Shroud hated his life so MUCH right now. Why? Well he finally was 'convinced' after some very long minutes to help Aodh walk as the both of them looked for a safe or safer area. He huffed at the situation he had gotten himself in and also became tense whenever he saw the gleaming shine of the sharp object or weapon that Aodh carried all the time. So every few seconds Shroud's eyes kept darting towards Aodh's weapon, an iron sword by the name Old Faithful. Or at least that's what Shroud picked up from Aodh's endless rambling about who knows what.

Shroud occasionally listened into Aodh's never ending speech because sometimes something funny came out of his mouth and he would laugh at some of them. Once, apparently, he and a friend of his had gone into a cave and Aodh had dressed up as a creeper (which the name made another flash of green appear Shroud's mind yet different from the first) and scared the wits out of his friend.

But still Shroud only listened to a few of these as he continued to search for a good area to stop at and they had to stop soon because Aodh through his seemingly energized appearance and talk was definitely becoming exhausted from the walk.

The walk wasn't even quite that long either, around a bend or two and down a steep valley that stretch off into the distance. Something didn't add up quite right. Sure Aodh had a burn that scorched his back and left side, but although large it was only a light burn so why was he getting tired so fast. Maybe it had to do with the bad limp of Aodh's?

'Well whatever the reason, we're going to have to stop in a bit.' Shroud thought to himself as the ever subtle hate of Voice made itself known again. Shroud didn't know what to think anymore as the previous events befuddled his mind.

It started off the same as any day for him, waking up, eating some shrooms, scaring the skin off of the other mobs, more shrooms…

'Just how could it change so fast?' Shroud thought to himself as both he and Aodh trudged on through the endless world known as the Nether. Shroud was also considering leaving Aodh to fend for himself once the both of them found a safe place to stay for a while.

He again felt Voice's presents as he seemed to nod to the idea while other voice seemed to look down upon him with shame.

'Yet another thing that's added to the annoyingly long list of changes today…' Shroud pouted bitterly and amidst all his thoughts and concerns Shroud had yet to realize that he was practically carrying Aodh now instead of supporting him. Aodh was trying to get Shroud's attention and was near to the point of yelling loudly into Shroud's ears when Shroud mind finally clicked that he was dragging Aodh.

"Finally, you hear me lad! I've been trying to get your attention for quite bit of time." Aodh blurted out between his gasps for air. Shroud just looked at Aodh with a mixture of confusion and impatience at Aodh's lack of ability to keep up.

"Can we stop please? I feel like I'm going to drop dead from walking rather than from the mobs around us!" Shroud just scowled at Aodh really starting to believe now the he was a weak man. Also the place they had stopped at was not the best, but probably one of the worst areas to be in.

They were on one of the many ledges in the Nether, one that was facing into a lot of open space where Ghasts could easily roam around in. Although this ledge was not over lava like many others it was still a good fifty foot drop to the nether rack below and there was no way Aodh, and possibly Shroud, could survive the fall if it were to be blasted away.

Another reason why it wasn't a good area to stay was because there were only two exits, the way they came and a rather small and thin bridge of nether rack to a bigger ledge.

Unfortunately for Shroud, Aodh wasn't willing to move any further and had promptly collapsed on the ground. Least to say, Shroud was getting more annoyed and was now starting to hate his decision to help Aodh more and more.

'Why had I even thought about helping in the first place anyway?' Shroud shook his head in annoyance as he watched Aodh continue to rest on the ground. Then, suddenly, Shroud noticed fine red lines zigzagging near Aodh's burns. Shroud swore he saw those marks before, but he could not recall from where as his memories were still clouded.

Aodh gently got up into a sitting position as Shroud thought about the strange marks. Aodh then reached into his pockets and starting pulling something out.

Shroud having seen the action had stepped back a little thinking Aodh was going to attack now completely forgetting about the marks. But instead Aodh had simply got out a stone tool used by many minecraftians all over the three realms. Shroud of course didn't remember what it was and was prepared to strike Aodh, but other voice sent out a wave of gentleness and even spoke a few words…

'No need to harm the harmless…' Shroud was surprised to hear more words come from other voice since Shroud thought before both voices had become mute after the certain events. Though against Voice's silent cries for bloodshed, Shroud eased up and now stared curiously at the object that Aodh wielded.

