Canada's POV:
Why does nobody notice me? It's hard being America's little brother. The other nation's just think I'm America when they do see me. But even when they do notice me and mistake me for America, it's not always a good thing. An example being when Cuba mistook me for my brother... I'll always be invisible. I lay down on my bed and began to cry at the thought of no one knowing who I am.

When I awoke the next morning, my pillow was damp and my glasses askew. I sat up as my phone began to ring. With a quick glance I knew it would be America. He's the only one who does notice me really and even then he forgets me... I slid my finger across the screen to answer and America's voice came down the line mid-sentence.
"-attie pick up alr-. Oh no wait nevermind you did. Hey bro."
"Hey Al. Not to be rude, but uh, why did you call eh?"
"Oh right yeah, I was wondering if you'd like to go to a hockey game or something... My treat. I haven't seen you in a while so..." He left the sentence there and awaited some sort of response. It had been a while since I'd left the house... And a hockey game did sound like fun. Especially if America was paying.
"Sure. When?" I sighed.
"Uh it's up to you. There's a game on tonight but it'll be difficult if not impossible to get tickets... Um what about Tuesday?"
"Sure. See you in four days."
"See you then Mattie." He ended the call and I flopped back on to my bed with a sigh. Four days until I have to face the world that doesn't even know I exist.

The game came much to quickly and I considered cancelling but it would have been too late... At about an hour before the game, America came over saying we were gonna grab a bite to eat before the match.
"Can't we just get something while we're there?" I complained.
"But it's not as good as MacDonald's dude."
I sighed and gave up. I'll have to spend pointless time in the world of people who forget I exist and ignore me.

When we finally got to America's favourite eating place, aka MacDonald's, he ordered his usual and because I'm not all that hungry, I get a Happy Meal. I know it's for kids but America likes the toys so why not?

After the game America dropped me back at mine and said he'd love to stay but he can't. Once he was gone, I sighed and walked around my empty home. Looking mainly for Kumajirou. I eventually found him on my bed so I just collapsed next to him.
"Who are you?" Came a soft voice.
"I'm Canada." I sighed and drifted off to sleep as Kumajirou said "Who?"

Prussia's POV:
Stupid Spain and France. Cancelling on the awesome me. I sighed and left the basement to head out to the world meeting. I may not be a nation I should still go... On my way, I saw presumably America. But he's carrying a bear... And looks unlike himself...
"Hey America!" 'America' turned around with a slight frown.
"I-I'm not A-America..."
"Shit. Sorry... The awesome me didn't recognise you. So if you're not America, who are you again?"
"I'm Canada. A-and you would be Prussia? Am I right?" I nodded.
"So are you going to the world meeting? 'Cos if you are then we could go together if you'd like?"
"Sure. But we're pretty much there already..."
"Well there's enough time to talk a little. So who's the bear?"
"Oh this is Kumajirou," he answered lifting the bear. "And um... What's with the little yellow bird on your head?"
"Well this little awesome guy is Gilbird and he's been with me since I was little, and uh... He sometimes carries mail and stuff for me. But of course he's not as awesome as me of course." Canada laughed and we both fell silent.

After a few minutes of silence, a thought occurred to me. Why had I never seen Canada at the world meetings which I had attended?
"Hey Canada," He turned to look up at me. "How come I've not seen you at world meetings?" He sighed before responding.
"I am there. It's just I'm pretty much invisible so I'm not always seen. That and Russia sits on me..." Poor guy...

Canada's POV:
Why is this guy taking notice of me? Pretty much none of the other nations do... It's nice... We talked the entire way to the world meeting summit and after the meeting he caught up with me and we talked some more... Turns out we have a quite a bit in common... We both have overshadowing brothers and most of the time we may as well be dead... I thought I was alone. I guess not. I must have been unconsciously smiling because he asked what I was smiling for.
"Oh um... Nothing." He didn't believe me but he nodded and we continued to talk. When we had to go our separate ways to get home, he gave me his number and other contact details so we could continue to talk. I nodded and gave him mine. He probably gave me fake details but if there's a chance another nation, or even a former nation, actually wants to talk to me and not because they feel they have to, then I'll take the chance.

When I got home I added his number to my contact list and all the rest wherever it was supposed to go. Mostly the details went into my address book... I don't know how long I should wait before calling? God I sound like a teenage girl with a crush... I'll just go make some pancakes and if he happens to call while I'm making them then that's fine. I could just put him on speaker phone or something...