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No way out 4

"Don't choose. Go with Matt. I don't care if it means I don't get to be with you if it keeps you alive...I'd rather watch you fall in love with every man but me, mary them, have children with them...I'd rather watch all that than see you die, Sora. Whatever your happy with, I'll love you all the same. Always."
The words rang over and over inside Sora's mind.
"I'll love you all the same."
She couldn't get these thoughts to die.
She fell to her knees. As her friends fought the battle of their lives out there, she was fighting inside. A darkness surrounded her mind and she suddenly slipped into what seemed like a dream.

She was surrounded in darkness, black everywhere she looked. She was chilled by the abyss and by the light mist around her ankles.
'Great, now I'm here.' she thought, indirectly dragging herself back into her troubles with the two.
"Your forgetting something." a voice said from nowhere. Before she could react, a bright light appeared in front of her. The mist around her turned red and a light crimson ambiance was in the space. She could barely see, but there appeared to be a figure in the light.
"I am the physical embodiment of the Crest of Love." It didn't so much speak as allow her to know the answer. She never heard a voice, but her questions seemed to just seemed to be solved.
The being smiled. "But you can call me Pat."
"Love has no gender, so neither do I."
"Ah, Pat."
"I thought of Sam or Lenny, but Pat seemed best."
"Ok...Pat? Where am I? What's going on?"
"This is your heart." Pat said, gesturing to the dark, misty biome they stood in.
"Why's it so dark?"
"Because," Pat said with a sigh. "You don't know what it's telling you. It's been saying it for your entire life, and it doesn't like you ignoring it. It's giving up on you."
"Like a heart attack?"
"Of sorts. But you won't die. I will."
Sora stopped talking. She was having difficulty comprehending what Pat was saying. She rubbed her temples and thought hard.
"You see?!" Pat said, jumping in. "You see!? Right there! What you're doing there! That's your problem!"
"Yes! You've clouded your heart by trying to let your brain decide. You didn't get the crest of Knowledge, Sora. If you did, you'd be talking to "Deep Blue" over there. It doesn't make you stupid, it's just not what your supposed to listen to. I'm the part you need to listen to. You were given the crest of love for a reason, Sora. You only can solve this with your heart." Pat poked her in the chest, just left of her sternum. "The heart is a muscle. If you don't use it, it dies."
Sora was speechless. Could her problems really be because she was choosing to ignore her hearts wishes? She closed her eyes and started to clear her mind of all her problems. She let go of Matt, of Tai, of the very battle they were fighting. She let go of her mother, her friends, her digimon. She let go of everything a young girl could think of. Her mind was as empty as Davis'.
"Good." she heard Pat say. "Now look around." She opened her eyes and was transported back to reality. Still observing the fight that Biyoumon so wanted to fight. The first thing she saw when she opened her eyes was her warrior. The only one who had fought for her from the beginning. Who always had and always would. The one whose anger was made solely for her, not by selfish, subconscious desires, or the love of family. The one who would destroy the world to keep her safe. Her guardian. Her soldier. Her hero. Her warrior. Her Tai.
Suddenly, her crest lit up.
"Biyoumon, warp-digivolve to..." The little bird was enveloped in a light the very same red as Sora's eyes. She started to grow, and grow, and shift into a very, very large, crimson, legged Eagle, very similar to a mixture of Angewoman and Garudamon.
"...Albatramaromon!" (A/N, pronouced: Alba-tra-maro-mon. Actually, that's exactly how it's spelled. But that's how it's accented. I know the mega is s'posed to be phoenixmon, but that didn't fit the story.) This mega had the head of an eagle, with a winged helmet with two, inward facing, diagonal slits where two red eyes could be seen in the darkness. Steel wings came out the rear of the torso, which was covered in white plate armor with the crest of love emblazoned upon it's front. She held a long halberd with a very decorative, very wicked looking blade. Two, full plated legs completed the picture of this "Guardian of love." Sora noticed that her new digimon reminded her, dimly, of Pat.
