-Part 1

"Oh my god, I am so sorry!" Jessi said, picking herself up off the ground.

The man she had walked into just 'humph'ed and Jessi looked around abashedly.

"I- I'm sorry!" She turned to take off from the scary man. But she felt a hand on her wrist. She spun back around to face the man, but instead found a boy her age was the one holding her wrist.

"Please wait." The boy said. Jessi just stared at him. "My bodyguard was simply protecting me. I apologize for his impoliteness." The boy elbowed the giant in the ribs.

The giant didn't say anything or even act like he had noticed the well-dressed youth jabbing him in the ribs with a pointy elbow.

"It's okay! I have to go." Jessi said.

"Can I buy you lunch?"


"Well," the boy said nervously, "I think I owe you something for Butler scaring you like that."

Jessi eyed up this pale boy with raven hair and pointed features. He had one blue eye and a brown eye. Now that was something Jessi found very intriguing.

"Um… Sure I guess." She said quietly.

Then the boy let go of her hand. She blushed since she hadn't realized he was still holding it.

Jessi and the boy just looked at each other.

"Master Artemis?" The giant said.

"Oh. My name is Artemis Fowl the Second. Um… What's your name?"

"Oh," Jessi giggled, "It isn't nearly as impressive as yours." She said.

"And it is?" the boy commanded.

"Jessi Ozera." Jessi looked down.

"I think it's a lovely name." Artemis said.

"You do?" Jessi's head shot up to look at him.

"Yes. A lovely name to match a lovely girl."

Jessi blushed fiercely at the compliment, and then said, "No, a plain name for a plain girl." Everything about Jessi was plain. She had plain brown eyes and long dull-brown hair. A normal looking face, nothing to stand out to make her attractive or unattractive. She had a normal body, not too big not too small. Medium build, the kind that looked good and natural on most girls.

And, she could do nothing that made her special. She couldn't do athletics well, though she was decent at them, but not enough to get on a team. She couldn't act, write, draw, paint, or anything that could make someone unique. Jessi was just… so plain.

"So… Lunch?" Artemis repeated, interrupting Jessi's thought storm.

"Oh. Right. Sure." Jessi looked down and followed Artemis down the street. She looked up at the man. "What's your name?" she asked him.

"Um, Butler isn't really supposed to talk to people. He's a bodyguard, so he's more seen than heard." Artemis said.

"Oh. Okay." Jessi saw a familiar place. "Hey, can we eat there?" She asked.

"The Lunch Spot?" Artemis said incredulously. "How original. It looks… kind of cheap. No offense." Artemis looked at Jessi who was looking down again. "I'm sorry." He said. "It's alright. I'll eat there. Lead the way." He said to her.

Jessi opened the door and held it open for Artemis and Butler to go through.

Jessi followed them and sat at a little table in the back. Artemis took a spot near her and Butler next to him.

A waitress twittered over and said, "May I take your orders?"

"You haven't given us menus yet." Artemis said.

"Oh! Right, well normally people who come in have an idea of what they want or stopped to look at the menu in the front, but here's some menu's anyway!" The waitress pulled some menus out of her pocket and set them in front of the 3 of them. Butler ignored his and continued glaring about the room.

Artemis took his menu and sneered at it.

"This is a menu? Where's the Cheese Soufflé? Where's the Filet Mignon?"

"Um… This is a simple restaurant." The waitress gawked at him, seeming to be appalled by his words.

Before Artemis could get antsier, Jessi said, "I'll just have a grilled cheese and a root beer."

Artemis looked up at her and said, "You can order anything you want. I'm paying."

"Oh, no… I couldn't do that. I'm not very hungry anyway." Jessi muttered.

"I'll have the French Dip. But skip the Dip, it's much too messy." Artemis said, handing the waitress the menu back as if it was diseased.

"And your drink?" She asked.

"I'll just have a Plain Earl Grey tea. Nothing else in it, sweeteners and such." Artemis turned a glare on the lady. "You do at least have that, right?"

"Yes, that we have!" She said, startled. She took Artemis's menu and Jessi's and looked up at Butler. "Anything for you, Sir?"

"Just a tea." The giant growled, sliding the menu across the table toward the waitress, not looking up from his scanning.

"Um… what kind, sir?" She asked.

"Doesn't matter." He said simply.

"We have Earl Gre—"

"He said it doesn't matter." Artemis snapped. "Can't you listen? Please leave us now."

"Oh. Um, right." The waitress took off.

Jessi was beginning to think she had agreed to lunch with two crazy people, so she said, "Would it kill you to be nice?"

"Excuse me?" Artemis said.

"That waitress looked close to tears."

"I was simply not sugarcoating my words as most people do. I don't see why people do so, because if you spoke what you really thought, then people would know what you want from them."

"But it hurts people's feelings."

"So? Everyone's feelings hurt sometimes."

Jessi just looked down. Then her head shot up and she looked at Artemis.

"Are you wearing a contact?"

"What?" he asked.

"Are your eyes really that color?"

"Oh. Yes."

"Is there a story? Or were you born like that?" Jessi didn't know how someone could have eyes like that and not be born with them. Maybe he was in an accident and he needed an eye transplant and they didn't have any brown eyes? Or Blue. Whichever his eye color was.

"It's a long story. But you wouldn't believe it if I told you."

"Try me." Jessi smiled.

"Um… maybe some other time…" He said awkward.

They ate their lunches over small talk and Artemis invited Jessi to come visit him in his manor sometime. Jessi promised that she would and they parted and went their separate ways.

Jessi had really liked the boy, but his bodyguard was a little scary…