"Tis be a stone pickaxe Shroud, it's good for digging through many different blocks like nether rack." Aodh explained simply to Shroud and then hobbled over to the one wall on the ledge. Aodh then proceeded to hack away at one of the blocks until it broke into a small rotating version of itself that could be picked up.

"Now you try Shroud." Aodh said as he tossed the stone pickaxe towards Shroud who caught it with ease yet surprised what Aodh had just performed. Shroud stared at the contraption in his hands critically and looked back up towards Aodh who was tapping the block just below the one he dug out.

"Hit this block right here Shroud." Aodh continued to point at the one block and soon Shroud uncertainly walked up to the block. Weighing the unfamiliar tool in his hands, Shroud slightly swung the pickaxe at the Nether rack seeing cracks appear before they disappeared. Growing a bit more confident, Shroud started to hit the Nether rack for longer and in a few moments shroud had mined the Nether rack.

Aodh was going to prompt Shroud to keep digging but it was no need as Shroud instantly mining away faster at the sound of a Ghast coming from the open space. More impressive was that Shroud even made the soon-to-be hiding hole wider instead of a narrow passage. Aodh had to get Shroud's attention to stop mining as it started to become a bit too large.

Shroud calmed down just as Aodh plopped down his crafting table and cauldron filled with water. Obviously Shroud was going to eye both new objects with suspicion, but more so with the water inside the cauldron. Shroud poked at the water as this was the first in a long time that he'd seen water. When he went to touch the water he shivered at the coldness of it and backed away from the water only to stare at it some more as he clutched the hand that was now cold as well.

Aodh thought the lad to be quite amusing and surprisingly minecraftian like despite his noticeable likeness in appearance to Wraiths.

'Maybe he's both.' Aodh thought as he continued to watch as Shroud crept towards the water again. Another thought flashed inside his mind remembering how Shroud had suddenly collapsed and screamed loudly when they first meet not even two hours ago…

'Or was it just one hour ago?' Aodh mused before opening his mouth to ask his unanswered question. But the question never escaped past his lips as his leg gave out and he realized how drained of energy he was.

Seeing Aodh fall down out of the corner of his eye, Shroud's head whipped around to face the fallen man before briskly walking closer wondering what was going on. He sat down in front of Aodh and began assessing Aodh's wounds more narrowly than before. Again the burns only looked like first degree burns that have already begun to heal over. But the red lines Shroud noticed from before seemed to have spread more and seemed to be hindering the body's ability of healing the wounds.

Shroud ram sacked his mind trying to recall just what the red lines meant and how bad they were going to affect Aodh. It took some searching the back of his mind, but soon Shroud's eyes snapped open as a long forgotten memory emerged along with Voice's soundless cries of rage.

There was a young man running away, running as fast and far away from the many Ghasts chasing him. The man had nothing on him besides his tunic which hung loosely around his small frame. The only way to safety was across a field of soul sand and the man dashed into the soul sand trying to outrun the Ghast coming from behind.

The soul sand of course slowed the man down to a crawl and soon the Ghasts had caught up and starting firing away at the foreign being. The man dodged all the attacks until he got to the small hole in the wall which is when one of the Ghasts got lucky and landed a hit on the man's left arm and set fire to the soul sand. The man cried out as he pulled himself to safety and landing clumsily behind a protective wall of Nether rack.

The man looked at the burn on his border-lining pale skin. It was just a small burn, but as the soul sand extinguished itself, small particles of the sand landed on the burn making it sting worse than it already was. A few minutes go by before the man notices small, fine red lines forming near his burn and soon the man feels light headed and falls into a fitful, fevered sleep.

Shroud knew nothing else as he came back to reality and realized that the man was himself back before he even knew Voice and that whatever he got was dire and needed attention.

But as he looked back down towards Aodh who looked like on the verge of passing out, Shroud knew he didn't know how to stop the red lines or how to even slow them down to an extent.

In short, Shroud didn't know if Aodh was going to last another day without help…