"Heart's intent!" Albatramaromon cried, and sent a shaft of golden light from her halberd. The shot was not directed at the dark digimon, but instead at Tai. The blast went right through his heart, causing him to be lifted off the ground, limbs sprawled. The others froze as Tai fell back to the ground, then to his knees, head hung. Sora was snapped out of her trance by this sight as she ran over to be with him.
She put her hand on his shoulder and knelt beside him. "Tai?" she whispered, on the verge of tears. He lifted his head up, and met her ruby eyes with his own, chocolate brown eyes. Sora gasped and held him tight, throwing both arms around his neck, squeezing him tight. He leaned back into a sitting position and smiled at her. She smiled back as he placed his hand on the back of her head and drew her in. She missed the feel of his lips on her own. Too long had they been apart. She could see now that Tai was the only one. He always was. No one had ever made her feel as amazing as she did when she was with Taichi. She felt like a leaf on the wind: so free, not knowing where it would fly. But she didn't care for her destination; Tai was the very air that held her up, and wherever on earth she was, Tai would always be around her, moving her, holding her, guiding her. She would never be alone.
She couldn't help, still, feeling pain for hurting Matt, but this was a decision she had to make. Even if she was alive today only because of Matt, she would never live without Tai.
She didn't realize how long they kissed. The sat there in bliss until Kari ran over and slapped the both of them.
"Can we maybe do this later?" she yelled over the roar of the battle. Tai stood, remorsefully though. He knew he couldn't get BlackSkullGreymon to de-digivolve. Like SkullGreymon, he would simple have to wait until all the energy was gone. He hoped it would be soon.
"Cardiac Discourse!" Albatramaromon sent a different color blast into the back of BlackSkullGreymon's head, causing him to jolt slightly and turn to face the eagle. He looked more angry than before.
"Fusion Breath." His eyes glowed red as a ball of flame started to form in his mouth.
"Vulcan's Hammer!" A bolt of lightning struck the monster on the back of the head, causing his burning blast to careen into the mountain. The flame was so hot, it burned straight through.
On the horizon, they saw the bearded head of their giant, turtle-y friend, with Joe and TK riding on his shoulder. They skipped the small talk as Zudomon set them down to the ground and joined the fight.
"Patamon, you know what to do." he winked at his flying hamster. Patamon grunted an affirmation.
"Patamon, warp digivolve to..."
The little ball of fur glowed as he turned into a fully armored angel. He look almost bulbous, but that was just the design of the armor. Set in relief on the chest plate was the Crest of Hope. (A/N whoops, almost wrote Crest of Hops lol)
"Seraphimon." The mega Angel jumped in, making the tally: 3 megas, 4 ultimates, and one champion.
"Since when could Patamon do that?" Kari asked, growing suspicious.
"Well, I woke up this morning and started thinking about..." He blushed as a thought came over him. "...stuff... And my crest just started lighting up. Suddenly, Patamon said he felt he could warp-digivole, so after Joe changed my bandages, we came to find you." He blushed again. "Er-, you guys."
Kari was touched. "Aw, TK, you dont need to be embarrassed. I love you too." she threw her arms around his neck, wrapping him in a warm kiss.
Matt, even in his darkened state, saw TK ride in on Zudomon. All of the sudden, he was no longer angry at Tai and Sora for making him shoot his brother. The relief of seeing him alright snapped him out of his tirade and back to his normal self.
"TK!" he screamed as he ran over and grabbed his brother from Kari's arms.
"Not cool." the lovebirds both mumbled under their breath. TK quickly changed tunes, though, happy to see his brother back to normal.
"I'm so sorry, TK." he cried into his injured brothers shoulder. "So, so, so sorry..."
Unlike BlackSkullGreymon, BlackMetalGarurumon was not driven solely by anger. He need Matt to give him the energy to fight. So with Matt back to normal, the beast dropped into Gabumon, leaving only BlackSkullGreymon to be subdued. Upon reaching the ground, Gabumon quickly warp-digivolved to MetalGarurumon.
