Chapter 35

"She's Safe"

It was now early evening, the sun was still up, but there was only 3 hours left until the sun would set.  Maxie hoped that they could rescue Rosella, and return to their base with her before the sun set.  The whole group reached the shore, and they called out Golbats and Cobats.  Then they flew to the outcropping of land in the bay that was located on, and they found the entrance to it and entered it.

Once in the base, Josh turned to his boss and said, "Maxie, the Admin I overheard talking to some other grunts said that Archie had put Rosella into a deep sleep with a potion, and that the only way to awaken her was to get the potion that Archie had.  Then he said that to awaken her, one would need to pour the curative potion down her throat."

"Poor, girl.  She must have been terrified……"  Maxie said.

Now he said, "We need to split up to search this place.  All the grunts will go with 3 Admins, and then the rest of the Admins will come with me.  The group with the grunts will search this place, and will try to find out exactly where Rosella's being held.  When you find her, guard her cell.  Don't let any Team Aqua members get to her.  I that clear?"

The grunts and Admins in the group nodded.

Now Maxie said, "The rest of the Admins, who come with me, will help me find Archie.  Since if anyone's got the key and potion, it will be him.  We know he has the potion, so it would make sense that he has the key too."

The groups now went off in two different directions.  The group with the grunts finally found Rosella's cell after searching for an hour.  When they found it, they began guarding it like Maxie had told them to.

Meanwhile, Maxie's group was searching for Archie.  It took them an hour before they found Archie's office.  Once there, they rapped on the door.  Inside the office, Archie got up to see what was going on.  The Admins got in place, so that he couldn't escape them until they had the key and potion.  Archie now came out of his office, and saw Maxie and the Admins.

"Well, what are you doing here?"  Archie asked.

"You know good and well what I came here for.  I came for Rosella."  Maxie said.

"How?….  How did you know that we had her?"  Archie asked, sounding surprised that Maxie knew that he was holding her captive.

Maxie replied, "How I know is not important."

Now Maxie said, "You have the key to her cell, don't you?"  (Maxie didn't ask about the potion because it would have been too suspicious for him to ask about it.)

"Yes, I've got the key, but I'm not giving it to you.  I'm also not gonna give you the potion I have for her."  Archie replied.

"What's the potion for?"  Maxie asked.

"This potion is to awaken her from the sleep I put her into.  Without the potion, she'll never awaken."  Archie replied smugly.

Maxie gasped in horror.

Now Maxie asked, "What would you take for her release?"

"A hefty ransom, that's what."  Archie replied.

Maxie decided to try something else.

"Would you wager her freedom on a pokemon battle between the two of us?"  Maxie asked.

"I suppose.  Yeah, I will.  Since there's no way that you can win anyway."  Archie replied smugly.

"We'll see about that."  Maxie said.

"Though what are you putting up?"  Archie asked, seemingly interested.

"I'll risk her friendship to save her."  Maxie replied.

"Noble last words."  Archie said.

"Enough talk, let's get this battle started already.  This will be a 4 on 4 battle."  Maxie said.

"Fine, but it'll be me, who emerges as the victor."  Archie said.

"Would you throw your poke ball already!"  Maxie exclaimed.

"Alright, fine."  Archie said.

Archie now threw his poke ball, and a Mightyena appeared.  Now Maxie threw his poke ball, and a Torkoal emerged from it.

"Mightyena, use Faint Attack."  Archie commanded.

"Torkoal, use Overheat!"  Maxie called.

Mightyena's attack hit first, but it didn't do much.  Now Torkoal's attack hit, and it was enough to faint Mightyena.

"Argh!  Mightyena, return!"  Archie said.

"So Mightyena was taken out, but we're still a long way from finished."  Archie said smirking.

He now threw his second poke ball, and a Golbat emerged from it.

"Golbat, use Wing Attack."  Archie commanded.

"Okay, here we go again.  Torkoal, use Flamethrower."  Maxie ordered.

Wing Attack hit first, but like with Mightyena's attack it didn't do much. Then Torkoal blasted out a fierce barrage of fire.  Flamethrower didn't faint Golbat, but it did inflict a burn.

"Oh no, Golbat!"  Archie exclaimed.

"Alright, Golbat swoop in for Aerial Ace."  Archie commanded.

"Torkoal, use Flamethrower again."  Maxie said calmly.

Now Torkoal's attack hit first.  As it did before, a fierce barrage of fire was released, and as it turned out was enough to faint Golbat.

"Not again!  Golbat, return!  You may have fainted two of my pokemon, but we're still a long way from through."  Archie said, while throwing his third poke ball.

From his poke ball, a Sharpedo emerged from it.

Now Maxie said, "Good work, Torkoal, return."

Maxie called back Torkoal, and sent out Mightyena.  Now Sharpedo and Mightyena faced each other.

