Pet: Tales of a Drow Slave

By Paul Lucas and Rachel12

The Tavern

The echoing call of the city's guardian wyverns marked the beginning of another day. Hilfy blinked her eyes open, taking in her Mistress's opulent bedroom, nestled deep in the folds of silk and satin of Vinlesu's expansive bed. The only illumination emanated from a cold magical flame from the distant, ever-burning corridor lamp.

Hilfy began to stretch, only to stop herself as she felt a warm soft body snuggling close, a thin arm with midnight-dark skin draped protectively over her own abdomen. Her Mistress, the Drow sorceress Vinlesu, had been in a very affectionate mood of late. When Hilfy first became her body slave, Vinlesu would simply use her for her own pleasure than dismiss her back to the slave quarters. But then she began inviting Hilfy to spend the night, sleeping together. And lately the Drow elf had begun snuggling up to Hilfy much more during the night, unconsciously hugging her close, as they slept.

Hilfy could not stifle a contented yawn, and Vinlesu stirred behind her. "Mmmm...sleep well, Pet?"

The red-haired elf nodded. "Always in your arms, Mistress."

"That pleases me." Vinlesu pulled Hilfy close, molding her soft body tight against her slave's. She absently began rubbing the elf girl's flat tummy. The elf girl giggled. Even after over a century of life, she was still a bit ticklish there.

Hilfy sighed contentedly. "You have always taken good care of me, Mistress."

The hand rubbing her belly stopped. "No. No, I haven't, Pet." Hilfy felt gentle lips kiss her earlobe, a pleasurable shiver rippling through her. The elf girl leaned back into Vinlesu's warmth, offering herself with well-trained submission to her owner.

Vinlesu made no demands of her, gave Hilfy no detailed instructions, as she had once did when Hilfy was new to her bed. It was true that they were now so well-practiced with each others such things were rarely needed. Hilfy at times liked to pretend that maybe it could be something more, but always pushed the thought out of her mind. She was Vinlesu's property, and nothing more. A favored toy.

The Drow kissed her neck, nibbling on her shoulder. Hilfy whimpered in pleasure as onyx fingers caressed her small breast. He fingers orbited her soft mound for an agonizingly long time before they tweaked at Hilfy's sensitive nipple. The Wood Elf's own hand reached back, sliding gently along a sinuous thigh pressing against her own. Her Mistress rolled her over onto her back, leaning up to kiss her lip to lip. Their tongues danced.

The Drow's hand glided lower, shifting between Hilfy's legs. The elf girl opened herself, gasping, loving Vinlesu's expert fingers as her Mistress teased and tickled her creamy thighs, her lightly-haired pubis, and finally her slowly-opening pink petals. Their kiss turned longer, deeper, Hilfy whimpering throatily as a fingertip slowly worked its way into her.

The fingers circled inward, exploring, stretching, the heel of the Drow's dark thumb vibrating gently over her nubbin. Vinlesu broke the kiss looked down at her body slave, smiling as Hilfy thrashed about in ecstasy, murmuring soft prayers to her blasphemous Wood Elf gods the deeper the Drow's dark fingers probed.

Vinlesu nibbled and licked the elf girl's sharply pointed ear, seeing the slave's whole body tense, her thighs quivering sharply. She knew Hilfy was fast approaching her precipice. "Come for me, Pet," she commanded with a soft whisper in Hilfy's ear. "Show proper tribute to your Mistress."

Hilfy, conditioned by years as a submissive body slave, was sent instantly over the edge of orgasm by Vinlesu's sex-soaked words. She moaned and thrust her quivering hips hard into the air, her innermost folds spasming powerfully around the fingers deep within her. For many long heartbeats she hung suspended there, climaxing for her Mistress, until finally she collapsed back onto the bed, gasping from exertion.

Vinlesu cooed, pleased, even as she shifted onto her knees over Hilfy's head, a leg next to each of the elf girl's pointed ears. The body slave immediately licked up, making contact with Vinlesu's already moist treasure. The Drow moaned in pleasure, arching her back and rubbing her breasts. "Good Pet," she encouraged. Hilfy repeated on Vinlesu with her tongue what the Drow had done to her moments before with fingers. Her Mistress gasped audibly. "Very good, Pet."

