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A loud knock came at the door of the B&B. Running a hand through her hair, Helena was drawn out of a deep daydream. Going to the door, she did not recognise the figure obscured by the frosted glass. Opening the door, she studied the severe looking woman in the doorway. The woman was without a doubt stunning, with flame red hair, and deep amber eyes. Tilting her head, Helena asked, "Can I help you?"
The woman cast her burning eyes over Helena, and her frown deepened, "You are not the one."
There was something about the stranger that set Helena on edge. "I beg your pardon?"
The amber glare turned on her, with an intensity which gave the normally fearless inventor pause. "Where is she?"
Subtly moving her hand to the Tesla still at her belt, Helena asked, "Who?"
"If I knew her name, then I would not be speaking to you."
Feeling her heckles rise, Helena had a feeling the woman was talking about Elizabeth, "Who are you?"
"It is of no consequence."
Straightening her shoulders, Helena ignored her screaming instincts and said strongly, "I disagree."
The woman curved a crimson eyebrow, "You speak as one with authority. Yet your eyes betray you; you know of whom I speak. What is more, you know where she is. I shall ask you once more; where is she?"

Elizabeth suddenly felt a sinking sensation in the pit of her stomach. The girl looked up, "You okay?"
"Fine." She snapped, but her eyes remained distant.
Rolling her eyes and sitting back, the girl shrugged, "Fine, whatever."
Distracted, Elizabeth pointed to the girl, "Stay there. I need to make a phone call."
In the corridor, Elizabeth dialled Helena's number.

Somehow Helena found herself hitting the floor at such a pace, she skidded someway over the wooden floor; until she crashed headfirst into the wood of the stairs. Reaching up with a groan, she glared up at the stranger, who casually entered the B&B. "Where is she?" Though her tone remained level, Helena could hear the slight tremors which indicated a short temper. The woman was fast, and strong, the inventor had learned that the hard way; but next time she would be ready. She hissed, "Go to hell!"
The midnight sonata began to play in Helena's pocket. Her eyes widened and her heart went dead. The stranger tilted her head, "Give it to me."

A stranger replied, "Aquae vitae?"
She straightened, her voice tight, "Who is this?"
"My name is unimportant, but as you have the authority to ask, it is Freya Ignis."
From the corridor, the girl heard Elizabeth's voice, and it was enough to make her blood turn to ice. "Where is Helena?"
"The troublesome woman? She is alive, for now."
Elizabeth's grip was crushing the wood of the doorframe as if it were paper, "What do you want?"

Hanging up, the flame haired woman looked down on the unconscious Victorian, Freya tilted her head, "I would say you have been useful to me, despite your reluctance."
Helena released a low groan.
The door opened, and Leena, burdened with shopping bags walked in. Seeing the stranger and Helena; Leena dropped her bags and dived for the duck on the counter. Moving in a blur, the woman moved in front of her, and the innkeeper found herself blocked. "Would you care to take a seat?"
The door opened with a bang, and two men stood in the doorway. The woman turned, "She is on her way."
One of the men, a tall well built man, with ruddy brown hair and startling blue eyes looked to Leena and HG with a frown, "Freya, you know we are not to harm them."
As if caught misbehaving, she looked away, "They were uncooperative."
The other man, an athletically built middle eastern man, gritted his teeth, "Freya, this God complex of yours is getting out of hand."
She turned with an incredulous look, "Tell me that was a joke."
"No, look what you have done, you have threatened mortals in order to get to her. Do you honestly think she listen to us when she arrives? That she'll allow us to casually explain why we are here, and convince her we mean no harm if you walk in and threaten her friends?!"
Coming around, Helena half groaned, half growled, "Who the hell are you people?"
The man, they assumed was named Shu, looked down on them sympathetically, "It is complicated."

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