With four megas versus one, the battle would soon be over. BlackSkullGreymon saw this, too, and decided it was time for a last resort. He turned away from the digimon and started towards the children.
"Fusion Breath."
Everyone scattered from the flame, but Sora couldn't move fast enough. Time stopped as Tai dove to throw her out of the way. He managed to avoid the flame, but the heat was still such that it burned his bare skin. He fell down, with Sora underneath, screaming. After the heat wave, he jumped up, rage in his eyes, this time directed at his digimon.
The fury created a sort of feedback loop inside BlackSkullGreymon. The anger gave him the power to defeat any enemy, so the anger was destroying him. He grew more and more powerful as he became less and less. The monster expanded, growing thiner with every foot of growth, until finally, BlackSkullGreymon disbanded into data that reformed on the ground in front of Tai as Koromon.
A collective sigh leapt from the group as their digimon returned to normal. They all ran over and congratulated their digimon on fighting such a long fight. Every single one was exhausted and starving. They started to make their way back to primary village, leaving Tai, Koromon and Sora staking there.
"Tai?" she whispered. His burned back was still facing her, putting an unwanted wall between them. She thought she saw his body shake slightly. She gently lay her hand on his shoulder, causing him to spin around and into her arms. She looked him in the eyes and they shared a very deep kiss, in continuation of last time. They both started crying, having found each other again. She grabbed hold of his arm as they headed out to primary village to meet up with the others.

They didn't know how hungry they were until they all arrived at Genai's underwater home. Matt hadn't eaten in three days; Tai and Sora in five. As could be imagined, the ate everything they could. Genai set up a nice banquette where they ate their fill, which was a lot, provided they tell him all about their counter-crest findings. Izzy did most of the talking, and Tai did most of the eating.
"Well, firstly..." Genai started when they were finished with their story. "Congratulations, Sora and Biyomon, on unlocking your Mega form. I'm sure you'll get much use out of Albatramaromon." They all shared a smile and a round of applause. "Now," Genai started after they went back to eating. "You've seen what these counter-crests can do. They have tremendous power; such that you do not know how to control. Before anything else, Matt, Tai, you have to learn to control your anger and your pain. This world won't be safe without it." They both agreed, but still glared at each other. They couldn't forgive the other. Genai sensed this tension. He excused himself, saying he would return when they had worked out their problems. He knew he wouldn't be able to help in these matters.
They sat in silence after he left. Even those who were not involved sat still, not wanting to provoke anyone. Sora was the first to crack.
"Matt, I'm really sorry..." she started.
"No shit?" he mumbled, sarcastically.
"What do you want me to do?" she cried, almost in tears. Tai grabbed her hand for comfort. "I love you, Matt, I really do. But I just can't be without Tai. I know you saved me. I know you were there for me. I know you love me. But I can't do it any more!"
"What're you talking about?" he asked, surprised.
"Yeah, what're you talking about?" Joe said from the end of the table.
"At your Christmas show, there was a support falling and you stopped it."
"Sora, I hate to say it, but I don't think you were watching." Izzy voiced. "They're right, it doesn't seem right."
"Izzy, you don't have to do this, I know Matt saved me."
Izzy snapped his fingers and jumped. "I remember now! Matt did protect you, but it was Tai who caught the pole. Matt turned over to cover you from things falling, but Tai saved you both."
She tried hard to remember. She was running out while it was all falling apart. Suddenly, she felt arms grab her and pull her in. She heard a big crack and creaking as she could only assume the central support snapped. She waited there for her and her saving arms to be crushed under the weight, but it never happened. She opened her eyes and turned to see Matt standing there with the support lying harmless on the ground next to him. He grabbed her hand and dragged her away before she had time to see anymore. When they had cleared the damage zone, she turned and through her arms around Matt, on the verge of tears. As she pulled her head off his shoulder, their eyes met, and she did the only thing she could think to do.
She kissed him.
