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Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, Wes finally awoke from what seemed like an endless sleep. When the sleep disappeared from his eyes and he was wide awake, he was startled by the sleeping face in front of him. As much as he wanted to, he could not look away. The face in front of him was too beautiful to look away from. His hair was amazing. Wes could sit there and count every little perfect curl. His eyelashes were even better. They were long and had a natural curl that he couldn't help but love. Wes wished he could wake up to this every morning. But he couldn't...

He couldn't because he already had someone.

Someone who loved him and would never do anything to hurt him...

Like he was doing now.

At that thought, Wes finally realized what he had done. Wes was all for being faithful and trusting. He had never cheated a day in his life. Until now. The blonde could only imagine how Will would feel if he found out. He would never forgive him.

Wes was angry. No. He was more than angry. Travis just couldn't let him be happy, could he? He always had to mess things up when things were going good for him. Sitting up, Wes glared down at the stirring man next to him. As Travis awoke from his sleep, he was greeted with a slap to the face, Hard.

"How could you!" Wes shouted at the surprised face staring up at him. The surprised face slowly turned into one of pure anger.

"Wes? What the hell is going on?" Travis asked, sitting up, only to be pushed back down.

"You always have to ruin my happiness, don't you? Everything is always about you and what you want and..."

He couldn't hold it in anymore. It had been years since Wes cried. He was always the strong one. But now, he was crying harder than he ever has before. And he didn't even know why.

"Wes, baby. Please, don't cry." Travis pleaded until he was cut off by Wes pounding his fist into his chest.

"Don't tell me...not to cry...asshole," Wes cried between sobs as his fists came to a halt. Travis had got ahold of them and wouldn't let go. After a while, Wes' fists started to hurt and get harder on his muscular chest. "you did this...it's all you fault."

"What is this about, Wes? Can you just tell me? You were perfectly fine before we went to sleep last night..." Travis whispered lightly, scared that if he raised his voice any louder, Wes would yell again.

"Nothing, I'm fine..."

"Wes come on, I know-"

"I said I'm fine Travis." Wes stated, his voice filled with finality. He wiped the last of his tears away. He pulled away from Travis and headed towards the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower..."

Before Travis got to comprehend what just happened, the door to the bathroom was slammed shut.

Wes sat down in the bathtub as water shot down onto his body from the shower head. Though he thought he was finished, Wes soon began crying his eyes out. He can't believe he actually did that to Will. The only person who was willing to give him a chance and help him move on from the divorce.

And yet, after last night, Wes couldn't help but have feelings for Travis. The way he looked, the way he smelled, the way he touched him...

It was all too much. Wes wish he could stay in that shower until he shriveled up and died. Well...it would've worked if he locked the door.

"You okay Wes?"

It came from the outside of the shower. Wes jumped up, hitting his head on a shower handle. He cried out in pain.

"Owwww!" Wes said, rubbing his head, "That fucking hurt..."

All of a sudden, the shower curtains were yanked open and two pairs of hands were wrapped around his head.

"You okay? Let me see."

Wes had no idea why Travis was being so gentle with him. He was never like this with him. Is this how he treated all the people he's slept with? Not that he was jealous, it's just...

"Owwwwwwwww...!" Wes cried out again as Travis touched the exact spot he hit his head on. He pressed his head in the crook of Travis' neck, trying to ease the pain.

They stayed there far a while. Travis' hands wrapped around his head and his head on his shoulder. At that moment, Wes had finally realized how awkward this was considering his lack of clothes.

"I think i'm okay now..." Wes mumbled as he pulled from Travis' chest. Before he got to completely pull away, Travis slid his hands down to his shoulder and kept him there. The darker man leaned in until their lips met.

Wes sighed and wrapped his arms tightly around Travis' body. Before it went any further, Wes pulled away again.

"This is a one time thing. I hope you know that..." Wes mumbled as Travis locked his lips with his again.

"Mhhmm. Whatever." Travis said as he slide into the shower next to his partner.