Her Mistress bent down, and suddenly Hilfy felt a hot tongue on her own sex. Vinlesu's body felt warm and sinuous on top of Hilfy's own, their skin a contrast of light and dark. Hilfy bent back up to her task, lapping hungrily. Her Mistress's cleft always had the most pleasant taste, like salty wine. Her tongue orbited the outer lips, slowly sinking into the Drow's depths, before moving forward to mold her tongue over Vinlesu's small puffy center, vibrating ever so slightly.

Her Mistress hugged her tight even as the Drow lathed the elf girl's entire sex, inside and out, top to bottom. Hilfy brought her fingers into play, sliding two into her mistress's drenched crevice. The Drow began the quivering and gasping Hilfy well recognized as her build-up to orgasm. A few more licks, and her mistress arched her back and cried out, her clit spasming hard against Hilfy's expert tongue. It wasn't long afterward until Hilfy was licked to a second shattering orgasm.

The two females lay there afterward, one on top of the other, gasping and reveling for a moment in their physical intimacy. Then the wyverns cried again, and Vinlesu sighed. "I'm afraid we must start the morning, Pet." She pushed herself off, allowing Hilfy to roll off the bed.

As the Wood Elf bent to gather her Mistress's clothes, Vinlesu slapped her behind, just enough to sting. Hilfy straightened and looked back to see her Mistress smiling. The blow hadn't been a punishment so much as a casual, affectionate reminder of dominance. "You're a good Pet, Hilfy," Vinlesu said, one of the rare times she could ever remember her Mistress using her real name. Hilfy bowed in submissive thanks. It appeared Vinlesu wanted to say more, but in the end all she did was wave dismissively to her body slave to carry out the expected duties for the day.

No slave of the Drow was allowed to wear clothes. Ostensibly it was to make sure they hid nothing, but Hilfy was smart enough to know it was really to make sure their slaves remained feeling vulnerable and exposed to help quash any real thoughts of rebellion.

As a body slave, it was her primary duty to ensure her Mistress's sexual pleasure, but she had other duties as well, such as helping the other slaves with supplementary cleaning and kitchen work. She did not mind it at all, as she was assured light duties only. She was not allowed any work where there was even a chance her tasks could mar her physical appearance, even with the dark circles of exhaustion.

She was sweeping one of the palace's smaller libraries when Jaelna, Vinlesu's brother, walked by. He stopped at the carved entrance way and looked in, frowning. One of the elite soldiers assigned to General Aran, Lord Jaelna was tall and muscular, with a shock of pure-white hair pulled into a functional pony tail. Still youthful by Drow standards, he often wore the cocky smirk of a warrior well into his physical prime.

"Slave," he said with a bored frown. "Where is your Mistress? I have been searching the whole palace for her."

She smiled submissively at him, but kept her gaze down, as she had been taught. "I'm afraid I'm unaware, my lord. She did not tell me her plans for today. I humbly apologize."

He waved dismissively at her and seemed about to leave when
he looked her over again, from her small feet to her long orange-red hair. "I remember you," he said. "You're that Wood Elf we captured after that battle on the surface a number of years ago. I've seen you with my sister many times, but never really paid much attention."

Hilfy nodded, trying to block out her own memories of that conflict. Her entire family had been killed. Vinlesu herself had killed her own father, and now wore his signet ring jewel as a navel ornament. She knew-somehow-that her Mistress wasn't really to blame, that it had been a desperate battle among long-running enemies. It was just the way events worked out. But still, it was all Hilfy had done since then to forget and do what she could to survive.

Jaelna affected an affable smile, and approached the small Wood Elf. He brushed her hair gently from her face with his knuckles. "I must admit, my sister chose well in making you her body slave. Very comely. But it must get very...frustrating, sleeping with only women, and not having a male to satisfy your needs. It is too bad your Mistress does not use you for her games the way she used to."

When she had first come into Vinlesu's service, the high-born Drow had at first used the Wood Elf as a toy, showing her off in taverns, putting her in contests with other Drow to see which slave could take the most males within a set time, or having her used in public with other exotic species of slaves, such as humans or felinoids. She had been relieved beyond words when Vinlesu eventually became tired with such things. "My Mistress always pleases me, My Lord."

He frowned again. Obviously not the answer he had hoped for. He cupped her chin in his powerful hand, looking down at her with steel-hard eyes as he stepped close. "You misunderstand, slave. I say it must be frustrating for you to have no man to satisfy you."

She gulped and looked away nervously, suddenly desperate for a means of escape, but finding none. "Y-yes, My lord. It is very f-frustrating."

