Puck stayed in the choir room after Glee club because Mr. Schue told him he needed to talk to him. "Puck, your behavior earlier when you yelled at us all and said nobody cared about you wasn't going to keep you out of juvie; it was really unacceptable. But I want to tell you that we do care for you Puck." Will said and put his hand on Puck's knee as he sat across from him. "Let me show you how much I care." Will smiled and slid his hand up Puck's leg. Puck quickly pulled away in shock and disgust.

"I'm not gay Mr. Schue, I'm like the least gayest out of all the guys in Glee club. And nobody does care about me." Puck said changing the subject and hoping his teacher would too.

"I do care about you Puck, just like I care about everybody in Glee club. But I think you deserve some extra care." Will said and knelt down and moved his face towards Puck's crotch.

"Whoa, get the hell off me. I don't want that extra care. And Artie actually is helping me with my community service so he cares, there are some people that do so I'm going to go now because you are freaking me out." Puck yelled and began to get up.

"Sit your ass down." Will said sternly and grabbed Puck's hips and forced him down, not hurting him or anything just with some force. Puck stared at his teacher in shock.

"You are a great Glee teacher sometimes but that doesn't mean I won't report you. Please just let me leave."

"You say Artie is helping you with your community service, well why don't I give you another service." Will flirted and started unbuckling his student's belt. Puck shuddered but he actually felt a hard on coming on. "All I have to do is suck you, you don't have to do anything with me, I won't even take my clothes off."

"I can't, I'm not gay." Puck said trying to stay strong but actually wanted to be sucked off.

"It doesn't matter. I swear I will make you feel great and after it you will know that I care about you. Haven't you ever thought about experimenting, like with Sam? He's very good looking. Especially being in Glee you must be curious about what it feels like to be with another guy like that." Will said as he looked into Puck's eyes and caressed his clothed erection.

Puck thought for a few seconds. "Nobody can know or my bad ass record will be done."

"Nobody is going to know. But answer my question, have you ever wanted Sam or Finn as more than a friend?"

"Nope, never wanted any boy. But I'm really horny because I haven't gotten off in a while and for some reason your hands are really turning me on so I figured I would get this over with." Puck said and laid back a little.

"That's a good boy! You don't need a punishment." Will smiled. What he did with Sam the other day felt so good and he thought he got his experimenting done with but he wanted more and right now he wanted Puck. Will pulled his student's jeans down over his cock, which bounced up and hit his butt chin. He pulled the pants down to around his ankles. "Commando, I like it."

"Ok, I prefer the girls to not talk during, how do you think I would feel about a guy?" Puck asked not looking down at his director getting ready to suck him off.

Will put the big cock into his mouth and took it all the way in. He began sucking rapidly, which made Puck moan. This actually felt good to the Mohawk man.

"Oh shit Mr. Schue, you are better then some of the cougars that suck me off." Puck moaned after several minutes of his teacher sucking his manhood.

"Yeah baby, you like that?" Will asked as he took a break and jerked the big cock.

"Yeah! Get that back in your mouth." Puck said and grabbed his teacher's curly hair and shoved his head back onto his penis. He pulled his hair up and pushed it back down on his cock. Mr. Schue moaned. "You wanted this so you got it. We are doing this my way and maybe next time you will think twice before you try to make a straight boy have sex with you." Will moaned as Puck said that. Puck began going faster until Mr. Schue's face was banging into him every time he pushed him all the way down. It was almost hurting Will it was so hard and fast, he even began choking on the big member. Will began pushing on Puck's legs to get up but Puck wasn't having that. Will swung up and hit his student's face, which made him release him.

"That was far to rough Puck and you know it." Will said grasping for air.

"You are the one that wanted to suck me so bad Mr. Schue, and I don't care that you are my teacher when I say I don't want to do something and someone makes me… I get back at them." Puck said and stood up. "Are you going to keep sucking me or not?"

"No, get your clothes on and leave." Will said pissed off.

"I'm sorry that you can't have the Glee kids as your little sex slaves but you wanted it you got it."

"Puck, that was unacceptable; the talking back and shoving your cock in my mouth so hard. I was just a little curious."

"Well you know what I'm curious about?" Puck asked as he pulled his pants up. "Reporting you!" Puck walked towards the choir room door.

"Puck, get in here and let me finish yelling at you because you are not done here." Will yelled.

