Author's Note: Not beta-ed, though it probably should be. Lol.

Emma Swan sat stark still in her chair, blankly staring at the wall across from her in the Sheriff's office. No muscle moved, no eye lid blinked. The only movement was her chest rising and falling as she breathed. The events of the day before played as clear as day in her head, making her eyes widen a bit and her breathing become a bit labored. Emma couldn't believe what had happened between herself and the Mayor. Couldn't believe she had allowed herself to fall for the seduction Regina had so obviously been playing. But considering what she had been struggling with before said seduction, how could she resist being drawn in? Regina was beautiful, no…Regina was breathtaking. It was really rather heartbreaking at how gorgeous the woman was. And that was a lot of her appeal for Emma really, as shallow as it sounded.

There was something else though, something else about Regina that attracted her to her. There was a certainly quality about Regina that drew Emma in like a moth to a flame. And it was exactly that. Getting involved with Regina, falling into some kind of sexual escapade with her was a very bad idea. They were enemies for crying out loud. But she couldn't deny that she enjoyed every minute she had spent with Regina the day before. It disturbed her, shook her to the core, that she enjoyed it as much as she did. She felt worse for even going through with it.

An old song entered into Emma's head, reminding her quite a bit of her situation. The song's chorus played in her head, making her sigh and shake her head in defeat. 'Moth to a flame. A fatal attraction. I'm flying too close to the sun. Sooner or later you're gonna get burned. Moth to a flame. A lethal reaction. I'm loving you under the gun. It's just a matter of time before I get burned.' It played over and over in her head, reminding her again and again that she was probably going to pay for sleeping with Regina. What baffled Emma the most was how she had even gotten to this point. Ever since those damn dreams of hers she'd been thinking of Regina as something other than her enemy. In her minds fucked up way, it had been making her see Regina as something sexual, making a constant craving for her start in her belly and grow out into her entire body.

It was something she had tried to ignore, but couldn't. Especially as Regina had advanced on her, their lips mere inches apart the day before. Emma's brain had pretty much short circuited with Regina so close to her like that. It had shut down on her, making her reactions less than admirable. Emma had completely given into Regina's seduction and one side of her regretted it while the other begged for more. It was the worst type of struggling Emma had ever done. Usually when she had sex with someone, it was one night only and then she'd disappear. But having had sex with Regina, it made her want more of it, made her want to crawl back to her. The previous days little surprise played again in Emma's head. Each and every detail of what had happened was fresh in her mind.

Regina drew closer and closer to Emma, watching her eyes closely for any sign of rejection. Even if Emma did try to reject, Regina would have gone on with what she had planned. Only because she knew Emma would most certainly give in to her eventually. Regina had started her game of seduction and there was no way she was going to stop now. When Regina started something, she followed through with it and finished when she was certain she would win. Hell, Regina would follow through even if there was a chance of losing.

Backing down was something she never did. In backing down, it would mean that she was weak. And Regina was anything but. So, with utter confidence exuding from in every move and look, Regina moved forward until her lips were pressing fervently against Emma's, lips sliding against the slightly shocked blond sitting next to her. After a moment, Regina had pulled back to see the shock and want lingering there in Emma's blue eyes. There was a bit of hesitancy there now, but not enough to even slightly worry Regina. Leaning forward again, she placed a more possessive and rougher kiss to Emma's lips, tongue sliding out momentarily to signal that she wanted entrance. Emma was almost more than willing to give it to her too. Her mouth slipped open oh so easily and Regina thrust her tongue into Emma's mouth, exploring the inside of it roughly before their tongues began to wrestle for dominance.

Dominance was not something Regina gave up either and there was no way in hell she was relenting to Emma Swan. This was her game and she was going to play it her way. She was going to do things to Emma that would probably shock the shit out of the Sheriff, but it was things that she knew would make Emma coming back for more. Oh sure, Emma would definitely have some horrible inner turmoil going on because of what was about to happen, but that was really just a perk for Regina. Emma would be horribly conflicted, but wouldn't be able to stop no matter how much she wanted to. Regina had the magic touch, knew how to manipulate and please to make damn sure her pet came back to her. With all of these things in mind, and her confidence firmly in place, Regina roughly pulled Emma's jacket off and let it fall behind her as one of her hands jerked itself under Emma's shirt.

