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Laura's P.O.V.

Mom thought ahead. She took Norman to 'the Well'. And that was definitely not a good sign.

'The Well' was an empty well that she took her prisoners to. She asks them some questions first, then floods the well with water. Mom had threatened me when I was little to put me there. Quite nice, eh?

Anyways, I hatched a bit of a plan to save Norman. Mom always enters the well from the secret passage. I can enter the well from the top. Although... I'm going to need some rope... Where would I find that?

Norman's P.O.V.

Okay. I'm in a well. Rats scurried around and jumped on me every few seconds, as if mocking me that I was here. I looked up and saw the gloomy grey sky above. Would Laura come? Or did she plan this with her mom before? Well, at least I knew part of Loretta's plan. She was going to destroy all ghosts and ghost whisperers. Although, I still can't believe Laura's related to Loretta!

Laura's P.O.V.

Found it. Rope. It was perfect for hoisting myself down to the Well. I don't have much time, so I guess I better be going now.

"Norman!" I shouted to the bottom of the well as I climbed.

"Laura?" Norman asked as Laura's voice bounced off the walls of the well.

"I'm commmmiiinnng!" I shrieked as I plunged down the well.

As my feeling of hope started to grow, something just had to ruin it. My rope had snapped. How was I supposed to get back up? I shrieked as I landed faceflat on the grimy floor and raised my head to stare at Norman.

"I was wondering if you were gonna come back at all," he muttered as he gazed at me.

"I'm here now," I grinned cheekily.

"Did she already ask you some questions?" I asked Norman quickly as I dusted myself off.

"Uh, yeah. But she sort of read my mind and knew the answer right away anyway." Norman shrugged nonchalantly.

Instantly, a flood of water came whooshing from the top of the well. It started to fill quick. Norman and I glanced surprisingly at the water before panicking.

"Laura!" Norman shrieked trying to grab hold of me.

"Norman!" I screamed frantically, reaching out.

"Laura, why are you down here?" Mom cried, possibly with a slight edge of fright, from above.

"Can you swim?" I panted as the water flooded higher.

Norman replied, accidentally swallowing some water. "Yeah..." He glanced with slight panic before grabbing my hand and tried his best to keep afloat.

We tried swimming to the top, but the current was way too strong. It was pummeling us downwards, in to the dark water below. Soon, we both ran out of air, and it was all my Mom's fault.