"You're just scared because I'm going to report you. Screw you Mr. Schue, you just lost all cred with that stunt. You were a good Glee director but there's no way I'm going to get that vision out of my head so I'm done and you're done." Puck said and grabbed the door handle. Will sighed and ran in front of his student.

"Please, this is my job."

"And that was my dick, I'm one of your students." Puck said disgusted. Will sighed again and looked down and noticed Puck still had a boner about ready to rip through his jeans.

"I'll do anything." Will flirted and lightly gripped Noah's clothed erection. Puck was about ready to burst and anger sex sounded really good right now, even if it was with his male teacher. "I know you want it because even though you are mad about it you still asked if I was done sucking you after I slapped you. It's won't ruin your bad ass record… nobody will find out… I'll even let you go rough." Will said, finishing his statement while looking into Puck's eyes.

Puck stayed silent for a few seconds thinking about all the rough sex he could have right now. "Are these doors locked?"

Will stepped up so he was touching Noah and put his hand behind him and locked the door. "They both are now!" Will whispered and brushed his hand on Puck's ass.

"Get on your knees." Puck demanded as he took his shirt off and tacked it up over the door window. He kicked off his shoes as Will unbuttoned his jeans and took them down again. Puck kicked them off and then cock slapped Mr. Schuester's face. It hurt a little but Will was still turned on by this experience, even though he was nervous about how rough Noah was going to get. "Yeah you like getting your face slapped by my dick?" Puck asked and cock slapped his teacher again. "I asked you a question. Do you like it?" Puck asked sternly and cock slapped him again.

"Oh yeah!" Will moaned. Puck chuckled and cock slapped him for the forth time.

"Ok, put me in your mouth Mr. Schue." Puck demanded. Will began sucking his student who let him just suck instead of shoving his head right away. After several seconds of Will going as deep as he could Puck wanted to grab that head of hair and get a little rough. He grabbed Will's hair again and pushed his head forward all the way and back, forward and back, forward and back. "I think it's time the teacher get's a little punishment." Noah moaned as he began getting more aggressive with his director. Suddenly he was going the same speed as before, Will was hitting his face on Puck while taking his whole penis in his mouth. Mr. Schue choked a little. "Yeah, that feels good." Puck groaned as he took his hands off of his teacher's head and thrust his hips fast, face fucking the hell out of Mr. Schue. Will moaned as he placed his hands on his student's ass. Puck grabbed Will's hair again and pulled his head back, away from his cock. "Did I tell you to touch my naked butt?"

"No sorry, I just…"

"Shut up."

Will stood up quickly. "Ok Puck, I know I said you could be rough but I'm still your teacher so please at least talk to me with a little bit more respect."

Puck sighed as he calmed down a little. "You're right, I'm sorry. But still, you need a punishment." Puck smiled, he was now being a bit flirtier with Will.

"What do you suggest?" Will flirted back. Puck smiled and grabbed his teacher's vest off and tacked that over the other door window. He ran back to his Glee club instructor and ripped his shirt off. Puck unbuckled and unbuttoned Mr. Schue's pants and pulled them off and then pulled his briefs down and off. The only things he left on Mr. Schue were his tie and his socks and shoes.

"I'm actually going to give you a choice, do you want me to put a condom on when I do you or not?"

"I'd rather you have protection. I'll get a condom from my desk." Will said and ran into his office, still nervous about how Puck would fuck him. He grabbed some lube and a condom and ran out while opening it.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you are going to forget who you are." Puck said. Will sighed and put the condom on the teen's cock. "Bend over the piano." Puck told his teacher. Will bent over the piano. "Now you put some lube in your ass while I rub lube on my dick." Puck commanded.

Will grabbed some lube and put it on and around his butthole while Puck rubbed some on his penis. Puck stood behind him and held his member in front of the entrance. He knew his teacher was anticipating it but he wanted to wait a few seconds and surprise him. Suddenly he shoved it in, almost unsuccessfully but he maneuvered it well. Will moaned loudly as he felt that cock in his ass. Puck shoved it all the way in and held it there. Then he began thrusting rapidly and his balls hit against Will's thigh and made the loud clapping sound. "Puck… fuck." Will moaned. It felt weird yet good to have a dick inside him, Puck was a little bigger then Sam and Puck is much rougher so it hurts a little more but he will get use to it again.