Emma immediately gasped as the sudden touch of Regina's hand to her skin, but what got her was how quickly the Mayor's hand was moving upwards. Emma's breath was already speeding up and becoming more shallow. Damn her, but she couldn't help it. There was something about the way Regina touched her. Especially as her hand clamped onto her breasts and squeezed firmly, feeling it out before pinching her nipple roughly and pulling. In a much quicker pace, Emma's shirt was dragged off of her body and Regina's mouth was on her neck while her hands made quick work of the clasps of her bra. That was flung to the floor in a matter of seconds as Regina bit down hard on her collar bone and Emma hissed. Regina's tongue came out to smooth over the angry red marks made by her teeth. Emma shivered for what seemed like the millionth time when she felt Regina's tongue against her skin.

In another instant, Regina's mouth was at her breast. She sucked on a taught nipple, dark eyes staring amusingly up at her. There was something Regina was hiding though and it bothered Emma that she couldn't tell what it is. Although it couldn't bother her too much at the moment because she was enjoying Regina sucking on her nipple far more than she had any right to. The woman's mouth was magic, the way her tongue swirled around and the way her teeth slightly grazed against her nipple. It was infuriating how good Regina was at this. Emma wanted to show off too, but every time she tried to take some dominance, Regina wouldn't let her. She was fighting with herself about what to do. She knew this was a bad idea, sleeping with Regina, but she wanted this so bad.

That's what her dreams had been trying to tell her apparently. She hadn't wanted to acknowledge that, hadn't wanted to really accept the fact that dreaming about Regina didn't bother her. It excited her, got her juices flowing. It was cruel of her body and mind to betray her this way. She hated Regina, Regina hated her and that was how it had been since she had came to this town. Ending up topless, with Regina latched onto one of her nipples as she leaned her head back and moaned, was not how she had ever imagined ending up with the Mayor. This reminded her of her one of her dreams and she was surprised to see that it felt even better than she had imagined. Of course, Emma was pissed at herself for loving this, but for the time being she had decided to relax and enjoy it, deal with the consequences later. With that being said over and over again in her mind for a few moments, she finally let her mind go blank and just focused on what Regina was doing to her. And oh the things she was doing to her!

Emma had had her eyes closed and her head tilted back as Regina had her way with her breasts and her skin. But when she felt a tugging at her jeans, Emma's eyes flew open and she looked down at Regina, eyes widening instantly. Regina was unbuttoning her jeans with her teeth. Emma stared in amazement as Regina pulled at her jeans and the button popped. She pulled one more time and her zipper came down with such ease that it was almost infuriating. "Holy…fuck." Emma choked out, watching that cocky smirk spread across Regina's well painted lips. Now Regina used her hands, grabbing at the top of Emma's jeans and pulling down. Emma's jeans were tight, but Regina seemed to have no trouble getting them off, which yet again baffled Emma. How the hell was she so good at this? Just after Emma had that thought, Regina practically crawled up her body and placed a searing kiss to her lips. It was the kind of kiss that made Emma's head swim. The kind of kiss that had she been standing, her knees would have gone weak and she'd have fallen to the ground.

When Regina pulled away, the same smirk still in place, Emma stared at her breathlessly, blinking a few times. Regina gave a chuckle and stood gracefully to her feet. "Perhaps we should take this upstairs." It wasn't a question, wasn't really even a suggestion or an invitation. There was dominance in her voice and certainly no room for protest. There was no way Regina was taking no for an answer. With all the regal stature of the Queen she was, Regina made her way towards the stairs, hips swaying seductively. Regina didn't even look back as she made her way up the stairs. She knew good and well that Emma would follow her. And Emma did exactly that. Forgetting about her clothes on the floor, Emma jumped up from her seat and practically ran after Regina. It was odd just being in her panties, but at this point she could care less. All her mind was on now was following through with this crazy ass impulse.

When Emma made it to Regina's room, she found her sitting on the edge of her bed, smirk on her lips as her brown eyes raked up and down Emma's body. Regina actually even licked her lips as her eyes fell upon a few places, drinking in her body as she stood in the doorway almost completely naked. Emma stood stark still in the doorway, gazing at Regina with wonder. Regina raised an eyebrow and leaned back a little, arms spread out behind her to hold her body up. "Well, are you going to come in?" Regina inquired, lust and secrets untold dancing in her eyes. Emma hesitated for just a small moment, but finally pushed her way into the room, closing the door behind her. For a brief moment, after Emma turned around and strode away from the door, their eyes met, staring at each other in a heated moment. Emma saw something in Regina's eyes that made her shiver.

While one side of her was screaming to get out now, the other side of her was drawn to Regina, drawn to the beauty sitting in front of her with the cockiest of smiles. Emma wanted to punch and kiss that smirk off of her face all at the same time. Instead, she lunged at Regina and pressed their lips together, tongue licking at Regina's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Regina was startled at first, but quickly assumed her masked roll of coolness, placing her hands on Emma's hips and staying there for a moment. When she felt Emma's tongue licking at her bottom lip, she did not comply and open her mouth for Emma to explore. No, instead she used her strength to flip Emma off of her and onto the bed, knocking the wind out of Emma for a moment. Emma looked startled, green eyes wide and gazing up at Regina. She looked as if she was about to say something, but Regina cut off anything she was about to say with her lips, tugging at Emma's bottom lip and nipping at it.