In all honesty, it was only her second real kiss. Tai had kissed her once as a child, but that was years ago and just as part of a game. A simple damsel in distress role play, and, much to Sora's distaste, she was the damsel. When Tai finally climbed to the top of the jungle gym, a feat that could easily have been done faster by a South- American Tree- Sloth, he said that all his stories said that the knight had to kiss the princess before it was over. Sora bet him a dollar he wouldn't kiss her. Faced with a real problem, Tai bit back his fear of cooties and quickly kissed her to save the dollar. But that kiss was nothing in comparison to her true first with Matt. She felt so safe in his embrace. They pulled away and she put her head on his shoulder again and watch as Raidramon flattened the control spire. Tai briefly met her eyes, and she was startled at how much pain was in them. He broke contact and looked down at Agumon.
"Agumon," he growled. "Take 'em out."
Could that pain in his eyes been from seeing her with Matt; him getting the credit for all the things Tai did? She now looked over at her hero, holding her hand, next to her.
"Is it true?"
He sighed. "Yes."
"Why didn't you say anything?"
"I shouldn't have had to." he said, looking back at her. "It shouldn't have been needed to be said."
She looked to Matt.
"Did you know?" she accused.
He said nothing.
"Matt," she started in a manner similar to scolding.
"What was I s'posed to say!?" he exploded, standing up. "Was I just s'posed to tell the woman I love, the girl of my dreams that it was someone else who was there when she needed me most?! Someone that I knew she loved?!" His eyes seemed for an instant to turn dark, but quickly returned to their normal shade of blue. He threw his napkin down.
"I'm done with this!" he screamed, storming out of the dining room and down the hall towards the wing where he, Mimi, Joe, TK, Davis and Cody were sleeping. Tears came to Sora's eyes and she went flying out the door down the other hall where her, Tai, Kari, Izzy, Yolei and Ken resided, leaving everyone else sitting in a confused stupor. Kari leaned over to TK and whispered in his ear:
"You should go talk to him."
TK shook his head. "He doesn't tell me anything about these things. He'd might just get mad know." TK tried, but he simply wasn't very quiet. Mimi, who was sitting next to him, heard this problem and decided to solve it herself. Tai assumed the same duty and decided to be the one there for Sora. They both stood up together.
They each froze for a second, eyes locked. Tai, for the first time, saw Mimi's motives. She felt something for Matt. Something, though not as strong as Tai for Sora, but something that easily could become very similar. With a small nod, he headed off after his love, and she after her's, leaving the rest in silence. Davis just shrugged and picked up another roll.

Matt leaned against the door to his room, locking all outsiders where they belonged. He tried his hardest to keep himself sealed, but the water found a way through his shields. In small drops, the tears rolled down his chin, where they then fell empty to the floor. He had lost her. The only one he'd ever cared about; who he ever would. And to his best friend! The rage and betrayal mixed inside him, simply canceling out to despair. He didn't know how he could live anymore. He was now truly alone.
A knock on the door startled, but didn't surprise him. He expected TK to try to talk to him, to comfort him. Even though he hated to turn him away, he just couldn't face his younger brother when it came to these things. Not girls, no, but loss and heartbreak. He wanted nothing more than for TK's life to be happy, that he refused to talk about sad, yet existent things. He didn't think TK could handle another pain as big as the divorce. So he kept his problems hid.
"Go away, TK." he growled through the door, just barely able to keep the sobs out of his voice.
"Matt?" a little voice chirped through the door. "Are you there, Matt? It's Mimi. Please let me in, Matt."
'Mimi?' he thought, quite confused. "What do you want?"
"Matt? Can you hear me, Matt? Please open the door." Even through his tears he smiled lightly at her oblivion. He always had a soft spot for Mimi. Even though everyone else thought she was a huge airhead, he always hoped and knew there was something more. He turned around and opened the door, letting the pink one in.
The lights in the room were off, silhouetting her against the lights of the hallway. He had literally never seen her in this light before. He felt rather odd. Conflicted, even. "What do you want?" he repeated.