"Yeah!" Puck moaned and grabbed his director's tie and pulled it back, choking his instructor. "This is why I kept your tie on." Puck said as he pulled it even tighter. Will could barely breathe as Noah held the tie ever tighter. Will clenched his eyes shut and moaned because there was some on going pain, not only in his throat but also in his ass. The cock felt good but it still hurt because he still wasn't use to it.

"Puck, I can't… breathe." Will said grasping for air. Puck let go of the tie as he rolled his eyes. "Thank you Noah." Will sighed.

"You better get some air now because when I'm close I'm going to pull out and mouth fuck you and then you are going to swallow every last drop of my cum, do you understand?"

"Yes." Will moaned as he began to fully enjoy the big member inside him. "Harder!" Will said under his breath.

"Yeah? You want me to fuck you harder?"

"Yeah. I'm going to give you a detention if you don't."

"Let's see if I can sir." Puck said and grabbed his teacher's hips and kept thrusting rapidly as he pulled the hips back and forth. Will screamed loudly in pleasure.

"That feels amazing!" Will moaned loudly.

Puck agreed, it felt so good. "Yeah it does. Listen, what I'm going to do next you have to keep even more a secret than what we are doing now."

"Ok." Will moaned and Puck wrapped his hand around Will's hard cock and he moaned. Puck put some lube on his hand and continued stroking Mr. Schue's full length as he slowed down fucking him.

"Ok, I want to keep going fast so you jerk yourself off as I screw your brains out." Puck said and took his hand off of the dick. "Wait, actually, change positions." Puck laid on the piano. "Sit on me facing the other way." Puck moaned as Will put his legs on either side of his student and sat down with his back to Noah. Will moaned as he lowered himself back onto the teen cock. "Ride me fast!" Mr. Schue humped up and down quickly.

"Fuck!" Will moaned as Puck was deep inside him. Puck began to thrust his hips as they both moaned. "Are you close?"

Puck grabbed Will's tie again and pulled it back tightly around his neck. "Yeah, but like I said you are going to swallow all of my cum." Noah moaned and let go of the tie. Will humped his student for minutes until Puck pushed him off, almost off the piano. Puck ripped the condom off and threw it across the room before grabbing his director's hair and making him face his penis. "Suck that cock." Puck demanded so Mr. Schue took the whole thing into his mouth. Mr. Schue got off the piano and Noah stayed on it kneeling. Puck grabbed his teacher's head and made him take the whole length again. Puck moved Mr. Schue's head back and forth on his shaft like before. Several seconds later Puck was ready to cum so he moaned loudly and released his load into his instructor's mouth and down his throat. Mr. Schue moaned as he tasted and swallowed the hot delicious liquid pouring out of his student's cock. "Yeah swallow it all!" Puck moaned and a few seconds later took his penis out of Will's mouth and cock slapped Mr. Schue's face. "You get an A plus." Puck said and began to get dressed.

"Any interest in getting me off?" Will asked although he was doubtful he would.

"Mr. Schue, that was a one time thing that you are to tell no one about." Puck panted.

"But Puck, I got you off and I swallowed everything so at least jerk me off. That's all I'm asking."

"I'm not gay. You wanted me so bad so I played rough with you and I've gotten what I needed and I'm done. You wanted me, I didn't want you. I know that I got a little too horny and stroked you for a second but that was all."

Mr. Schue grabbed Puck's shoulders and pushed him to his knees. "You played rough with me so I'm going to play rough with you."

"Do you want to lose your job?" Puck asked.

"Please, it will take ten seconds. At least stand behind me and jerk me off so I'll cum on the floor. Or stroke me until I'm close and I'll finish the job."

"Stop begging." Puck said and then sighed. "You don't tell anyone ever." Puck said and stayed kneeling down and stroked the big member in front of him.

"Uh Puck!" Will moaned. Puck put the cock into his mouth for a few seconds and sucked, but never took the whole thing. He stopped and just continued stroking. He felt an erection coming on and his dick was about ready to burst out of his underwear. "Get that underwear off so you're completely naked again." Will demanded. Puck stood up and pulled his underwear down, letting his member free. Will immediately began to stroke him again as Puck continued stroking him. Will looked at Puck's face and went in for a kiss. As soon as the kiss started Puck pushed him hard to the ground.