Suddenly Emma's hands were everywhere, grabbing at Regina's ass and squeezing, digging into her hair and holding onto it tighter than was necessary. This elicited a hiss from Regina and a glare, but there was something in Regina's eyes that told her she liked the pain. So Emma didn't stop her hands as Regina nipped, licked and sucked at her nipples once again. Emma found the strength to turn them over after a moment, laying on top of Regina and smirking down at her. Regina glared up at Emma. She didn't like not having the upper hand. But this wouldn't last for long. Oh no, Regina thought quickly and brought her hand up to cup over the crotch of Emma's panties. Emma's breath caught and her arms shook a bit. Regina raised an eyebrow and chuckled darkly. "Your…desire…is showing, dear." Her tone matched the look on her face, dark and temptingly inviting.

With Emma distracted for a moment, Regina rolled them over yet again and was hovering over Emma, holding her down. "I have the upper hand dear and that's the way it's going to be." Again her tone held no room for argument. Emma had no choice, but to relent. When she did, and Regina knew that she would, Regina finally made her way down Emma's body, biting her and there. It almost seemed like Regina wanted to hurt Emma rather than to please her. Which really wouldn't be much of a surprise. But Emma had to admit that she liked what Regina was doing to her and she wanted more. It was almost like Regina had read her mind because Emma's panties were off before she could blink again and Regina was kissing her way back up Emma's body. Emma wanted Regina between her legs, but it didn't seem Regina was willing to do that. No, instead they were kissing fervently again, tongues wrestling against each other in a quest for the upper hand.

Emma thought she was winning too, at least until she felt Regina's hand between her legs. A groan formed in her throat and her hips canted up in a swift, quick movement. Regina was smiling into the kisses now, knowing that Emma needed, wanted to be touched by her. However, she wasn't going to give her what she wanted right away. She was going to tease until she heard Emma beg. It didn't take long either. All it had taken were a few very light touches against her thighs and a few even lighter touches against the heat between her thighs. In a matter of what seemed like seconds, Regina had Emma begging. "Touch me Regina. Dammit! Fuck me!" The pleads came out in a growl, but they were still pleads nonetheless. Her body was aching, aching for release and Regina hadn't barely even touched her yet. A dark chuckle rumbled above her and Emma looked up to see that damn agitating smile that Regina always wore when she knew she was winning, knew she had the upper hand.

It pissed Emma off, but her body was overriding every other feeling. Right now she just wanted to have Regina release her, make her moan beneath her touches. Not something she ever thought she wanted, but here she was in Regina's bed longing for it. After what seemed like years of Regina not touching her at all, torturing her, Regina's nimble fingers finally slipped into Emma's heat causing her to moan out in sheer pleasure. The blond couldn't remember the last time she had been touched like this, the way Regina's fingers seemed to find all the right spots to flick over and rub. Emma writhed under Regina's touch, finding the most amazing pleasure from it. Without warning though, Regina suddenly plunged two fingers into Emma's entrance and began an in and out motion with her fingers curled. Emma cursed loudly and grabbed a tight hold of the sheets beneath her.

Regina's fingers were indeed more talented than Emma could have ever imagined. The way her fingers pushed inside of her and skimmed that rough patch just inside. The way her thumb skimmed through her silky folds and found her clitoris was almost like pure magic. With Regina's fingers buried inside of her and her thumb rubbing circles on her throbbing bundle of nerves, Emma came completely undone within a matter of minutes. She called out Regina's name in pleasure and nearly put holes in Regina's sheets she was holding them so tightly. Regina helped Emma ride her orgasm out, eliciting another one when Regina didn't stop her fingers. She was barely down from the first orgasm when the second hit and Emma nearly passed out from that one. When she opened her eyes, feeling dizzy, but clearly satisfied, her green eyes searched for Regina.

