Canada's POV:
Prussia sheepishly walked over towards my bed and my stitches throbbed. He knelt at my bedside, a frown playing across his pale features...
"Hey..." I croaked. My eyes beginning to burn.
"H-hey... I am so sorry. It was not awesome of me to have said that..."
"P-Prussia, it's okay. I'll be fine." I coughed, not helping the situation but I can't help it. Prussia frowned and gently picked up my hand.
"What I said to you earlier, I mean it. I will never, leave you behind." A small tear ran down his face.
"I know. But if anyone should be crying, it should be me... I mean come on..." Prussia let out a weak laugh and held my hand tightly in his. My heart rate betrayed me and quickened. And with the joys of being hooked to a heart monitor thing, he noticed... But didn't let go.

He instead looked up at me, a small smirk playing across his features. He then turned his head towards Alfred and said "Hey Al, don't look." and he kissed me. Unfortunately Alfred had turned to face Prussia while he was talking... Alfred just stood there, his mouth hanging open. "Oh for crying out loud dude! You're in a hospital!" He slammed his hand to his forehead before promptly turning around.

Prussia lifted his hand to cup my chin, only he caught one of my stitches and I cried out in pain. Alfred in his usual brotherly way, came over and pulled Prussia away to no doubt, beat him up. Al's a good brother but he does take it a little too far. It's one thing me being in the hospital, but for Prussia to end up in here too, that won't go down well... Plus, I'm a nation so I'll be fine and there won't really be long-term effects. But with Prussia... I'd rather not think about it...

Prussia's POV:
Alfred had pulled me off to the side and after allowing me to explain, he sighed and started giving me advice... How fun...
"...But just be sure to take care of him, okay? He's my little brother, so you fuck with his heart..." He left the threat there and went back to Canada. He said that he had to leave or he'd miss a meeting. When he'd left, Canada sheepishly looked down at his hands in his lap.
"Hey, why so shy?"
"B-because I get this feeling, that it's all just a dream. And that when I wake up, you won't have even met me..."
"Let the awesome me assure you Canada, as far as I know, it's not a dream."
"I-I hope it isn't. But if it is, this is my favourite dream. Apart from being in a car crash..." I chuckled and Canada smiled.
"Look see. You're smiling." He blushed and attempted to hide under the covers, but his arm was restricted while in a cast.

I resettled him in his bed and gently leant down to kiss him. He smiled into the kiss before resting his head back onto his pillow. I sat in the chair nearby and we talked until he fell asleep. I however refused to sleep. Not while there was a chance that he would need the awesome me.

But sleep was harder to fend off than I had initially thought... When I woke up again, Canada was still asleep and sunlight filtered in through the window nearby. The light filled the room and highlighted a small, yellow envelope on the table next to the bed. Curiosity got the better of me and I, as quietly as possible, collected it before sitting back down in the somehow comfortable chair. I flipped the envelope over and saw my name. Both my nation and human name were written in a similar handwriting to America's.

I opened the envelope and after a quick look at Canada to see he was still sleeping, I removed a letter, covered in tape. It looked familiar somehow... Something clicked into place in my mind and I realised it was the one Canada had been holding, the night before the accident...

Canada's POV:
When I woke up, everything felt like it was a dream. My injuries didn't hurt as much as yesterday. But I knew they were there. I knew I was still in the hospital. The constant beeping of the heart monitor told me that. Yet, I felt like I was on a cloud. My first thought was, am I dead? But the weight of my nation soon helped me to remember that I can't die. At least not as long as I'm recognised as being a nation. Unlike Prussia... He'll disappear one day. Then I'll be left alone again. No one seeing me and when they do, mistaking me for being America...

A muffled sob came from the chair by my bed and I slowly opened my eyes. If Prussia was trying to quieten his crying, then he didn't want to wake me. I snuck a glance towards him. In his hands was the letter that I had written to him. On the floor at his feet, was the envelope, slightly torn and what appeared to be a small blotch of blood. When I'd gone to make the hot chocolate, I'd grabbed the note, but before I could give it to him I'd stormed out of the house in frustration.

And when I'd got into my car, I'd thrown it onto the passenger seat. When I'd stopped at a light, I'd picked it up, all anger ebbing away. Then when I was hit, it hadn't been damaged and had stayed clutched in my hand, even when I was passed out. The only damage to it was that which I had done, and that was only to the letter itself.

The paper in Prussia's hands crumpled slightly as he finished the last paragraph. "I will never leave you Mattie. I swear by it." He whispered, his voice hoarse and cracked from crying. "How can I guarantee it though eh?" I questioned, sitting up and ignoring the pain from the stitches.
"H-how long have you-?" He trailed off, shock playing with his mind.
"P-please, just answer the question."
Prussia nodded. "I. Will never leave you. Until the very day that I fade away, I will never, leave you unless absolutely necessary."
"I-I thought you wouldn't fade away unless you were completely forgotten..."
He shrugged. "Who knows. But it'll happen eventually. But before that happens, I want to be with you. Watch comedies and action with you. Just spend whatever time I can with you."
"I-I... I'd love that." I beamed.
"You're awesome, you know that? Infact, I'd say that you're about the same level of awesome as me." He smirked.

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