She flinched as his rough hand grabbed at her small breast, pulling at the nipple with uncaring strength. "Better. And am I not a gracious lord, to give worthless slaves what they most desire?"

"My-My lord, please, I am my Mistress's property..."

He yanked at her long hair painfully as he sidled his body hard up against hers. "I am well aware of whose property you are, slave. And she owes me more than a few favors. I think a dalliance with her favorite toy would be a good start at her paying me back."

He cupped her sex forcefully, shoving a finger in dry. Hilfy cried out in pain, tears brimming. Jaelna's smiled cruelly as he pulled out a long battle knife and scraped its edge along her cheek, making her very aware of just how sharp it was. "And make no mistake. You are going to please me, even if I have to cut you for lubrication."

"Jaelna! What in the Nine Hells do you think you're doing!"

The Drow male spun and saw his sister Vinlesu at the library's entrance, fists clenched, her smoldering anger unmistakable. "I'd heard you were looking for me, brother, but I had not expected to find you damaging my property!"

Jealna laughed, unconcerned, but did disengage and back away a step from Hilfy. The elf girl shook in naked relief. "Just having some fun, sister. She is only a slave."

"My slave!" Vinlesu spat. She stalked over and yanked Hilfy forcibly away from her brother. "You are not to touch her again! She is my property, and I will not have you damaging her!"

The Drow female turned her back on her sibling, straightening Hilfy's hair with gentle fingers. "Are you okay, Pet?" she cooed.

Hilfy nodded, then whimpered a bit, seeing Jaelna's face purple in anger and frustration behind his sister. "You owe me, Vin! The least you could do is let me play with one of your toys."

She looked back over her shoulder, crinkling her nose as if regarding wyvern dung. "Then find another. Not this one. You always have to ruin my things. Still a spoiled little child after all these decades."

He kicked over a carved sandstone lectern, snarling. "I'm your brother! She's just a slave! How dare you put her above me! I'll just take her when you're not here, then."

Vinlesu spun, her expression the coldest Hilfy had ever seen as she regarded her brother. "You touch her again, Jaelna, I will make sure you pray to have your life sucked out of you in the spider pits."

Jaelna started at the venomous, apparently very serious threat. Then his eyes narrowed, looking at his sister, then at the wood elf, then back again. His brows flew wide in realization, then knitted again. His anger was still there, but now restrained, calculated. "This is not over. I will talk to the Matron about this." He spun and stalked out of the room without a backward glance.

Vinlesu turned back toward her body slave. "Did you lead him on in anyway, Pet? Please tell me you didn't!"

"N-no, mistress, I swear! He asked me where you were, I told him I did not know, and then.." she shivered. "...And he said that I wanted him, but that wasn't true! Then his hands were on me."

Vinlesu nodded, setting her dark lips in a grim line. "I believe you, Pet. That sounds exactly like him. But I fear he may cause trouble because of this." She sighed. "Things can never be easy with my family."

"She actually cares for that...thing she shares her bed with!" Jaelna complained to the Matron Auvryant as Vinlesu's family gathered for their traditional midday meal. They sat at a large, lovingly-carved table hewn from a single immense block of obsidian. Servants, ever quiet, submissive, and efficient, bustled about them, gathering plates, serving food, and refilling mugs. Besides Vinlesu and her brother, her older sister Sadra shared the dining table with the clan's matron and head of household. "She was willing to put its welfare over my pleasure!"

The Matron shrugged, unimpressed. Three centuries older than any of her offspring, she held a world-weary frown under her stately, darkly elven beauty. Her snow-white hair was pinned up in an intricate braided bun, with twin streamers of her locks spilling to her shoulders. Her dark blue sorcerer's robes and gold jewelry were designed to both blend and contrast almost hypnotically with her dark skin. The very picture of a powerful and affluent Drow sorceress. It was a look both of her daughters at times tried to emulate, but often failed to capture the intricacies of. "She also said you were holding a knife to the pet, threatening to cut it. I would be upset as well. Body slaves represent a substantial investment in time and money to train well. You always were a foolish boy when it came to knowing the value of things, Jaelna."

The Drow male slammed his fist on the table, sloshing blood wine in several cups, fuming silently. Vinlesu smirked triumphantly. That might have been the end of it had Sadra not spoken up.

Sadra, the eldest of the three and by far the most openly ambitious, dangled her knife on the wine-soaked roast cave spider in front of her. She expertly cut open the leg and pulled out the whitish meat, chewing thoughtfully. "Still, it sets a bad example. The other slaves might get the idea that they are not at our disposal, that they could occasionally refuse. It might lead to trouble and punishments, maybe even a few eliminations. And that would certainly cost us as well."

