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3 weeks ago...

"I think it's about time I introduce you guys to someone."

Wes was sitting in the uncomfortable chair that was provided for him every week in these boring therapy sessions. Sitting tall with his legs crossed and hands folded in his lap, he continued talking.

"Now, it wasn't my choice, because if it was, this would not be happening. Ever."

At this point, everyone in the room was looking at him in pure curiosity, even his partner, Travis. Not quite understanding what was going to happen, everyone stayed silent, waiting for him to continue.

"So, this person I wanted to introduce you guys to is...Well he..Umm..."

With his confidence faltering, Wes stopped speaking for a moment, gathering his thoughts. With a deep breath, he started again.

"Okay, So-"

"You take way to long to introduce someone, so I'll just make it easier for you."

Turning their heads in the direction the voice came from, they all (with the exception of Wes) were all shocked into silence. With long and graceful strides, a tall (and very well-built) man walk in. With his perfectly swept, black hair and charming good looks, he smiled at everyone before his eyes landed on Wes.

"Well, Wes? Are you gonna introduce me, or am I going to have to do that too?" The charming man joked.

With a roll of his eyes and a long sigh, Wes stood up and walked towards him.

"Okay everyone, this is my boyfriend, Will." Wes said, looking at the floor, blush slowly rising to his cheeks.

Grabbing his hands and pulling him into a hug, Will spoke humorously.

"Awwwh, it's okay Wes! No cares that you bat for the same team, right guys?"

With a minute of silence, and a few coughs, everyone agreed.

Mr. and Mrs. Dumont...

"Of course we don't mind!"


"We kind of guessed..."


"Yeah, we did. Sorry man, but it's cool!"

Of course, Peter...

"So, have you guys had-"

And Dakota...

"Peter! That's enough!"

And of course...

"This could bring in some progress..."

"Really Dr. Ryan?" Wes finally had enough, and pulled away from his boyfriend with an annoyed look towards everyone. Was everything about progress with her?

He hadn't realized it before, but at that moment, Wes noticed Travis was being very quiet. Ever since Will walked in, he was completely silent. He looked angry and a bit hurt. Wes didn't say anything as he pulled up another chair for Will to join the circle. Travis would talk when he was ready.

Thankfully for Travis, therapy was finally over, and they were walking over to the car. Travis still hadn't said a word to either Wes or that Will guy. What the hell was Wes' problem? He had dated that guy for, who knows how long, and didn't even tell him! He thought they were partners! He couldn't help the fact that there was a small pain in his chest whenever he thought about it.

"Okay, I can't take it anymore!" Wes yelled out as they reached the car, turning to Travis. "You've been quiet ever since Will walked in and you didn't even-"

"How long?" Travis cut him off in a low voice.

"What do you mean-"

"You know what I mean, Wes!" Travis said, walking angrily over to the side of the car Wes was at. "How long?"

"A month and a half..."

"Wow, I just...I can't believe you! I thought we were supposed to trust each other! For more than a month- Wes, a month- you've basically lied-"

Wes cut him off.

"Lied? Travis, I never lied-"

"Then, what do you call this?"

"I did not lie, Travis. Don't-"

Travis was getting angrier and angrier with every word.

"Then tell me-"

"You never asked!" Wes yelled in frustration. Sighing, he repeated his last words. "You never asked, okay? I assumed if you didn't ask, I wouldn't tell, and everything would be fine. I-"

Travis tried talking again, but was quickly cut off.

"And I know that was stupid, and wrong. I should've trusted you, Travis, and I'm sorry. Could you please forgive me?"

Throughout their whole argument, Wes finally looked Travis in the eyes. While his hopeful and pleading eyes looked into Travis', he waited for an answer.

"You could've told me, y'know." Travis finally said, with a kicked puppy look.

"I know, okay? I'm sorry, really."

"It's...fine. But, that's something I'd want to know!" Travis said, still a little upset.

"I know..." Wes replied, feeling more and more guilty.

"I mean, you're finally getting laid! That's something you brag about, bro!"


"You are getting some, right? It's been way too long not to!" Travis laughed a Wes' embaressment.

"Okay, let's go. This conversation is over." Wes said as he walked to his car.

"Give me details, or I wont forgive you." Travis replied, crossing his arms over his chest. Noting the seriousness in his voice, Wes sighed.

"Whatever. Just come on."

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