"Sharpedo, use Water Pulse."  Archie ordered.

"Mightyena, use Take Down."  Maxie said calmly.

Water Pulse hit Mightyena, but it didn't do much.  Now Mightyena rammed into Sharpedo with a lot of force.  This was a good move on Maxie's part, but on the other hand Mightyena got hurt a little when it rammed into Sharpedo because of its sharp skin.

"Argh….  Sharpedo, use Secret Power."  Archie ordered, but you could tell that he was starting to get worried.

Archie wasn't too sure whether he could actually win this one, but he was gonna try to.  If there was one thing Archie didn't want to lose it was Rosella.  She was his ticket to a large fortune, or so he thought.

"Nice try, but that's not gonna work.  Mightyena use Thunderbolt."  Maxie said.

Secret Power hit first, but the attack did very little to actually weaken Mightyena.  Now Thunderbolt hit, and it zapped Sharpedo into fainting of exhaustion.

"Argh…..  Sharpedo, return!"  Archie said rather angrily, as he recalled his pokemon.

Now Archie threw his last poke ball, and from it emerged a Crawdaunt.  Maxie chose to continue with Mightyena.

"Crawdaunt, use Bubblebeam."  Archie commanded.

"Mightyena, use Giga Drain."  Maxie said.

"WHAT!  Oh, no.  I'm in big trouble now."  Archie exclaimed, looking panicky.

"You got that right."  Maxie replied.

Bubblebeam was fired at Mightyena, but Mightyena closed its eyes to avoid getting bubbles in its eyes.  Then when the bubbles cleared, Mightyena began draining Crawdaunt with Giga Drain.  Crawdaunt now had little health left.

"Okay, Crawdaunt use Hidden Power."  Archie commanded, sounding worried.

Since Archie thought that he was about to lose this battle.

"Alright, Mightyena finish it with a Thunderbolt."  Maxie ordered.

Before Hidden Power could hit, Thunderbolt hit, zapping Crawdaunt until it fainted.  Maxie had won.

"No, I can't believe I lost."  Archie said.

"Admit it.  Now you said that you would release Rosella if I won.  Come on, keep up your part of the bargain."  Maxie said.

"Fine.  I'll release her."  Archie said.

Archie now pulled a key and a potion out of his pocket, and handed them to Maxie.

"That's the key to her cell, and that's the potion that will awaken her from her sleep.  You'll need to be sure that you pour the potion down her throat."  Archie said, in a rather dejected fashion.

Now Maxie asked, "Where will we find her?"

"You'll find her down two floors, and in a cell in a corridor on the right of the hall there."  Archie replied.

Archie now turned and went back into his office.  Now Maxie and the Admins walked down two floors, and found the corridor Archie had mentioned.  When Maxie got there, he saw that the other group was guarding Rosella's cell.

Maxie said, "Move to one side, I've got the key to her cell."

The other group moved so that Maxie could get to the door.  Maxie inserted the key in the lock, and turned it.  When he did so, the door swung open.  Then Maxie ran into her cell.  Maxie found Rosella lying on a small cot with a blanket over her.  Maxie ran to Rosella, and moved her so that he could sit on the cot beside her.  Then Maxie moved her, so that he was cradling her in his arms.  Maxie carefully opened her mouth, leaned her head back, and poured the curative potion down her throat.  A few minutes passed before Rosella began to stir and woke up.  Rosella woke up, and found that she was being cradled in Maxie's arms.

"You came."  Rosella said quietly.

"Ye, Sweetheart.  We came to rescue you.  I owe it all to Josh.  If he hadn't been doing a mission for me, we would have never known that you had been kidnapped."  Maxie told her.

Rosella fell silent, and Maxie could tell that she was living the terror of her kidnapping all over again in her mind.  Maxie now wrapped Rosella in the blanket before he scooped her up into his arms.  Then Maxie exited the cell with her.  The grunts and Admins were overjoyed that she was safe, and not badly hurt.  Now Maxie and Rosella, and everyone else left Team Aqua's base, and walked back to their own one.  It was dark by the time they reached their base, and Rosella had fallen asleep in Maxie's arms.  Maxie was careful not to wake her as he took her to her room.  Two Admins helped Maxie.  One opened the door for him, and the other one pulled back the covers so that Maxie could put her to bed easily.  Maxie laid his little blanketed bundle on the bed.  Then he pulled the covers up around her.  After Maxie had tucked Rosella into bed, he went to get a Team Magma doctor to check her over to make sure that she was going to be okay, and to find out whether or not any lasting damage had been done to her.  After the doctor had checked Rosella over, he found that she was going to be just fine, but he knew that the horror from her ordeal would still trouble her for some time.  From what he could tell no permanent damage had been done to her, and for that he was glad.