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A number of clothes here and there were spread throughout the house from the front door to the upstairs bedroom. Starting at the door was a red jacket, the color of Regina's apples from her apple tree. Next was a black coat lying just a few feet away. After that piece of clothing was a black tank top strewn onto the banister of the stairs, crumpled up and waiting to be retrieved. The clothes had but one thing in common. All were carelessly thrown to the floor in a fit of true passion. The pattern continued until there was nothing, but a single sock lying next to a bedroom door. The master bedroom to be exact. Behinds those doors there were two people anyone would find unlikely to be there. A few light moans now and then drifted from the room, indicating there was nothing along the lines of talking happening.

Behinds these doors were two ladies who in public clearly showed hatred for each other. But now, here in the privacy of a shockingly plain bedroom, Regina Mills and Emma Swan were tangled into each other. Skin on skin. Regina, being the dominant, controlling type, was lying on top of Emma. One hand was shoved deep into Emma's blond, soft as feather curls, holding tightly to them. The other hand was exploring the body beneath her own. Their lips were pressed together, tongues sliding together and exploring the others mouth gingerly. Soon the kisses deepened though, moans grew just a small bit higher in pitch as the two slowly rocked against each other. Their lips parted for a moment as both took a minute to catch their breaths. At that particular moment they both gazed into each others eyes, an eclectic spread of emotion dancing in both Regina and Emma's eyes. With eyes still open, a saucy smirk plastered to her lips, Regina barely moved her head down and nipped at Emma's bottom lip before kissing it, pulling at the lip with her as she pulled away.

Finally Regina released Emma's lip, but only to take her left hand and tilt Emma's head to the side. In one fell swoop Regina licked a long line from the bottom of Emma's neck to her ear lobe. Once there, she nibbled somewhat harshly on Emma's earlobe, making Emma cry out a painful, but pleasured moan. Emma's fingers lightly ran up and down Regina's spine, enjoying the feel of her soft skin against her fingertips. Regina moaned herself, right hand beginning to wander down to Emma's breasts, kneading the right firmly as she placed her mouth ever so closely to Emma's ear. "Harder." She whispered in her usual demanding tone, only there was an underlying emotion just bubbling to the surface; need. Regina needed for Emma to be rougher, needed the thrill of pain with pleasure. Not that she minded the light, loving, beautiful things Emma did to her. But tonight, oh god, tonight she needed it rough.

Emma knew exactly what to do too. She had learned so well Regina's every need. Sometimes it seemed all Emma needed to do was look in Regina's eyes and know exactly what would satiate her overwhelming thirst. With just that one word whispered in her ear, Emma raked her fingernails down Regina's back, leaving white marks behind, turning red quickly after. Regina let a louder moan escape. No one else was in the house with them, so she could moan all she wanted. Emma's fingernails scratched all the way down to Regina's firm, perfectly rounded rump and then squeezed hard as soon as she planted her palms firmly.

Following yet another almost satisfied moan, Regina crushed her lips to Emma's, tongue forcing its way inside her mouth and penetrating deeply and strongly. Just seconds later Regina's lips moved away from Emma's and started to making wet trails down her jaw line to her neck and down towards her collarbone. She trailed back up to Emma's neck for a moment to leave a mark, something to tell that Regina had been there, that Emma was hers and no one else could have her.

Emma was enjoying every lick, every suck, every bite too. It all made the heat between her legs become more and more of a burning fire. Soon Emma couldn't take it anymore. Regina was at her breasts now, firmly kneading one while her mouth work on the other. Regina's teeth scratched over Emma's hardened nipple and it made Emma jump and writhe underneath Regina, whimpers escaping her. "Regina!" Another moan from Emma as Regina sucks on her nipple a little harder. "Please. Quit teasing me." With those words from Emma, Regina gazes up with that predatory smirk of hers, those gorgeous brown eyes gazing into Emma's eyes with an intensity that shook Emma to the core. Emma's body trembled under Regina's, her eyes and entire body begging for a release. With only a laugh Regina could pull off and that low husky voice whispering into her ear as she slinks up Emma's body, she blows lightly into Emma's ear and chuckles just once more. "Beg Emma. I won't do a thing unless you beg."