Vinlesu frowned. Like her, Sadra knew how to play up to the Matron's one great weakness: money. All the power and influence in the Dark Kingdoms would count for naught if the House Auvryant were headed by paupers. The streets were filled with the detritus of failed houses whose downfall had been their own crushing debts.

"The slaves do have an inherent value," Vinlesu protested to her older sister. "They are subservient, not stupid. Both they and we know their value. No Drow household could run without them. It is not unreasonable that they would expect us to act to protect our investment."

Jaelna was on his feet, slamming his palm onto the heavy basalt table. He grabbed a serving girl by the arm, a very scared-looking surface elf like Hilfy, and shook her violently. "If you actually think these creatures can think like we do, you are more pathetic than I thought, sister!" He shoved the servant girl away, all but throwing her to the ground.

"Enough!" the Matron commanded, and they all quieted down. A withering glare made sure Jaelna took his seat again. She sighed, then looked at her brood. "Both my daughters raise good points. The slaves are part of our household, and they would be right to look to us for limited protection-from those outside our household. But they must never be under the impression that they can sow dissent among those of our House, even incidentally. Vin was right to protect her...investment, but that slave must now also be punished as well, to make sure her peers understand that there will always be consequences for defying us."

Jaelna sneered. "I know the perfect punishment. Let me..."

"No!" Vinlesu protested, perhaps a bit more vigorously than she intended. "Um, you have already proven to be untrustworthy with my property, brother. I will agree to this punishment as long as you and your-knife-come nowhere near her, and she is not permanently harmed."

Jaelna harrumphed and crossed his thick arms, then let a smile slowly cross his lips. "You used to use that one for entertainments in the taverns, did you not? Anraku of the Illithid Claw is has been looking for something exotic to entice patrons. And she's certainly that, with her red hair. Let her be entertainment there tonight, just a show with one of Anraku's slaves. I think a night of sexual humiliation in front of hundreds of her betters would be appropriate punishment."

"But..." Vinlesu began to protest, but the Matron held up her hand.

"That seems fair," her mother said. "Make the arrangements, Jaelna. But you are not to harm the slave except for this 'show', understand? The matter is closed."

Vinlesu cut her eyes at her brother, who was smiling smugly. It was very unlike her brother to suggest such a lenient punishment. He had something planned.

They talked of other things, and when the meal ended the Matron asked Vinlesu to stay behind so they could talk privately. When the other two were gone and the servants dismissed, her mother stated, "You have not been sleeping with Jaelna as I asked you to."

Her daughter nodded slowly. The Matron had asked to her to be at her brother's sexual disposal whenever he wanted, to help ensure his loyalty. He was of the elite guard, and was likely to begin training soon as a Shadow Knight, as Sadra was, in the service of the Empress. The Matron dearly wanted another of her own in such a position of influence, and a simple thing like incest among her offspring was not going to stand in the way of that.

"He has grown tired of me," Vinlesu said. One of the side effects of such long lifespans of the Drow was the penchant to grow easily bored, even with the forbidden. "At first he was very enthusiastic about it, but then grew frustrated when he found out there were...limits with me." The younger Drow shuddered at some of the things her brother had suggested. "The past few years he has instead taken up with feminine boys and those of such ilk. He can victimize them much better to his taste in ways he can't do to me."

The Matron nodded solemnly. "And do you have feelings for this pet? Hilfy, her name is?"

Vinlesu blinked in surprise that her mother knew Hilfy's name. " simply an expensive investment, as we discussed. Jaelna and Sadra have favored swords we are not allowed to touch. Can I not have a favored pet?"

The Matron rubbed the expensive rings on her fingers absently. "It is not that uncommon to develop feelings for a body slave, daughter. Many do, though they would never admit it, even to themselves. It happened to me, two centuries before you came screaming into the world. He was a human. I kept him for forty years, even using magic to keep him healthy and virile long past his prime. He had the most stunning dark eyes..." The Matron sighed, her memories momentarily focused on the long-ago.

The younger Drow blinked, surprised at such a revelation. Humans were well-known to be the most difficult of the races to enslave, exactly because their passion for freedom burned as bright and briefly as their lives. To think that her great Matron had once had one as a favored lover... "I assure you that is not what is happening here, Mother. Hilfy is just a favored toy. I have spent many years training her just right."

