Gold Digger

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Pamela and Jeremy Manson weren't always keen on their daughter's decisions. Especially, when it came to who she associated herself with. Her boyfriend in particular made the parents edgy.

"Mom, he isn't that shallow." Sam started as she stormed into her room, searching through her drawers.

"I'm not saying that dear. I'm just saying. We are Mansons and we do have money. Sweetie, we just don't want you to get hurt." Pamela said following her daughter. Sam continued to dig through drawers until she found what she was looking for.

"Is it so hard to believe that a guy likes me for me?" Sam asked angered

"How does that song goes, dear?" Pamela asked tapping her white gloved finger on her chin, "I ain't saying he's a gold digger. But he ain't mess with no broke... What's the word?" She asked.

"Don't finish that. Mom, Danny is not a Gold Digger."

"Let me get your father. He'll agree with me." Pamela said as she called for Jeremy. Mister Manson hurried up the stairs to enter his daughters room.

"What's the problem?" Jeremy asked slightly out of breath from running up the grand stair well.

"Jeremy-dear, would you say that Sammy's boyfriend is a Gold Digger?" Pamela asked bluntly.

"That Fenton boy. Well, now that you say it..." Jeremy started.

"Danny is not a gold digger!" Sam screamed.

"Oh I love that song." An elderly women rode into the room on a scooter.


"I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she ain't mess with no broke..."

"Grandma! That is wrong." Sam said shrieving, " On so many levels."

"What? Your geeky friend put it on my iPod." The elderly woman said shrugging her shoulders.

"Mom, do you think that Sam's boyfriend Danny is a gold digger?" Pamela asked.

"That Fenton kid? He is a good kid. A real keeper. You know, my parents weren't to ecstatic about my boyfriend when I was Sam's age. But low and behold, he became my husband and was the best thing that ever happened to me. Oh well."

"See that! Grandma always able to pull through in the clutch."

"He is to a Gold digger." Pamela screamed.

"I'm leaving to go on a date to look at the stars with my non-gold digger boyfriend." Sam whispered.

"He is not a Gold Digger."



The bickering continued until Sam left the house; and went on her date with Danny. The date went as planned.

"So let me get this straight, your parent's think I'm in it for the money."

"Yes. According to my mom you are a gold digger."

"Well she isn't entirely wrong."

"See I told my mom... Wait. WHAT?" Sam asked.

"I was kidding. I would never do something so low. I love you for you. No one makes me laugh the way you do, or smile the way you can get me to smile. You are one in 6.79 billion."

"Well, who knew you could be such a charmer." Sam said as her and Danny's lips locked in an embrace. The couple spent the rest of the night in a cuddled embrace until curfew. Sam walked through the doors of her rather large house, to find her family in the kitchen. Remembering the conversation before, she avoided the glass of soy milk she wanted and proceed to go up the stairs with a light expression on her face. She went to her room and entered an eventful slumber.

"Did you two see that? The look in her eyes? She has never been this happy. Believe it or not, that boy makes her happy. Don't ruin her chance at happiness, because of your insecurities." The oldest Manson said as she used her motor scooter.

End of Gold Digger.

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