When she found her, Regina was straightening out her dress and primping at her hair. She looked as immaculate and well put together as she always did. Which infuriated Emma considering she probably looked a mess still laying there on Regina's bed. Emma let out a long sigh and slid off of the bed, trying not to feel stupid that she was completely naked while Regina was still clothed. She cleared her throat and moved over to Regina with an eyebrow raised and a mischievous smile on her lips. "Don't you want me to return the favor?" Emma asked with a head nod towards the bed. Regina rolled her eyes and gave a humorless laugh. "I'm afraid it's time for you to go. Henry will be home any moment now." Emma's eyes widened and then narrowed instantly. So this was the game Regina wanted to play. "So you just want to fuck me and then tell me to leave?" Emma asked in a pissed tone that she hoped hid the hurt. Apparently it didn't because Regina gave yet another laugh and waved her hand towards the door. "Don't let it get to you, dear. I'm sure you'll be back for more." Emma ground her teeth together at that, but said nothing as she gathered her panties and then ran downstairs to put on the rest of her clothes. Putting on her clothes in record time, she was out the door and back to the Sheriff's office before Henry could even have a clue that she had been there.

Emma pulled herself from the memory, pissed off that she had been used like that. But she should have known. She knew what Regina was like and she was clearly insane if she thought Regina would be any different to her. Emma's hands clenched at the arms of the chair, fingernails digging into the fabric. "Emma!" A familiar voice called out to her, startling her and bringing her out of her rage. When she looked up, she saw Henry running through the door, that book tucked under his arm. "Kid. What are you doing here? You know your mom will be pissed if she finds out you're here. Aren't you supposed to be a Dr. Hopper's anyway?" Emma raised an eyebrow and Henry just shrugged, obviously not really caring. "She won't find out. I just wanted to come see you." Henry gave his biggest smile and Emma had no choice, but to smile back. After a moment though, her smile slipped and she shook her head. "You're gonna get me into a lot of trouble with your mom kid." Henry frowned and sat down on the couch in a huff. "You're my mom Emma."

Emma narrowed her eyes and sighed. "Regina is your mom Henry. And as much as I don't like her…" She had to think about that for a minute. She wasn't really sure how she felt about Regina now. Oh sure, she still hated her and was entirely furious with her, but there was something else lurking inside of her for Regina now. She let it go for now and focused back on Henry. "She is still your mom. She's taken care of you this whole time hasn't she?" Emma asked, raising an eyebrow and leaning forward in her chair. Henry frowned, but nodded his head. "Yeah, I guess." He told her incredulously. Emma rolled her eyes and stood up from her seat. "Look, I know you want to see me, but I don't need either of us getting in trouble just for that to happen. So I'll take you home and we'll see if we can settle something with your mom okay?" Emma know there would probably be no bargaining with Regina, but she had to say something to Henry to get going. Henry gazed up at her, obviously not a fan of the idea, but got up from his seat anyway, making his way towards the door.

There was no denying that Regina was livid with Henry and Emma as they stood on the stoop, Regina glaring at them both like they'd murdered someone. "Henry." Her voice was rigid, cold, demanding. Oh yeah, she was pissed. "Go to your room, right now." Henry's eyes were wide as he slipped past Regina and ran up to his room. It was very clear that she was angry enough not to lecture him in front of Emma. When they heard Henry's door shut, Regina's ice cold glare turned back to Emma, those brown orbs staring at her with disdain through slit eyelids. "I'll never understand why you insist on letting my son get away with things he shouldn't do, Sheriff Swan." Regina's tone was worse than pure coldness, it sounded as if she was trying not to kill Emma. Emma's shifted on her feet, feeling awkward.

As she looked at Regina, all she could think about was what had happened between them. As soon as an image of Regina kissing her lips, and other places, entered her mind Emma's cheeks flushed and she suddenly felt hot. All she did was blink, unable to make any coherent thoughts or words happen. Regina huffed and rolled her eyes, turning to grab hold of the door and close it. But Emma suddenly remembered how to move and her hand caught the door, keeping Regina from closing it. "Wait." Emma said in almost a whisper, but Regina heard it. She turned around, lips pursed into a thin line. If looks could kill… well, Emma would have been dead a long time ago. Emma let out a long sigh, stared down at her boots and then back up to Regina. Her eyes darted to Henry's room for a moment and then they were back on Regina as she bit her bottom lip. "I…want to talk to you." Emma blurted out, swallowing hard and sucking in a short breath before holding it.

Regina's eyes narrowed even more and she folded her arms, adding to her menacing stare and stance. For what seemed like months, Regina just stood there glaring at Emma. She was probably wishing she could turn her to ash just by doing so. Or at least thinking Emma would just go away. After another hauntingly long moment, Regina finally unfolded her arms and stepped back, holding the door open for Emma. "Come in." Regina bit out, waving her hand annoyingly towards the way of her office. Emma blinked, being taken by surprise at being invited in, even if it was obviously an offer Regina didn't want to extend. The blond forced her limbs to move as Regina walk purposefully towards her office. Emma quickly closed the door behind her and followed Regina down the hallway.