Stiles couldn't breathe.

His head was hidden in his hands, buried away in his knees, creating a hopefully impregnable fortress. Shoulders shaking with panicked gulps, he attempted to reenact the steps in his head. Such an easy concept had become exceedingly impossible. Painful, in fact. Inhale, exhale. Why could his mind not grasp the simple vocabulary?

Another flash of terror jolted through his body, sending his entire frame into fits of trembling. The oxygen wasn't reaching his brain. His lungs seared in pain. This is it, Stiles thought, This is what it feels like. Drowning.

Untangling his right arm from his cocoon, Stiles frantically reached around for his top nightstand drawer. Feeling for the handle, he pulled it open, his hand scavenging for that box. The one which held the cure to episodes such as these. Grasping it, Styles quickly removed the lid and grabbed the content. Never once opening his eyes, he unraveled his left arm, straightening it on top of his knees.

Stiles held his breath, feeling release moments away. He tried his hardest to focus on one thought: Inhale.

Breath filled his lungs.

The blade sliced through the skin. Exhale.

He did it.



He was breathing again.



His hands dropping to his sides, Stiles continuously repeated the words in his head, finally regaining the ability to breathe.

Minutes passed that felt like hours. Stiles felt his heart synchronizing with the tick of the clock. All he was was passing time. His eyes slid closed as he wished himself anywhere but there. Any life but this. Anybody but him.

The loud vibration of his phone on his desk jolted him out of his wishful thinking. Sluggishly, he pushed himself off the floor, slightly wincing with the pressure put on his wrists, and walked towards the brightened screen.

Re: Scott. Will you please answer your phone?

-can it wait? With Allison. –S

Stiles glanced up from the message, his eyes wandering to the floor. He turned around to look at the mess he'd left on the floor. The mess he'd left of his life. He took in the sight, the smell, the feeling, and let out a rough, low laugh.

Re: can it wait? With Allison. – S

Of Course.