, he still wanted it bad. He thought it would be easy to go back and just keep it a secret again… sure he didn't want feelings to develop, hell he didn't even want to want it but he did. He shook his head to get his mind off of it and walked back to his room. But he had a boner that was visible so he decided to walk down the hall for a minute.

"Oh yeah!" Finn moaned as he began to sweat. He stopped for a minute and held his cock inside Sam as deep as it would go. "I hate to say this but we need to stop soon because I'm getting close."

"Uh fuck… just keep going, you can cum now." Sam moaned and Finn kept fucking him. "Oh yeah! Fuck that feels good!" Sam groaned and caressed Finn's chest. Finn pulled out and laid behind Sam and inserted his penis that way.

"Oh god I'm so close!" Finn moaned as he held Sam from behind and caressed his hands up and down Sam's chest.

"Uh!" Sam turned his head and kissed the tall teen. The bed shook as Finn thrust his hips behind Sam, penetrating his ass. Finn licked his hand and stroked Sam's cock. "Oh shit!" Sam moaned as Finn kissed and sucked on his neck. This all felt to good to pass up an opportunity to cum. "Fuck it… he won't find out… I wanna cum!"

"Yeah? You wanna cum?"

"Fuck yeah! Make me cum!" Sam moaned. Finn pulled out and they both laid on their backs as Finn threw the condom to the ground. Finn sucked Sam for a few seconds and then stroked him as they made out. Sam started stroking Finn as they made out while little groans, moans, and other noises of pleasure escaped their mouths.

"He is going to punish you so hard if he finds out." Finn whispered and went back to making out with his blonde friend.

"Damn right!" A third voice said and Finn and Sam's hearts jumped out of their chests as they sat up and covered their junk. They saw Mr. Schue standing there starting to take off his belt. When Will walked in the room he saw the two naked teens but didn't notice Puck slip inside behind him and sneak into the bathroom… planning to start having gay sex again. Puck didn't notice that Mike had walked out of the room across the hall and saw the door closing. Mike saw Puck sneak in, Mr. Schue walking towards the bed, and he saw his two naked friends on the bed. He was shocked that Sam had gotten back into gay sex… but what didn't shock him is that he had a boner at that moment, he wanted it all along… and he especially wanted it now.

"You boys have been bad!" Mr. Schue said as he threw his belt on the ground and undid his pants and let those fall as well.

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