CH 10: Humans Being

I don't own the words to the song.

There is just enough Christ in me to make me feel almost guilty. Is that why God made us bleed, to make us see we're humans being? You break this, I'll break all that. You break my balls with all your crap. Spread your disease like lemmings breeding. That's what makes us humans being.

Shine on. Shine on. Shine on. Shine on.

Yeah! Some low life flat head scum infects. The sickness in his eyes reflects. You wonder why your life is screaming. Wonder why we're humans being.

Shine on. Shine on. Shine on. Shine on.

Humans. Humans being. We're just humans. Humans being. We're just humans. Humans being. We're just humans. Humans being. Humans being! Humans being! Humans being!

Jo's POV:

"We have to get off of this road."

"What do you mean, this is no time to guess," I said.

"Just make a right turn," Bill yelled. I did what I was told and all the chasers followed.

"We've got a touchdown," Joey said over the CB.

"We've got a touchdown, touchdown, tornado is on the ground," Laurence said, "It's coming down Route 33."

"Where is it? I don't see it," I said.

"Damn if Ellie were here, she'd see it in a heartbeat," Beltzer said.

Ellie's POV:

Shana and I invited our friend, Deidra, and her best friend, Jasmine, over to watch The Shining with us.

"Hey, loves," Deidra said as she walked in the door, "This is Jasmine."

"Oh, my God," Jasmine yelled, "They look exactly like me!"

"Ellie, she looks like Lizzy," Shana said.

"Wait, are you Elaina and Shana Greene," Jasmine asked, "My mother, Meryl, was your sister."

"No, she's our mother, too," Shay said, "Elizabeth, you're no Jasmine, you suffered amnesia from the twister that killed Momma and Daddy. We're Shana and Elaina Murray-Greene now. You're our younger sister."

"Shana is it really you two," Elizabeth asked.

"Yes Lizzy," Shay said, "It's us." Lizzy ran and hugged us both. We thought she had died in the tornado, but she didn't.

"MEG," I called, "LIZZY'S ALIVE!" I was crying. Meg came out.

"Lizzy's dead, Ellie," Meg said.

"No she's not. This is Lizzy," Shana said.

"Hi, Meg," Lizzy said. She pulled Meg into a huge hug.

"My God, I thought you were dead," said Meg, "Where were you all this time?"

"Being convinced I was someone else," Lizzy said, "But I'm back."

"Do you know if any of the other girls survived," I asked.

"All of them except one," Lizzy said, "Rachel didn't make it."

"Rachel was weak, anyway," Shay said, "Reba's living here, now with her three kids, and her best friend."

"Where's Jo?"

"Chasing with the team," Shay said, "Come on, Reba will freak when she sees you."

We took Elizabeth up to see Reba, Lori Ann, and the kids.

"Hey, Reba," Shay said, "Somebody wants to see you."

"Who," asked Reba.

"Hey, Reba," Lizzy said. She ran to hug Reba.

"Lizzy, we thought you was dead!" We could tell Reba was so happy. Tears were streaming down her cheeks.

"I'm not! Neither are Casey and Delia. In fact, they're both here in Wakita!"

"Where are they at, Lizzy," I asked.

"They're at the Robinson's house," Lizzy said, "You'll need to convince them that they're really Casey and Delia. They've been thinking their names are Alicia and Kelly."

"It'll work," I smiled.