well here's my one-shot review

The night was cold, and it was snowing, the snow clung to my scarf. I was outside of Lewis's house, I knocked gently hoping Lewis would answer. Lewis luckily answered it not that his family isn't nice it's just I get embarrassed. Lewis smiled "what are you doing here Fran?" I felt hot, I was flustered "Errrrrr Hi," real smooth,

"I just was about to go over, do you want to walk?" he said, he was going to come over; I believed that because he was wearing snow boots and a coat. We walked quietly, "So why were you coming over?" he instantly looked away. We sat on a bench, we watched the snow fall, it was a while until I comprehended that I had my head resting on his shoulder, and he had his arm round my shoulder, I lifted my head slowly hoping he doesn't realise I was leaning my head on him. "Errrrr so what are you doing over Christmas?" he asked.

"Nothing, you?" I told him

"Inventing," I smiled at his answer, he was my best friend why was I shy, I mean it was normal round my crushes, okay that was a total lie it was the same then but weaker. "You could be hanging round with anyone but you choose me." He sighed

"Lewis, you have never told me that before!" I hope he didn't hear the edge to my voice.

"I know Fran, it's just your acting weird, all jumpy and the thought just popped in my head." We walked some more, I was getting bored of walking. Lewis then turned to me "Do you want to go out for dinner?" he asked, my heart beat fast.

"Yes," we went to the car, I texted mum about dinner. I smiled at Lewis, he was my best friend, and he didn't think I was crazy (like most people do). I suddenly realised why I had butterflies why I loved his company I… LOVE… HIM! He threw me a shy smile; we were 20 year olds acting like teenagers, for crying aloud we still live at home with our parents.

Lewis was blushing continually, he finally asked "Umm Franny, I know we haven't dated but," He scratched his head, "Will you marry me?"

"YES!" I said without running the words through my head "Yes" I repeated once I comprehended what he had said. I hugged him, I looked into his adorable eyes then, we were kissing I felt butterflies in my stomach growing stronger and my heart was beating louder. That was the best kiss I have ever had I mean even the most popular boy in school hadn't made me feel like that! I looked at the ring was silver with a diamond in it there was an engraving in it I love you it was simple but beautiful, Lewis said, "I know the engraving is Cliché but it's true!"

I whispered, "It's beautiful." I kissed him again, the kiss was deep, and, I knew I truly loved him he was my nerd.