Rosella Bell

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Age: 15

Personality: Very sweet and fun-loving, She's really sweet, she cares deeply about her pokemon

Appearance: she wears a denium skirt with a light blue top along with white tennis shoes.


Ninetails, Togetic, Flaafy, Azumarill, Bayleaf, Skarmory


Prologue  "You Want Me To Do WHAT!?!"


          One morning I woke up in a room I had never seen before and was lying underneath the covers of a strange bed.  I climbed out from under the covers, stood up, and walked over to the window and looked out.  I saw a Pokemon Stadium that was surrounded by four other fields that were used for Pokemon battles.  As I stood at the window, it dawned on me that I had been kidnapped and was being held in a locked tower room in the Elite Four's Palace on the Indigo Plateau.  I walked back to the bed and sat down. 

Then I asked myself "Why did they do this to me?" 

Not long after I asked myself that, I heard, a key opening the door to my prison.  The door swung wide open and in the doorway stood my four captors, the Elite Four trainers themselves.

  I had an uneasy, sinking feeling that they wanted something from me, "But what?" I asked myself, but of course I didn't know so I couldn't answer that question.

 Then Lorelei, the first of the Elite Four broke the silence "So this is the girl who can stop our league prophecy." She said.

 Now Bruno, the second of the Elite Four spoke up and said, "Yes, Rosella is the girl we have searched for, for such a long time." 

Next Agatha, spoke up in a chiding tone of voice, "Don't frighten her!  See how she trembles with fear?" 

After Agatha said that, Lorelei and Bruno finally quit talking so that Lance could finally think. 

He thought, "I'm sure that we can convince Rosella to use her psychic powers to banish the evil from the league in exchange for her freedom." 

Agatha then walked over to me and asked "Rosella, isn't it?" 

I timidly spoke up with my voice barely above a whisper, "Yes, that is my name." 

After I said that something struck Agatha, Bruno, and Lorelei funny, because they cracked up laughing.  My eyes net Lance's and we both couldn't figure out what on earth was so funny. 

Now Lance seeing how absolutely terrified I was of the laughing bunch of people, raised his voice and practically roared "Enough!" 

Once he had their attention, "I think its time we tell Rosella why we had her brought here."  Lance said, as he seized my right hand and pulled me to my feet. 

Then he led me out of the room and down the stairs that led up to the tower, to another room that had four chairs on one side of the room and one chair facing the four chairs.  Lance indicated to me with his free hand that he wanted me to sit in the single chair.  I, not having any better ideas, sat down and the Elite sat in the other chairs.  Just as Lance was about to speak, there was a knock at the door and Lance got up to see who it was.  It turned out to be one of the Elite Four's female servants with a small tray of teacups and a teakettle. 

Lance addressed the servant "There you are Ethel, with a tray of Swiss tea.  Please come into the room, serve your tea, and then go back to your duties." 

Ethel nodded and went into the room, served the tea to the Elite Four and they each took a teacup.  After each member had a cupful of tea, Ethel turned to Lance, who dismissed her, and she left the room. 

Soon after Ethel had left, Lance retook his seat and turned back to me and said "Sorry for the slight interruption, Rosella, this time I'm sure we'll be able to get started with no more interruptions." 

Then Lance said "Well anyway, we had you bought here for one reason and one reason only, the reason is we want you to use your psychic powers to end the evil prophecy that is placed over the league." 

Lance must have seen the surprised look on my face because he said " Before I tell you anything else, I think I should first tell you that two of our league servants went to your house last night, and while you were sleeping they scooped you up and carried you from your house to the tower you woke up in this morning." 

Next he said, "You are probably wondering how we knew that you had psychic powers, and I'll tell you how we knew.  We were told by Sabrina the Saffron City gym leader, that you had psychic powers, that were stronger than you and Sabrina ever dreamed of.  Sabrina told us that your psychic powers were almost as strong as Mewtwo's powers, and it's because of Mewtwo we brought you here.  You see Rosella, Mewtwo was the one who placed the spell over the league.  So we brought you here because we knew that you were the only one who could counter-act Mewtwo's powers with your own."

Then he said "If you do this for us, we'll give you back your freedom." (The Elite Four all nodded in agreement) 

With no other choice, I decided to do what Lance said, so I said, "Alright, I'll do as you say."

"Good girl." Lance said as he set down his teacup.  "Now cast your spell."

 I thought for a moment and casted the spell by saying "Restless moon, lightless stars, undo the evil I know so well, the restless wind moans and howls, so let the evil fly like the wind back to the arms of its maker, heal all evil right now!"  I then moved my arms in a rapid motion and the room was, filled by a purplish white light that blinded the Elite Four, but I didn't seem to notice it. 

When the light cleared the Elite Four blinked several times, then Lance broke the stunned silence and said, "You have banished the evil from the league's prophecy, so please allow us to express our gratitude.  As our way of thanking you for helping us with our problem, we will keep our promise and set you free!  Until we meet again, Rosella!" 

After Lance said that, the Elite Four led me out of their palace.  Lance opened the door that led out of the palace and I walked through it and began walking back to my home in New Bark Town, and I never heard or saw the Elite Four again, until many long years had past.