The Matron nodded. "I am glad to hear. But even if it were so, and I'm not saying it is, these things pass, daughter. They always do, sooner or later. But your family, the scheming black-hearted lot they may be, will always be here. No matter what you may or may not feel, do not let this slave bring harm to our clan. Understand?"

Vinlesu could only nod as the Matron turned and left.

"I-I see," was all Hilfy could say as Vinlesu told her what was expected of her later that night.

"It will be only for a few hours, Pet," Vinlesu said. "You've endured such things before. Just this one last time, to satisfy my idiot brother."

Hilfy bowed her head, nodding absently. "Yes, Mistress."

Vinlesu felt her gut churning. Why did she feel she was feeding a little wyvern chick to a cave spider? "Um, I am going to talk to the tavern owner now. Corrum and Ferr will have you delivered to the Illithid's Claw at the proper time if I am not back by then. They and the rest of the household knows you are relieved from any duties for the rest of today and for the next three days as well."

"Thank you, M-mistress," Hilfy whispered, her voice threatening to crack. Vinlesu could not help but see the single tear meander down the wood elf's rosy cheek.

She reached out to wipe it away, then stopped herself, scowling. What was she doing? Hilfy was only a slave! With a soft curse, she snapped on her traveling cloak and left the palace without another word.

"An ogre!" Vinlesu exclaimed.

Anraku, the fat tavern keeper, nodded. They were in a corner of the broad common room of the Illithid's Claw, while his slaves and hired help moved quickly to clean and prepare the ancient inn for the coming night's onslaught of patrons. A large, cheetah-spotted felinoid moving tables caught her eye for a moment. "Its what Lord Jaelna arranged, my Lady. Bloodfist is my best gladiator, and your brother has won many bets thanks to him. He wants to give Bloodfist an extra reward for that with that elf girl tonight."

"An ogre will rip her apart!"

Anraku shrugged. "Bloodfist has had other elf women. Most of them survived."

"Most..." Vinlesu sighed. She knew her brother had been planning something! She couldn't back out of Hilfy's punishment. It would look like she was defying the House Matron, and her family would lose face besides, having already promised the entertainment to the Anraku. "This is unacceptable. Arrange another partner for her!"

"I cannot, my lady. Your brother made me swear a blood oath to use Bloodfist. I thought it odd at the time, but..."

The Drow female snarled and grabbed the pudgy male by the lapel. Her battle knife flashed into her hand, its tip a half-inch into the flesh of his thick neck in an eyeblink. He cried out, blood trickling down the blade. "The knife is a hair's breadth from your carotid artery, pig. The tiniest flick, and you bleed to death. Now you will arrange for another partner!"

"I-I cannot!" Anraku whimpered. "I'm sorry, my lady, but your brother will only slay me later if I break the blood oath! You kill me or he kills me! What am I to do?"

Vinlesu threw the tavern owner back, growling. Anraku stumbled and fell, hand on his throat to staunch the bleeding. He would survive.

Cursed gods, she couldn't just slay the tavern keeper. It was her right as one of the Drow elite to take the life of any lesser if she saw fit. But taking such an extreme action would only make it look like her brother was right, and she was sure he and Sadra would milk that scandal for all they were worth. She thought furiously. Hilfy...

She looked down on the gasping and shuddering tavern keeper. "If this ogre was injured or otherwise indisposed, you would be within your rights to choose a replacement, wouldn't you? Without breaking the blood oath?"

Anraku swallowed and nodded. "Aye. But murdering Bloodfist would sure to raise many questions with your brother, my lady. It would have to be a truly legitimate excuse."

Vinlesu smiled thinly. "Who said anything about murder? I wish to be a new patron of yours today, to arrange a gladiatorial match. Short notice, of course."

Hilfy was shivering almost continually as she was led out by two Drow tavern maids onto the tavern floor, clad only in a long cloak. Her Mistress hadn't returned. She had hoped to see Vinlesu, just for a little bit, before her ordeal. Being with her Mistress always brought her comfort. But she didn't even have that now. She was alone in a sea of hostile strangers, trapped, about to be raped in front of hundreds...

She was led to a broad table covered over in fresh, colorful linen in the center of the large tavern's cavernous common room. The crowd, an ocean of midnight-dark faces and ghost-white hair, cheered and taunted her cruelly, more than one hand shooting out to feel her up if she stepped too close.

