I own nothing of Reba or Twister. I own the following characters: Shana and Elaina. Reba and Jo are sisters for a dramatic effect. Set to take place in 1996.

CH 1: Meet the Crew.


Dr. Jo Thornton Harding: Soon-to-be ex-wife of Bill. She lost her father when she was six years old. She is the younger sister of Reba. Played by Helen Hunt.

Bill Harding: Soon-to-be ex-husband of Jo. Engaged to Melissa. Favors Jo's cousin Shana because of her love and passion for chasing tornados. Played by Bill Paxton

Dr. Melissa Reeves: Engaged to Bill. She is a reproduction therapist. She does not find chasing tornados thrilling at all. Played by Jami Gertz

Meg Greene: Jo's aunt. There is no saying whether she is Jo's maternal or paternal, but I'm going with maternal. She used to call Bill a human barometer. Played by Lois Smith.

Dr. Jonas Miller: Only chases tornados for money. He owns a lot of high-tech stuff to help his group. Played by Cary Elwes.

Dustin "Dusty" Davis: Is the crazy-but-cool one of Jo's group. He started out with Bill and Jo, and has been chasing twisters ever since. He calls Bill "The Extreme", and is rumored to have a crush on Shana. Played by Philip Seymour Hoffman

Shana "Shay-Shay" Murray-Greene: Is Jo's 16-year-old cousin who lives with Meg. Shana knows Dusty likes her, but she's out to get Laurence, the second youngest in the group. She has a nursing license, even at her young age. She also enjoys chasing twisters, and playing with her dog, Mose. Her parents (Meg's daughter and son-in-law) died in an F-4 tornado. She is three minutes older than her sister, Elaina. She used to work with Jonas before he went his separate ways with Bill and Jo. Played by Sarah Hyland.

Elaina "Ellie Bear" Murray-Greene: Is three minutes younger than her twin sister, Shana. She is much like Shana in every way. She also owns Mose, and has a nursing license. She knows that Laurence likes her, but she goes for Dusty, because they are both the same kind of crazy. When she goes chasing, she'll ride with Dusty, and Shana will ride with Laurence. Played by Amanda Bynes.

Tim "Beltzer" Lewis: Likes Haynes a lot. Rumor has it that they're engaged. Played by Todd Field.

Haynes: The other female in the group. She is rumored to be engaged to Beltzer. Played by Wendle Josepher.

Allan Sanders: Is Rabbit's friend. He drives while Rabbit finds shortcuts to beat Jonas. Played by Sean Whalen.

Robert "Rabbit" Nurick: Is the navigation system of Jo's group. He owns hundreds of maps, and knows every shortcut, inside and out. Played by Alan Ruck.

Jason "Preacher" Rowe: Hates Jonas's guts. Used to be friends with Eddie. Played by Scott Thomson.

Joey: Likes to encourage the group, and loves Meg and her cooking. Played by Joey Slotnick.

Laurence: Is the youngest of the group, excluding Shana. He's unaware that Shana's trying to get him. He likes Shana's sister, Elaina, but is unaware of the fact that she's trying to get Dusty. Played by Jeremy Davies.


Reba Thornton Hart: Is Jo's older sister. She was eight when she watched her father get killed by a tornado. Seldom will chase tornados, but she let her daughters go when Shana does. Played by Reba McEntire.

Cheyenne Hart: Is Reba's 12-year-old daughter. She is the second oldest in the Hart family. Played by Joana Garcia.

Kyra Hart: Is Reba's second oldest daughter who is 7-years-old. Played by Scarlett Pomers.

Jake Hart: Is Reba's youngest and only son. He is 2-years-old. Played by Mitch Holleman.

Brock Hart: Reba's husband. Not mentioned much, but he will come around. Played by Christopher Rich.

Lori Ann Garner: Reba's best friend, who also lives with Meg. Played by Park Overall.

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