Nia: The Savoir of the Beyond

By: Phoenix Ride

Ch.1: The Cursed One

Long ago, in the small little cliff dwellings of the Mysterious Beyond, Flyers who had been banished or had chosen to leave their own herds, lived and thrived throughout the rocky wasteland. Very little greens exsisted here, and Sharptooths scavenged the land, making it a dangerous for a newly made mother to go out and find food, but yet she did.

Skye watched worriedly as he watched his exhausted mate, Kindra, flew back to the home with a beak full of green. If his wing wasn't still healing from that Sharptooth bite he would have gladly joined her in her hunt, instead of watching over the four crying mouths.

Kindra landed in the cave, and quickly crawled over to give the food to the four starving babies. One by one, the babies gulped down their grass and quieted, but the smallest of the litter never said anything at all. Kindra looked up at her mate's eyes and his gaze reflected her concern.

Ever since the couple could ever remember, Nia had been born mute and small. Seen as an affliction to their herd's flawless bloodline, their entire family had been banished to live forever in the Mysterious Beyond, unless of course by Nia's death.

Not willing to give up the life of their only daughter, Skye and Kindra accepted the banishment and moved to the Beyond. At that time, they were proud about the decision that they made. But now, two long years have passed, and they began to regret their choice.

Their stomachs still rumbled from the lack of food. Greens were getting harder to find each and every day. Some starving Flyers in the Beyond had formed thier own cannibal band called the Rakes. Skye's torn wing could attest to that group's beastly skills. Things were oh such better at home. And yet, here they were, all because of a cursed one.

Later on that night, after Kindra tucked in the little ones and set them down to sleep, Skye pulled his mate aside.

"My love" said Skye " although I am sure it would break both our hearts, we need to leave Nia behind,"

"Skye!" Kindra gasped in shock " what are you saying?"

"I know that it sounds harsh" said Skye, quelling his wife " but so is this land. We can't stay in the Beyond forever. We need a real home, real food. And no other herd would accept us if they know we gave birth to a cursed one here,"

Kindra looked solemenly over at the sleeping Nia, tears escaping from her eyes as she bowed her head towards her mate.

"I know" she said " but I just can't bare the thought of leaving her alone,"

"Would you rather one of our sons starve then?" said Skye " they need to live in a place where they can be happy and free. We can't that for them here. And Nia...well..she would never make the flight,"

Part of Kindra wished that what Skye was saying couldn't be true, but she knew it was. Was a cursed one so important to risk her entire family? In the past, she would have said "yes", but now she was not so sure.

"Kindra?" said Skye, wrapping a wing around his mate.

" Alright" said Kindra, drying up her tears " we'll go,"

Nia suddenly woke up to a fierce clap of thunder outside the cave, as a bright flash of Sky Fire illuminated the sky. Trembling in fear, and unable to scream, Nia quickly scrambled in the nest for something to hold onto, and yet found nothing but hay.

Where were her sleeping brothers? Where was mother and father?

A bang of thunder boomed again, making the little, pink Flyer shiver all the more.

Gathering what little remained of her courage, Nia crawled towards the edge of cave, careful of the raindrops that soared from above. Where had her family had gone? Through all of this chaos, she could barely see.

Suddenly, one of her little wingclaws slipped, and poor Nia plummeted over the cliff's edge. She tried to fly, using her tiny, little wings, but it was no use as she continued to fall. Until, to her surprise, something soft broke it.

Relieved that she was still alive, Nia looked to see which ledge she was fortunate enough to land on, only to see a pair of angry, glowing yellow eyes staring right back. She had landed on top of the nose of a gaint Sharptooth!

Flinging away the unwanted visitor with a savage roar, the Sharptooth charged towards Nia and started to chase her through the Beyond. Unable to voice her fear or call for help, Nia was running blind. The pelting rain doing no help whatsoever to quell the charging beast.

Finally, fortune smiled upon her when another piece of Sky Fire flashed. Quickly, running to the place that been illuminated, Nia ran inside of a large crevice and took shelter from the hulking gaint.

The T-Rex growled with distaste at having lost it's prey, and walked back out in the storm. Greatful but horrified, Nia blessed her luck, and then turned her thoughts back to family.

What if her family had gotten lost in this storm? What if a Sharptooth came ate them? Would her parents and brothers had survived? Why was she left back at the nest alone? Didn't anyone see her there?

A sudden realization entered Nia's mind, and her tears fell to join the storm. Thunder boomed just to echo her saddness. Her family was not lost or eaten. She, had been abandoned.

Author's Note: Story made by request of E-Mir. Character Nia also belongs to to E-Mir. Hope you enjoy the story.