She tried to keep her breathing steady, but failed. She kept telling herself she had done this before, dozens of times, in one variation or another.

But she had never gotten used to it. Never. All she could remember was the pain and humiliation from those sessions, of the soreness and welts that would haunt her for days or weeks after. When she could remember them at all. There were times her Mistress had drugged her, as she had been near-hysterical with fear and panic just before.

The tavern maids whisked the cloak away from her, revealing her nude form to the gathered crowd. A hush fell over the crowd as they drank her in, then the entire room erupted with yells, cheering, and whistles. The wood elf girl hugged herself tightly.

The accompanying girls made her drop her arms and twirl around, to make sure everyone got a full look at her. Then they instructed her to lie on the table and await her partner. She did so, clumsily, and the girls forced her spread her legs so every one could see her most intimate places. She shut her eyes tightly, tears welling up as her face burned brightly in helpless humiliation.

Another loud cheer went up, and Hilfy knew her partner had entered the room. She could imagine the kind of partner a cruel man like Lord Jaelna had arranged for her. She felt a large presence move between her legs and heard a feral, very male chuffing. A hulking shadow fell over her eyes.

She couldn't help it. She began sobbing aloud, memories of long, painful, public rapes from her early days as a Drow slave bubbling up in her again. From the sounds, her actions only seemed to incite the crowd more, many now anxious to see her violated and forced.

"Hilfy?" Came a soft voice, vaguely familiar. Gentle fingers wiped away her tears. She blinked up to see a large felinoid leaning over her, a male with a spotted tan coat of fur and long golden hair. It took her a second through the blur of tears, but she recognized him.

"K-Kerran?" He had belonged to the House Auvryant, like her, for a short period a few years ago before he was sold again. He and Hilfy had enjoyed a brief, but very pleasant dalliance together. She always remembered him for his gentle demeanor, how he had always been gentle and kind to her, despite his much bigger size.

The crowd jeered and booed, impatient. A lash cracked across Kerran's furry backside, making him wince in pain. He looked into her eyes, and she felt the tip of his throbbing member at her tight entrance. His eyes were pained, but not from the feel of the lash. "I'm so sorry Hilfy. I have to do this. If I don't..."

Tears still streamed form her eyes, her face still burned bright pink. But her hand moved up to grasp his, his fingers moist from her tears. "Its okay," she said softly, managing a faint smile. "I'm glad its you."

Another crack of the lash, and he entered her. Still dry, Hilfy winced and cried out in pain, making the crowd cheer and laugh wildly.

Fifty paces away, near the bar and mostly ignored by the patrons, Jaelna snarled in the tavern owner's face, the tip of his battle knife jabbing into the plump man's loose chins. "Where in the Nine Hells is Bloodfist, you slobbering oaf! That elf is supposed be getting ripped in two by an eight foot ogre!"

"M-m-my lord, please," Anraku begged. "There has been complications..."

"My blade knows no complications, oath breaker!" Jaelna tensed and seemed about to slice the tavern owner open when another battle knife clanged against his, knocking the weapon away. Jaelna dropped the fat man, who immediately crawled away whimpering loudly.

"Vin!" Jaelna snarled, further curses on his lips, then stopped short when he took a good look at his sister. The left side of her face was heavy bruised, a purplish welt rising from her cheek and eyebrow. Her left eye was red on pink, a sure sign of a broken blood vessel in the orb. She stood shakily, but the one part of her that did not quaver was the arm holding her battle knife to him.

"Like the owner stated," she said quietly, smiling to cover the wincing pain of her cracked rib. "There have been...complications. Your blood oath did not prevent Anraku from using Bloodfist for other ventures, such as a gladiatorial combat called for by a new patron, especially when the ogre was asked for by name. Since the ogre was...incapacitated and won't recover for weeks, Anraku was well within his rights to arrange for a replacement. He was kind enough to listen to my recommendation for that."

Jaelna shook his head, snarling at his sibling. "But that doesn't make any sense! Bloodfist was the best gladiator in the city! Who could have beaten him like that?"

Vinlesu's wicked smile was all the answer her brother needed. He swore an oath to all spiders. Vinlesu chuckled, cutting it short as it triggered a sharp ache in her torso. "Urm. Well, I had wanted to see if I had gotten rusty in the combat arts, and it seemed like a fair test. Luckily a lot of my training had come back."

