Ch. 1: The New Girl

Author Notes: My first fanfic! I haven't watched the movie of ParaNorman, but I've read the book, which I think is better than watching the movie. Enjoy! (I do not own anything here except for the character Laura Moon)

Norman's P.O.V.

There she stood, alluring and mysterious-looking. There was something about her that I just couldn't figure out.

"Class, meet Laura Moon. Her family just moved to Blithe Hollow, be sure to make her feel at home!" Mr. Feynman announced.

Her observant eyes were like the color of the midnight sky, and her long, jet-black hair was streaked with an unnatural grey. As I gazed at her in fascination, her dark, piercing eyes seem to survey the entire class, before landing upon mine.

"She's kinda cute, but kinda weird..." The school's bully, Alvin, whispered. He may be the tough tyrant of my school, but he also happens to be a loyal friend of mine.

I had to admit, the faint glow in her eyes made me shiver inwardly. Then, I remembered the times when people used to look at me that way. I shouldn't judge her straight away, but maybe,this Laura Moon could have simply been an outcast in her last school, like I was before.

"Ah, Laura, why don't you sit in down beside Norman? The empty desk over there..." Mr. Feynman pointed to the desk on my left.

The girl walked over to the desk and sat down, aware that everyone was watching her in neither a bad or good way. Now that she was at a closer distance, I noticed more of her other features. Her skin looked somewhat pale, as if she saw a ghost or something.

But I've seen plenty. You see, my paranormal gift is communicating with ghosts. That led me to battling zombies and calming an angry witch. It was probably the only time I really made good use of my gift.

The lessons went on as per usual, but soon, the anticipated chiming sound of the bell rang out, interrupting our teacher's lecture.

"Class is dismissed!" Mr. Feynman announced to the class. We grabbed our bags and headed outside for recess. My friends, Neil Downe and Salma Ramsay, were already outside waiting for me near the blue slide.

"What took you so long?" Salma asked. Her braces were quite noticeable when she talked.

"New girl. Laura Moon or something," I replied..

"She's pretty..." Neil sighed dreamily. He then seemed to notice Salma and I staring oddly at him. Blushing, he quickly added, "Pretty... creepy?"

"Yeah, everyone's been talking about her. They say her parents are celebrities or something." Salma told us. Just then, I saw Laura walking towards me.

Laura's P.O.V:

There's something about this boy that made me think hard. I heard someone mention that is name was Norman, Norman Babcock. And that he saved the town from zombies and an evil witch or something. Some people even said that he could talk to ghosts, like I did. I ran my fingers through my black hair. I just couldn't take it anymore and decided to talk to him. I approached him and his friends with confidence, yet I didn't know what to say.

Norman's P.O.V:

"Hi," was all I could manage. Alvin was right. She was cute, and creepy, well, I guess I would call it mysterious.

"What are you doing here?" asked Salma. But Laura ignored her.

"Can we talk in private?" She asked me. I nod slowly and I follow her to the hollow tree where kids stuff things including old homework.

"I heard you can talk to ghosts, is it true?" Laura asked me.

"Yes," I simply replied. Why couldn't she just ask me in front of people?

Everyone knew that I could talk to ghosts after the incident, and people who didn't know just asked me whenever they had the chance.

"Good. Because I can too," she said, smiling for the first time.