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No way out...(the literal)

Blackwargreymon had them pinned.
It was just a routine control spire run Tai and Sora and their partners were handling. All of a sudden, Blackwargreymon appeared out of nowhere and started shooting the place up. With the power Azulongmon gave them, Biyomon and Agumon were able to digivolve and warp digivolve into Garudamon and Wargreymon, but even the powers of a mega and an ultimate couldn't handle the enraged Blackwargreymon. With a cliff and waterfall behind them and Blackwargreymon in front, things were looking bleak.
Blackwargreymon charged up a Terror Destroyer ball, but before he could let it fly, Wargreymon flew in and knocked him off course. The ball of dark energy went right by Tai and Sora, but found ground in the cliff-top above. The ground began to shake as rocks started falling. Tai dove to cover Sora, but was too late. A rock the size of an orange struck her on the head, knocking her unconscious and leaving a large wound on her fore head.
"Sora!" Tai screamed running over to her.
"Sora!" Garudamon screamed, letting out the most powerful WingBlade she had ever created. The blast was enough to stun Blackwargreymon long enough to find a hiding spot. Tai frantically searched for one as Wargreymon held his dark counterpart off. Tai thought he saw something dark behind the waterfall and decided to hope it was a cave. Tai picked up Sora and ran for the falls, while Garudamon distracted Blackwargreymon with another emotional WingBlade. Wargreymon and Garudamon quickly retreated into the cave. The made a snap decision to seal it off, so they both let out their most powerful attacks. Rocks fell from the ceiling, blocking off their cave from the rest of the world. Unfortunately, that blast took the last of the power out of the digimon and they de-digivolved into their rookie stages. It was pitch black.
Agumon felt around the cave for something to burn and found some sticks scattered all throughout. He made a small fire to light up and see where they were.
Agumon decided to explore, hopefully finding a way out. Biyomon sat in the corner still recovering from the fight.
Tai had lay Sora down on a patch of moss growing on the side of the cave. He knelt over her, tears running down his face, his body rocked with sobs.
"Sora, you have to wake up..." he cried. He tore his sleeve off and started to wipe the blood off her head. "Please... You gotta..." His tears fell on her cheek as he cleaned her wound the best he could; a feat not that impressive. Her body was cold, so he lay down next to her and held her to keep her warm. Tai thought back to everything they'd been through over the past years. The first day in the digital world, Tai thought Sora was acting a little different than he'd known her to act. He thought it was just the new environment, but he was later proven wrong. After defeating Apocalymon the whole group went to a party thrown at the school. Everyone was happy except for Sora. Tai was just goofing around, having fun when he saw her standing alone looking sad. He walked over to her and asked her if she wanted to dance. Her face lit bright red, but she agreed. They laughed and danced together all night. They even slow-danced together, held tightly together. Sora rested her head on Tai's shoulder and started to cry slightly.
"What's wrong, Sora?" Tai asked.
She wiped the tears out of her eyes with her arm. "Nothing." She smiled up, looking him in the eyes. Tai could tell something was plaguing her: a point emphasized when she surprised them both. Before anyone could stop her, she threw her lips on his. Tai was stunned. He'd never thought of Sora that way before, but as the kiss went on, he started to give in; both to the kiss and to Sora. He suddenly felt all these new emotions for her. But just as soon as he realized it, Sora broke off, blushing ridiculously. "I...have to go-" she stammered, pulling herself out of his arms and off the floor, leaving Tai alone and confused.
The next day, Sora appeared at his apartment. They went out into the hall where Sora apologized for the night before; how she didn't know what came over her and all. She said she liked Tai for a long time, and the moment seemed perfect. She told him that her feelings were now over and he need not worry any more. Tai saw such certainty in her eyes that he just couldn't bring himself to tell her that he liked her too. Her cheeks were tearstained, and he knew this was not an easy decision to come by. He didn't want to make her feel like she fought an internal conflict for nothing. He thanked her for her honesty and told her he wouldn't hold it against her. They hugged and she went home and that was it...
Until this.
Months later, trapped in a cave with two rookie digimon and the girl he loved lying unconscious next to him. Things couldn't get much worse.
Tai dozed off with Sora's bloody head on his chest. The fire was dying and there was no water to be found. I few hours past and Biyomon went to go find Agumon, knowing that Sora was in the best hands. She found him trying to carry a large log back to burn for heat and light, but he was too weak. The two digimon managed to drag it back and found a little trickle of water on their way. Agumon went to wake up Tai.
"Tai," he said, poking him with a stick. "Tai wake up."
"Tai I found some water. I'll bet Sora's getting thirsty."
Tai took off with Agumon towards the stream they had found.
"Well this is all good, Agumon, but how're we s'posed to get it too her?"
"Well, I don't know..."
Tai had an idea. He took off his shirt and soaked it in the stream until it was full of water. He then rushed it back to camp, sliding in next to Sora.
"Here, Sora." he said, opening her mouth and twisting the shirt until all the water he could get was out. Most of it got in her mouth. She started to cough.
"I think its working!" Agumon exclaimed. He and Biyomon linked arms and started dancing around the little fire.
"Sora?" Tai whispered in her ear. "Sora, it's time to get up now. Sora?"
There was no reply. But he saw her breathing get stronger, so he took that to mean it was working. He uses the no-longer-wet-yet-still-mildly-damp shirt to wipe more blood off her head. He lay down next to her again and held it on like a bandage. Soon he was asleep, with her head on his chest.
As he slept, Agumon and Biyomon realized that it was getting kinda stuffy in their little cave. In fact, they could see smoke floating around the top of the cave.
"Oh no!" Agumon jumped up. "Theres no way for the smoke to get out!"
"So?" Biyomon asked.
