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This short takes place sometime after PSPo2 storyline but before the prologue of Infinity.


I had some free time from working with Emilia to do whatever I needed to do. After speaking with Lumia and Maya, I had decided to go back to the G-Colony.

I could never move on with my life until I had settled the matter with the Guardians.

I was nervous, it had been three years since I had stepped inside the place. It looked more or less the same. I didn't know what to feel when I arrived. There was some brief feeling of happiness. G-Colony was my home for much of my life with Mom and within the Guardians. The steps to the lobby of Guardians HQ were as familiar to me as if I never left.

It was good to see that much haven't changed.

"Welcome to the Guardians, protecting the future of Gurhal!"

"Hello Mina, I would like to see President Martinez."

"Have we met?"

"It's been a couple years."

"...Ami? Ami! It's good to see you again."

"And you too."

"Hmm, it looks like President Martinez isn't scheduled for anything so I'll let her know you're coming up."

"Thank you."

"May the Holy Light guide you!"

I gave a small smile hearing that again.

The nerves came back full force as I took the elevator to the President's office. She and I never spoke directly since my resignation. I was asked to do a mission in the six hours before the final battle with Kumhan. Chelsea handled the communications.

After all, I couldn't rant at her with all of Gurhal in trouble then.

I wasn't a Guardian anymore, but I still have that desire to protect everything.

"Ami, it's been quite some time since I saw you. I've heard from Lumia you're in Little Wing now."

"Commander Waber, it's always a pleasure to see you. And yes I am."

After I was released from being commander, Laia had appointed Orson Waber to the position.

I never blamed him for my situation with Laia.

He made the transition back into my duties as easy at it could be.

I wonder if it was because I helped bring his family together again.

Regardless, he was one of the best people to take orders from during the remainder of my time in the Guardians.

"So what brings you here?"

"Going to talk with Laia, we have some unfinished business."

"I see, well I hope it works out. I still believe that we lost one of our best when you left."

"I'm always thankful for the compliment Sir. I may not be in the Guardians anymore, but my desire to protect Gurhal has never wavered. It took Little Wing to finally realize that."

"Good. As long as you are happy."

"I am Sir."

We went our ways and it wasn't soon before I arrived at Laia's office. The door had opened. It was time to finally face my past.

"Mina told me you'll be here Ami."


"You aren't a Guardian, no need for titles."

"Of course Laia."

"Lumia and Maya miss you."

"Yeah. They actually suggested I come here."

"Have you been keeping up with your training?"

"Yes, I rather not relive those memories under your instruction."


We shared a laugh.

"I'm sure that you didn't come by to reminisce on your trainee days."

"No. I wanted to clear the air about my dismissal of Commander."

"I thought we already explained that-"

It was then I let it all out. Three years of pent up feelings about the entire thing. I didn't shout, I didn't cry. I even explained the true reasoning of my leaving the Guardians.

By the end of it Laia looked to understand.

"I see, I never knew you felt so strongly about it."

"I did. I mean, I was happy. You saw something in me. Even through my reservations. I even asked you if you were sure about picking me. You know how that feels? 'Oh hey you helped save Gurhal, brought back your trainee and you get a big dismissal for your troubles.' I'm compassionate, yeah. But that's who I am. I just couldn't stay after that."

"I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry for what I said then. I was angry."

"It was already forgiven. So, you're in Little Wing now?"

"More like they found me. So if you hadn't done that I wouldn't have wound up with them. I found a place with them. So in a freaky sort of way, thank you."

With that I left her office. I felt lighter finally getting this part of my life over with. Laia and I talk more now. I'm grateful that she never asked me to come back.

A little choppy then I would like to admit. But it's something.

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