She sighed as she entered the room. "I want to help you, Matt."
He turned his back to her and crossed his arms. "You wouldn't know anything about it."
"I would too!" she yelped, putting her hand on his shoulder and drawing in right behind him. "I've known him forever, Matt, and I've always kinda liked him. He's smart and funny and extremely talented, and I've watched him grow everyday, and sometimes, I've grown with him."
'Its gotta be Joe. Or, maybe Izzy? Anyways it's gotta be a digidestined.' Matt wasn't stupid, he caught that much. Who else would have grown with her?
"Do you remember the other day when you...well," she started, carful not to say anything that might set him off.
"Shot TK and kidnapped Sora?" he finished bitterly.
"Do you remember that I was crying in the corner?" she continued, ignoring his spite. She took his silence to mean no. "Well, I had just found out that he has been dating my best friend, and neither of them thought enough to tell me."
Matt started to piece things together. Sora was Mimi's best human friend, and she had been dating...
"Mimi..." he sighed.
"Through all my mix-ups and all the times I've fallen down, he's alway been there for me. And I promise that from now on, I'll always be there for him." She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him even closer. "For you." She lay her head on his shoulder and in five words melted his frozen heart.
"That's all that I want."
He could do it. Mimi? He always thought she was cute, but this was just too much. He never let himself think about her because she lived with her parents in New York. He didn't want to get attached to someone so physically distant. And after the christmas fiasco, he couldn't help but fall in love with Sora. Mimi never had a chance. But maybe it wasn't fair to group the two together. Mimi was stunningly beautiful, probably more so than Sora, and had an amazing voice, definitely better than Sora's. But Sora was the physical embodiment of love itself. Perhaps he had, in a way, been suckered into a scam. Maybe, he never really loved her at all...
While Matt was discovering himself, Mimi was getting more and more worried at his silence. She felt tears coming on and turned to go, miserable that she had lost someone, too. But she didn't get far before a pair of hands grabbed her wrists and dragged her back. The proximity to his body was maintained, but this time she was seeing his face. They looked right into each others eyes and slowly leaned in, meeting in the middle in a collection of positive emotion.
"I think I could love you." Matt said after the kiss had broken.
And with that they kissed again, falling back onto Matt's bed.

"What's wrong with me?" she said as Tai entered her bedroom. Even though her back was to the door, she knew it was Tai. She just knew. "How could I be so selfish?" She started to cry, crossing her arms and putting her hand on her face. Tai walked up behind her and put his hands on her hips.
"Hey, there's no way you can be nice to everyone. Matt should know this; he's just being a diva."
"It's not Matt." she sobbed. "Not anymore. I was so...caught up in Matt that I forgot about Mimi. Tai, she told me...before the show...she told me...she...loved him...and I stole his heart. Stole it and burned it right in front of her eyes. Now Matt loves me and will never see Mimi and I just ruined my best friends hopes of love. Thats why I'm selfish, Tai. I saw my own heart over anyone else's. That's why."
He put his head on her shoulders, pulling her closer. "Sora, all you do is care about others. This whole adventure, you've only been concerned with making everyone happy, even if it meant hurting me." He spun her around and put a hand under her chin. "And don't count Mimi out yet. She went back there to talk to him. She looked...well, empowered. I don't think you'll have anything to worry about."
She looked up into his eyes, those deep, dark eyes. She lost herself everyday in them. She stared for what seemed like forever, but Tai didn't care; he loved her eyes just the same. Finally, she wrapped her arms around his back and cried into his shoulder.
"I love you, Tai." she said through the tears and through his shoulder. "Promise me me you'll never leave me."
He reached up and stroked her beautiful hair. "'Til death do us part." he whispered back.
When Kari came to check on them and hour later, she found them on Sora's bed, the way they had been in the cave.
Her head on his chest.
His hand in her hair.
Her hand in his hand
His heart in her heart.
The only way they felt safe,
And the way they should be...
Would be.

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