"So we'll suffocate!"
"Ah!" they both screamed and leapt up.
"We gotta do something!"
"Maybe we can move one of the smaller rocks." They both chose a group of small rocks in the top corner.
"Pepper Breath!"
"Spiral Twister!"
"We have to try again." Biyomon begged.
"Pepper Breath!"
"Spiral Twister!"
The rocks started to shake.
"Once more!"
"Pepper Breath!"
"Spiral Twister!"
This time the rocks fell out, leaving a hole about a foot and a half across and two exhausted digimon. They slumped down with their backs together and fell asleep.

Tai woke up cold. The fired was almost completely gone and the digimon were nowhere to be seen. Tai noticed the hole the digimon had made in the rock wall. He could hear and smell the water running, but he couldn't see any light coming in. He assumed it was just night out. He turned to check on Sora. She wasn't there.
"Sora!?" He jumped up and ran down the tunnel to see if anyone was still there. "Sora!" He saw a light around the corner by the stream. "Sora?" he ran around the corner, but was tackled by Agumon. They landed around the corner, away from sight.
"Agumon, what the hell!"
"Sorry, Tai. You can't go back there."
"Why the hell not?!"
"Well, Biyoumon and I brought Sora back here to-"
"Sora's back there? I need to talk to her." He started to get up, but Agumon pushed him back down.
"Tai shes still asleep. She-"
"Then why is she back there?!"
"Well, she sorta had an accident-"
"An accident! Why didn't you wake me!? Is she ok?"
"She's fine. She just...didn't find a potty."
"Ohhh..." Tai said, blushing deeply.
"Biyoumon's back there washing her off now. It wasn't a job you could do, so we didn't wake you."
"If I'm not allowed back there, then why are you?"
"I'm not. I'm keeping watch in case you wandered in like you almost did. Quite silly really. I can help just as much as Biyoumon, but she said Sora wouldn't like that. Must be a human thing."
"Well it's really a privacy thing."
"Whado you mean?"
"Well, girls don't like guys seeing them without cloths, ok?"
"Why not? Your all the same arnt you?"
"No. Guys and girls have different-" Tai started blushing again. "Look, I'm not getting into this with you, ok?"
Biyoumon rounded the corner.
"Oh good, Tai. Can you help me carry her back?"
Tai rounded the corner and was relieved to see a fully clothed Sora lying next to the stream. 'Biyoumon dis a good job.' Tai thought. 'It looks like she's glowing.' He walked over and picked her up by her knees and shoulders, like a tired kid. 'Wow' he thought. 'After all she's been through, she still smells like roses.' After the dance years ago, Tai got her some designer shampoo for her birthday. It didn't occur to him until after the party that she might take it the wrong way. Quite the contrary: she got hooked on the stuff. She wore it everywhere, apparently even to the digiworld. As he set her down, he put his nose in her hair for a long breath. It felt just wonderful to feel her in his lungs. He almost broke down right there. He felt tears come back to his eyes. Agumon came following close with Tai's shirt, which Biyoumon used to wash Sora.
"Tai? Whad you need to tell Sora so bad?"
The tears pushed harder. "She needs to know she was wrong."
"About what?"
"About giving up hope in me after the dance. She just...quit...before I ever had the chance to be with her." The tears were flowing freely and sobs mixed with his words. "And she lying here...and she might not EVER wake up...and...she might never much I love her..." Tai's tears fell on to Sora's dormant eyes. "You here me Sora?!" he screamed. "I LOVE YOU!" The "you" reverberated throughout the cavern for long moments after Tai's outburst. Then everything was quite, except for the waterfall, the fire, and the sobs. Suddenly, Sora's body began to shake like Tai's. Tears of her own began to flow. Her eyes opened and instantly met with Tai's. "Tai..."
"Sora!" Tai lifted her head in his arms, holding it in a close embrace, before remembering her wound. He lay her head back down. She coughed slightly. "Oh, Tai..."
"It's ok, I'm here." he grabbed her hand and held on tight. "I'm here."
"Tai... I..."
"Shhh, it's ok, just relax."
"No, I..." With an unexpected jolt of power, Sora leapt of the ground, throwing her arms around Tai's shoulders and her lips on his mouth. The kiss went on and on. They each tilted their heads to keep it going. Tai slid underneath her so that she was lying on top of him. She ran his fingers through his hair, while Tai avoided hers. He wrapped his arms around her back and squeezed all his love into her. Finally she pulled away.
"I feel dizzy." she laughed.
"Yeah." Tai laughed too. "Me too." he rolled her back over to the moss bed again. He ran his fingers through her hair careful to avoid the wound. He kissed her again and again they held it.
"We need to get you out of here. You need to see a doctor about that head thing." He started to get up, but Sora grabbed his hand.
"What is it Sora?"
"I...I love you, Tai."
Just then, a bright, pink light radiated from the center of Sora's chest.
"Wha-" all the digimon and Tai gasped.
"It must be her crest of love." Biyoumon said. "I feel stronger."
-Biyoumon digivolve to...Birdramon-
-Birdramon digivolve to...Garudamon-
Garudamon easily pushed the rock wall out of the way and flew out into the sunlight. Tai lifted Sora off the ground and they worked their way outside. Blackwargreymon was nowhere to be found. In fact, neither was the control spire. They all climbed on Garudamon's back and took off towards the nearest digiport. Tai remembered to put his shirt back on, despite it being wet, bloody and torn. He lay Sora's head in his lap as they flew through the sky. Not only did they destroy a control spire, but also the wall between them. Tai looked to the future with great hopes. But Sora had a secret that she just could not tell him. Tai leaned over and kissed her again, and she knew that this would be the hardest choice in her life