"Yuck! Don't you ever try to kiss me. This was a mistake." Puck yelled and pulled up his underwear and put his pants back on.

"Puck, I'm sorry. For that and for everything that just happened. I shouldn't have pushed you into this or threatened you into it."

"You are right, you shouldn't have. You're supposed to be a good teacher Mr. Schue. Now I'm not going to lie, fucking you felt pretty damn good, I was imagining a girl but still. I'm sorry for getting too rough but I don't want to be gay, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it but I just don't want that for myself. So how about we get dressed and leave and pretend this never happened?" Puck said and then heard the door handle jiggle and then a knock.

"Mr. Schue it's Sam." They heard Sam say from the other end.

"Shit." Puck said.

"I'm going to go into my office and lock the door, you pretend you were practicing in here or something." Will said and picked his clothes up and ran to his office, forgetting the vest that was hanging from the other door window.

Puck opened the door and grabbed his shirt from the window. "Hey Sam, he's not here, I was just practicing a new song for Glee."

"Why was your shirt hanging over the window then?" Sam asked.

"I didn't want anybody looking in." Puck said.

"Ok. Are you sure he isn't here?" Sam asked.

"Yes, he definitely isn't." Puck said as Sam checked out his chest. Sam had been struggling with urges since him and Mr. Schue did it a few days ago, that's what he came here to tell him.

Sam took a glance at the other door and noticed Will's vest was there. "Why is his vest hanging over that window?" Sam asked as he pointed. Puck froze for a second and that freeze made Sam think, are Puck and Mr. Schue doing the nasty? No there's no way Puck would do anything sexual with a guy. "Dude, what's going on?"

"Nothing, he must have left it there for some reason, I don't know. I came in and he was gone and that was there, stop questioning me." Puck yelled.

"Hey guys." Finn walked in from behind Sam. Of course Puck thought to himself. "What' going on?" Finn asked as he saw Puck standing there without his shirt on. Puck quickly put it back on as he rolled his eyes.

"I don't know. I walk in and his shirt is off and blocking this window as Mr. Schue's vest is blocking that one." Sam said.

"What's up dude?" Finn asked Puck.

"I was practicing for a song that I wanted to be a surprise so I blocked this window, that one for whatever reason was already blocked by Mr. Schue's vest." Puck yelled.

"Ok well Sam, I thought after our run around the field we were suppose to go back to my house and play some COD." Finn said.

"Sorry. I just wanted to ask Mr. Schue something." Sam said.

"Was it that important that you had to do it now?" Finn asked.

"It's important yes but it can wait until tomorrow."

"I have his number, you can just give him a call on my phone." Finn said and took his phone out.

"Dude what time is it?" Puck asked and grabbed Finn's phone and purposely dropped it. "Damn it, sorry."

"Dude you are acting weird today." Sam said as Finn picked up his phone.

"It's ok, this case protects it well." Finn said and Puck backhanded it out into the hall.

Finn looked at him weird. "Dude, that was uncalled for."

"I wanted to see if it could protect it from breaking after that." Puck said. He was stressed because he knew Will kept his phone in his vest so if Finn called it they would hear it go off and then they would know something is up.

"Still works." Finn said. "Don't do that again Puck. Text me later if your aren't still being weird." Finn and Sam walked down the hall together as Finn went to Mr. Schue in his contacts.

"Speaking of talking to Mr. Schue, did you get to talk to him the other day after you saw me… um you know." Sam said.

"Yes I spoke with him and please never mention that again." Finn said and clicked Will's name. Puck ran into the choir room and took Will's phone out of his vest and ran to the locker room and answered it.

"Hey Finn!" Puck said in his best Mr. Schue voice.

"It's actually Sam Mr. Schue." Sam said, dubious to whom it really was. Sam walked away from Finn a little so he couldn't hear.

"Yes Sam, what is going on?" Puck asked as Mr. Schue.

"You're alone right?"

"Yes Sam."

"About the other day, when we got a little sexual." Sam said and Puck tried not to gasp at what he just heard. "I think I'm starting to have more gay urges. Just earlier running with Finn was hard because I saw him shirtless and then a couple minutes ago I saw Puck shirtless and it was the first time I wanted them as more than friends." Sam said and Puck was silent as what Sam just said echoed through his head.