That last was a bald-faced lie. That ogre had almost pounded her into pulp, despite her supposed elitist training with blades. She'd had to resort to magic to win. But none of the patrons she had dragged in off the street to act as witnesses complained. She had been the patron of the match after all, and it was up to her to set the rules she wanted. It was not her fault that the ogre knew no spells of his own. But even so, it had been a very near thing.

Jaelna snarled pure hatred at his sister, shifting into a fighting stance. "Trickery, nothing more! You did this deliberately to protect that worthless slut you keep in your bed! I swear, sister, perhaps I should finish what the ogre started!"

"That will be enough of that!" came another voice, hard as steel. "You will not threaten your sister like that again, Jaelna. Understand?"

Both siblings turned and goggled at their mother standing not five feet from them, flanked by two of her personal guards, former Elite Guards. Both of her children bowed with the formal greeting they were expected to make to her in public. "Matron Auvryant, this scheming sow..."

"Enough!" their matron snarled, speaking low so only her son and daughter could hear. "Under no circumstances are you to ever show such dissention among us in such a public place again! That goes for both of you! This incident is over. Understand? Jaelna?"

The male Drow fumed, sparing his sister a cutting glance. But eventually he nodded curtly before spinning and stalking away. Vinlesu looked at her mother. They both knew that this was actually far from over, as far as he was concerned.

Anraku had recovered, and groveled low before the Matron. "Great Lady, your presence in my humble tavern is a truly great honor. Anything that I might have, is yours!"

The Matron sneered down at the tavern keeper. Her guards grumbled with well-practiced, theatrical menace, hands on their sword hilts. "Yes it is, cockroach. It has come to my attention that my daughter here has gone to quite some...trouble to make sure you had your entertainment this evening. As recompense, you will hand over all your profits from tonight over to my house."

Anraku blinked. "A-all my profits...?"

The Matron raised a snowy eyebrow at the fat man at her feet. "Problem, cockroach?"

He trembled, bowing low again. "O-of course not, Great Lady!"

She smirked, watching the undulating, gasping pair of naked bodies on the far-off table. "Good little insect. I must admit, this seems a mildly profitable venture here. Perhaps we will lend you other pets of ours for entertainment in the future. Perhaps we will even let you keep a few coins from those nights, if they prove profitable enough."

After a few more minutes of grateful groveling, the Matron dismissed him. As soon as he was gone, with most other eyes on Hilfy and Kerran, Vinlesu finally collapsed a bit against the bar, allowing herself to look just a little as weary and pained as she felt.

The Matron spared her only a brief glance. "Is everything well, daughter?"

Vinlesu nodded, gasping for breath. "Yes mother. Just had a spot of trouble with an ogre and my own sentimental foolishness."

"So my spies told me." The Matron was silent for a few minutes, contemplating the tavern with pursed lips. "I want to thank you for today, Vin."

The younger Drow blinked. "For what? Nearly getting myself killed and scandalized?"

For the first time in years, her mother gave her a genuine smile. "For showing me that at least one of my children has more to them than petty scheming and squabbling. We Drow are not much ones to talk of passion or determination or courage, but they are important qualities nonetheless, especially for one who may one day head a House like ours."

Vinlesu blinked in surprise. "Mother, I have no intentions of heading the House. My ambitions lie elsewhere..."

The Matron held up her hand, cutting off her daughter's words. "I am aware. But it is the long-established way of succession in Houses like ours, that more than likely I will one day find a dagger in my heart, and one of my children will be clutching the handle." She chuckled darkly. "All I am saying, daughter, is that after today, perhaps the curses on my lip at that moment will be a bit less vehement, if it is you on the other end of that knife."

Vinlesu opened and closed her mouth several times, unsure what she could say to that, or even if she should say anything at all.

Both the Matron and the entire tavern was suddenly distracted by a loud, strangled cry of passion. All eyes turned toward Kerran as he peaked and mated Hilfy, who was clutching at him desperately.

The Matron chuckled, then narrowed her eyes at the pair of slaves gasping through their post-orgasmic exertions. "So," she said casually. "Tell me about your body slave's partner. He seems familiar..."

Hilfy bounced up and down on the felinoid's stiff member with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. They had been at it for three hours now, with very little chance to rest. Hilfy was very sore, inside and out, but she had no right to complain. Kerran had been lashed a number of times since they started, for not being rough enough with her, not acting feral enough, or not lasting long enough. No matter what, Hilfy did not want that to happen to the gentle felinoid again. As a high born lady's property, the tavern workers would not dare damage Hilfy in any way. But Kerran was the tavern's slave, and they could punish him with impunity.

