Ch.3: The Devil's Seed

Meanwhile, deep in the outskirts of the Valley, evil seeds were blooming as a furious Rinkus and Sierra slowly recovered from their injuries. Never forgetting the one moment or person that had brought them such pain. Pterano.

Ever since the Stone of Cold Fire incident,and the explosion on Three Horn Peak, Rinkus and Sierra could feel their bodies burning with many scars. A kind ol' Webfoot had taken them in and healed their injuries, only to repayed later with a slit to her throat and the two Flyers dined on her body.

The winter cold stung againist their wounds as they their way back towards the Great Valley, determined to get their revenge.

Many thoughts had crossed their minds throughout the years as they plotted the gruesome demise of their former leader. Sierra simply wanted to slice and dice Pterano to bits, and while Rinkus had concered, the devilish, pink Flyer had come up with an even more gruesome idea.

They would get back Pterano alright. Only this time, his darling nephew would pay the price.

However, Rinkus and Seirra's evil plans were not the only ones brewing in the Mysterious Beyond. Standing alone in the dark mouth of a cave, was raddegy-looking, black, female version of Guido. Her cold amber eyes glowing eeriely in the dark like a Sharptooth's fang.

Bright purple streaks decorated her feathers, while a shiny, red stone hung comfortably around her neck. A fog of green rose up behind her as she chanted a spell towards the sky.

"Rain and Wind, blow your rage.

Take the Light, and set the stage.

Darkness will be coming soon.

Come and help my evil bloom,"

With that said, the sky suddenly darkened with fury, and a storm came pelting through the Beyond. Syndra grinned wickedly that her spell was a success. Finally, after all these years, she felt like she was finally strong enough to conquer the destiny she had set out to accomplish long ago.

Years back, the beautiful socceress had lived greatfully in a beautiful kingdom with her own kind. Only to be banished years later when she tried to kidnap the young prince in order to summon out the Ultimate Sharptooth.

The spell readily called for blood to be spilt, and who better to kill than the ugly little traitor that had taken away her throne!

Unfortunately though, her plan had failed, and she was sentenced to spend eternity in the unforgiving wasteland of the Mysterious Beyond. However, not everything was so terrible, her friend Red Claw soon saw to that.

Long before her attack on her kind, Syndra had met and befriended the Sharptooth while brooding on how she was being left back from becoming the new Queen. Red Claw had saved her by taking out a small raptor, and when he started to share the legend of the Ultimate Sharptooth, Syndra grew even more intrigued.

Apparently, this great Sharptooth had been sealed away for years, and could only be released by the dark magic of a powerful socceress.

"We have waited for you," stated Red Claw, with a bow.

Syndra was delighted at the news. At long last, here was the chance she could get the respect she deserved. Not to mention the revenge she craved. So she studied with all of her might how to become a dark soccerror.

Word spread through the kingdom fast about her pratices with black magic that even her sister, the Queen, was growing concerned. Finally, the specail night of the eclispe arrived, and Syndra made her move, attempting to sacrifice the crown prince.

She had nearly gotten the young one to Red Claw when the royal guards pounced her and made her drop the young prince into the sea. Later she was put on trail and banished from the kingdom, doomed to spend the rest of her life with the Sharptooth's she befriended.

Syndra sincerely apologized to Red Claw, regretting that she failed to make the prophecy come true. But Red Claw just gentley stroked her head with claws and whispered.

"Don't worry my dear" said Red Claw " another night will come. And on that day, you'll be ready,"

"I am ready now" said Syndra, snapping out of her flashback " this time I will succeed in summoning out the Ultimate Sharptooth and get revenge on my dear sister. This I swear,"

And with that sinister thought in mind, Syndra dove off into the stormy wind, in a race to meet her destiny.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after Syndra's storm, Pterano was gentley shaking Nia awake from her slumber. The young, rose-colored Flyer was still a bit small for her age, but had grown up a lot in Pterano's eyes. She was an exceelent pupil to him, learning how to fly and hunt in such a little amount of time. Today, however, was going to be her big test.

"It's time Nia" said Pterano " the fifth Cold Time has passed. Time to journey to our new home in the Great Valley,"

"It's really here?" Nia's brown eyes seemed to plead with her adopted father.

"Yes" said Pterano, stroking the young Flyer's head " Now, spread out your wings and remember exactly what I taught you. One, two, three, Go!"

With that said the two Flyers flew off the cliff face, and glided their way out of the Mysterious Beyond. The excitement ever so present in Nia's heart seemed to burst. Finally she would have a real family and friends. Finally, life seemed to be going her way.

But "finally" doesn't last forever. And with the horrors that approached the Valley now, it was obivious this "finally" wouldn't last long.