And Emma has no choice, but to beg. The need for wanting to have a release caused by Regina's fingers, and possibly her mouth, was growing far too strong and beginning to her. "Gina! Please! Fuck me! I can't take it anymore!" Emma's voice is trembling as she begs to Regina and yet again that evil chuckle comes floating to Emma's ears. "As you wish dear." In no time at all, Regina sharply and quickly moves two fingers inside of Emma, crooking her fingers up to find just that right spot. Emma jerks and her hips begin to thrust as moans erupt from her mouth. Her right hands fingers shoot as deeply into Regina's hair as they can go, gripping tightly as she tries to direct Regina's head to where she wants it to be.

At first Regina keeps her control and goes nowhere, keeping her mouth at Emma's neck, but when Regina picks up the pace and begs for Regina to go down on her, she finally traces agonizingly slow kisses towards that oh so sweet spot her fingers were wildly pumping in and out of. Finally she reaches the freshly shaven slit of Emma's and slowly licks along her plump lips, digging in a little to reach that throbbing nub. It seems that is the push Emma needs though because as soon as Regina begins to lick furiously at Emma's clit. Emma's body begins to tremble even more now and her moans increase in volume. Just one more thrust into Emma's wetness and then….

All went completely blank for half a second. One moment Emma was about to have her oh so wonderful release and then the next thing she knows she's staring at the ceiling of her own room. She blinks a few times, completely confused, trying desperately to get a hold of reality. After a few more moments, she remembers where she is. In Mary Margaret's apartment, sleeping in the room Mary had offered to her after getting thrown out of Granny's. She'd been here for some time now, was even the sheriff. Still fighting and almost getting into fight with Regina. Which did not explain her dream at all. The dream had been so vivid, seemed so real that Emma had to lay there for a moment to catch her breath. It took her a moment to realize her hands was between her legs. As soon as that realization hit, her hand retreated from its spot and a disgusted look crossed Emma's features. "What…the hell…was that?" Emma said to herself in the darkness. She glanced over at the clock. It was only three in the morning. "Jesus!" Emma hung her head in her hands, trying to shake off the dream.

Emma eventually made her way back into sleep, having to get up just three and a half hours later. As she woke up, she realized that dream was still so stupidly vivid. She took as hot a shower as she could stand, hoping maybe the water would burns all those images out of her brain. No such luck. GOD! What was she gonna do when she saw Regina again? She'd probably have those awkward images in her head and end up blushing in front of the mayor. And how in the hell was she going to explain that? There would definitely be no way around that, unfortunately. There was also no way of really avoiding the Mayor or Storybrooke, so basically Emma was royally fucked….and not in the good sense. That same morning, as she made her way into Granny's to buy herself some coffee, there was the Mayor standing at the cash register paying for her own thing.

'Goddammit!' Emma cursed to herself, trying to slip past Regina without being noticed. No such luck though. "Sheriff Swan! Nice to see you're actually up early and at least looking like your going to do your job." Regina said in her usual husky, but regal tone. Of course that icy bite of hers was in there too. Thankfully Emma wasn't facing Regina, so she rolled her eyes before turning just a little bit around to face her. "Good morning to you too Madame Mayor." Emma gave a fake smile, but noticed something different in Regina eyes than usual. It almost looked as if the Mayor was taking an eyeful of Emma. Or it could just be her dream getting to her. Yeah! That was it! There was no way Regina had even the slight sexual interest in Emma or vice versa. At least that's what she was telling herself now as the Mayor waved her hand at Emma and made her way out the door with a glare.

Emma groaned and shook her head, ordering her coffee and making her out the door and to the station without saying much to anyone. She had work to do today and she knew that as she made her way into the office. However, she hadn't gotten as much as she would have liked the previous night because of that dream. So instead of being super productive right away, Emma parked it in the chair in the office and glanced through some files. Sometime, she didn't know when, Emma dozed off on top of the files. Slowly, but surely she fell into a deep sleep which slung her into yet another wet dream about Regina. And it all started off with the two of them staring each other down….