He had done so much to comfort her, even protect her after a fashion, even while he was forced to ravish her one time after another. She had wanted this position not only to let him rest, but to protect him as well. She splayed her body protectively over him as she pumped her hips, his legs over the edge of the table, wanting at least one of his orgasms tonight to be free from lashing or thrown mugs or thumping hands or various flying body fluids.

She was just glad the crowd was at last thinning out. Perhaps they could stop soon and finally get some rest.

Suddenly she felt arms snake around her abdomen and pull her vertical. She was about to protest-it wouldn't be the first time some overly-bold patron had tried to lay hands on her-when she felt a warm cloak being draped over her shoulders, and a familiar voice spoke into her ear. "Do not worry, Pet. It is just me."

"Mistress!" she cried with relief and joy.

Vinlesu nodded, holding her body slave close, helping her move gently up and down on top of the felinoid male. "I have been watching you since you came out, Pet, making sure no one caused you any real harm. You performed magnificently. There will be many jealous hearts in the city tonight, knowing that I have you in my bed, and not in theirs."

Hilfy nodded, smiling, leaning back into the Drow. "I'm glad..."

"You two can stop now," Vinlesu said, then smirked. "Unless you'd rather not."

The Wood Elf girl nodded vigorously. "We do, Mistress! Only..." She glanced down at her fellow slave, who was now flushing brightly through his thin facial fur, a faint trembling building throughout his body.

"Ah, I see. Are you close, slave?" she asked him. "You may speak honestly."

"Y-yes, Mistress," he said, gasping. "Very close..."

"I see." Vinlesu's hands wrapped around Hilfy as the Drow stood at the table's edge, between Kerran's legs. She pushed her hips back and forth into Hilfy's cloak-covered backside, helping her slave rock back and forth on the male. She whispered into Hilfy's ear. "Then come for him, Pet. She him how much you appreciate what he has done for you tonight." Her hands dropped into the cloak and onto Hilfy's cleft, rubbing gently as her body slave worked the throbbing male shaft within her tortured folds only an inch away.

Hilfy cried out. Feeling safe and warm in her Mistress' arms, conditioned by years of sexual obedience, it took only a few heartbeats of the Drow's fingers working her tortured sex for her only orgasm of the night to quickly wash over her. Vinlesu held her tight as she quivered and cried out, hunching her hips hard on the felinoid. A few breaths later the male peaked and emptied himself deep into the Wood Elf, snarling ferally and arching his back high. The few remaining patrons gave a ragged cheer, many of them bowing graciously to the high-born lady afterward and thanking Vinlesu for giving the performance a fitting ending.

Afterwards, Hilfy had been horrified to see Vinlesu's facial welts, but the Drow dismissed it. She frowned deeper at seeing the dozen fresh reddish scars on Kerran's back and legs. Vinlesu spoke to him as she idly rubbed Hilfy's slim shoulder. "You did very well today slave. I am glad I remembered you."

Kerran bowed submissively. "You were always a gracious Mistress to me."

Vinlesu laughed. "No, I wasn't. And you should be wary of false flattery, especially in your new position."

"New position, Mistress?"

She glanced back at her Matron, sitting by the bar still flanked by her two dour-looking guards, smiling thinly at them. "Yes. My mother was very...impressed at the stamina and tenderness you showed tonight, and wishes to experience it herself, with you as her new body slave. She has bought you from the tavern keeper. She is your Mistress now. Go to her." Kerran nodded, and with a submissive but hearty thank you to Vinlesu, he did as he was told.

"I will be seeing more of him, then," Hilfy observed.

Vinlesu shrugged. "Perhaps, but not for quite awhile. Knowing my mother, tonight will just be a warm-up for him. I just hope she gives him a day or two to rest. It would be a shame to spoil such a...good investment with overuse."

The high-born Drow sighed, giving her body slave a reassuring squeeze on her shoulder. "Come, Hilfy, let's be to our own bed. It has been a long day, and we both have hurts that need tending to."

Hilfy blinked in surprise. Did her Mistress just say "our" bed? And the affection she was showing just now...

The Wood Elf shook her head. No. Just another one of her Mistress's moods. She was Vinlesu's property, and could never hope to be anything more. "Yes, Mistress."

Vinlesu led her body slave out of the tavern and back to the palace of the House Auvryant. Hilfy followed, as she believed she would gladly do for the rest of her days.