Kitsune of Las Noches

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Chapter 1- A Hollow Beginning

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[Aizen's Throne Room, Las Noches, Hueco Mundo]

Aizen sat in his throne watching a projection of another world; what he was witnessing intrigued him. A large mob of people was currently chasing a small blonde headed child, no older than six years old. The people kept calling him a demon; in addition to the immense amount of spiritual pressure emanating from the boy, Aizen sensed something even stronger sealed away, most likely the source of the mob's catcalls. Aizen immediately called for Gin and Tousen.

"What is it, Aizen-sama?" Gin asked grinning his fox-like grin as usual.

"This boy here, Naruto Uzumaki, is very powerful. I want you to bring him here so that he can be trained by the Espada," Aizen said as he looked back at the image and saw that the boy had tripped and was about to be beaten by the mob.

"As you wish, Aizen-sama," Tosen said as he and Gin turned and left.

Aizen now had a wide smile on his face.

[Somewhere in Konohagakure]

Naruto was on the ground trying to back away from the mob. The people in the mob were wielding only knives and lights but, unfortunately for Naruto, that was all the mob needed.

"Now we will vanquish this demon from our land," the leader of the mob said as the rest of the mob cheered in approval.

"I'm not a demon! Why are you doing this?" Naruto asked as the mob closed in on him.

"Now we get out revenge," the leader said as he brought his knife down on the boy. Naruto closed his eyes as he prepared to meet his end; fortunately for the him, and the shinobi world, it never came.

"Shoot to kill, Shinso!" an unfamiliar voice said.

Naruto opened his eyes and saw that a very long sword had pierced the leader. He turned to see its wielder; it was a man with white hair, squinty eyes, and a wide smile. He was wielding the blade that had saved Naruo's life; it had been extended to a ridiculous length, allowing the sword to reach the mob leader. The white-haired man stood next to a black man with purple hair and some sort of visor on his eyes; Naruto could still see that the man's eyes had no pupils, however, giving the impression that he was blind.

"Wha-what the?" Naruto stuttered as the two men walked closer to him.

"My, my that was a close one," the white haired man said.

"Who are you and why did you save the demon?" one of the people in the mob asked as the white haired man looked at him in confusion.

"Huh, demon? If you mean this kid here then your eyes are even worse than Tosen's and he's actually blind," said the white haired man as the black man, Tosen, just looked at him with a scowl.

"If you're here to help the demon, then you'll die with him," another member of the mob said as they charged at Naruto and the two strangers.

The white haired man quickly grabbed Naruto and leapt back while Tosen jumped into the air.

"Suzumushi Nishiki: Benihiko," Tosen said as he made a circle around him from the top to bottom with his sword.

When he had finished his motion multiple blades came out of nowhere and rained down on the mob; the entire mob was slaughtered in an instant.

Naruto was amazed by such a technique and wished to learn more.

"What do you want with me?" Naruto asked as the white haired man gently put him down.

"Let's start with introductions first. I am Gin, and this Tousen. We came from a place called Hueco Mundo and we're here to take you back with us to be trained," Gin replied as Naruto just looked at him, shocked at the news.

"Train me! Why?" Naruto asked, wondering why anyone would want to train him.

"Because, our master, Aizen, believes that you are strong, and now that we're closer, I can sense that you do indeed have much strength," Tosen said; he had sensed Naruto's strength the moment he laid eyes on him, so to speak.

"Will I be leaving forever?" Naruto asked; while he may have disliked like the villagers Naruto still had friends in the village.

"It all depends on what Aizen-sama has planned. Will you some with us, please?" Gin asked while extending his hand, which Naruto took.

Before they could depart, however, they were stopped by the arrival of the Third Hokage and a few Anbu Black Ops members.

"Hold it right there. Where are you taking Naruto?" the hokage asked as his anbu prepared to attack the two strangers.

"We are taking Naruto to a place to be trained so he can stand up to the nutjobs, like these fools, in your village. And before you think that were kidnapping him, you should know that he chose to come with us on his own accord," Gin said as the hokage looked at him in shock.

"What?! Naruto is this true?" the hokage asked to which Naruto just nodded.

"Don't worry, Naruto will return; just not for a while," Gin said with a smile.

"Very well, if Naruto is going out of his free will, then I'll allow it; just promise me, however, that he will return," Sarutobi said; he ordered the Anbu to stand down when Gin and Tosen nodded in reply.

The two Shinigami then turned around and opened a Garganta and walked through it, with Naruto in tow, before the portal slammed shut.

'Be safe, Naruto' Sarutobi thought to himself as he and his anbu disappeared.

[Aizen's Throne Room, Las Noches, Hueco Mundo]

Naruto looked in awe at the massive castle/fortress he was now inside . Gin and Tosen led him into a huge room, the throne room from what Naruto could tell, where a man was seated on a throne on the opposite side of the room. The man had a white outfit on and had brown slicked back hair.

"Welcome, Naruto. I am Sosuke Aizen, the one who sent Gin and Tosen to retrieve you," Aizen said as Gin and Tosen brought Naruto closer to Aizen, who decided to get up and walk to meet his newest acquisition. Naruto bowed respectfully to the man.

"Are you going to be the one training me?" Naruto asked as Aizen smiled gently at him.

"No, I will have you trained by the Espada, ten warriors who are my strongest force," Aizen said; Naruto was surprised to hear that he was going to have ten different teachers.

Naruto was startled by the opening of another huge door from which ten figures stepped out. The first guy was big and muscular with a tan and a ponytail. The only guy wearing a helmet made bubbling noise and had a popped collar. There was man with pink hair had glasses on who had a thin body. The only black member was bald had some spikes on his head. The guy next to him had a jaw on the right side of his face as well as blue hair. There was another guy whose outfit made him look like a giant spoon and who wielded a huge misshapen scythe. The palest member had green eyes black hair, and teal-colored marks that looked like tears. The only woman in the group had blonde hair blue eyes and had her face covered. There was an old man who had one eye closed and was wearing some sort of crown. The final member had a lazy look in his eyes and brown hair. The guys must be the Espada.

"Is that them?" Naruto asked as he looked back at Aizen.

"Yes, but training can wait until tomorrow. Why don't you go with Gin to your room," Aizen said. Naruto nodded in reply and began walking with Gin before he suddenly stopped.

"Hey, um, I have a quick question. Will I be able to go home when my training is done?" Naruto asked while Aizen still smiled at him.

"Yes, you are free to go when your training in Las Noches is done," Aizen said as Naruto smile and left to rest.

"Are you really going to let him leave?" Tosen asked as Aizen turned to look at him.

"Yes, after we've taken the soul society and the real world, we will take over his world, with him as the main weapon," Aizen said to his subordinate as he sprouted a wide smile.

If only he knew what happened in the future.

7 Years Later...

Naruto sat atop a tower in Hueco Mundo staring out at the massive desert. He had on a white jacket and black shirt underneath, along with black pants and sandals. He had his zanpakuto, which was a blade with black hilt with red wrappings around it and a red, round, spiral pattern tsuba (A/N: the tsube looks like the Uzumaki Clan Symbol). Naruto had gotten strong enough to beat all ten espada in both their regular forms and their released forms. Since he trained with the arrancars, he had obtained a release for his zanpakuto as well. On top of that, he also got two fracciones named Jango and Tiraran. Now, with his training complete, Naruto set his sights on a new objective.

"Ready or not Konoha, here come Naruto Uzumaki!" said Naruto as he left to have a final talk with Aizen.

Next Time – Departure and Return