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An almighty commotion came from the office of the Warehouse. Looking up from her inventory taking, Elizabeth frowned, as a man's agonised roar of pain came booming across the vast area. Dropping the book of inventory, she took off at a sprint towards the office.
One of the young agents, a boy of no more than nineteen was being held down by the Warehouse doctors. Blood poured from his leg, where the bone jutted out at an unnatural angle. She had seen worse wounds while living on the streets, but his guttural screams knocked her off kilter. The Doctors were bent over him, muttering to each other, "Wir müssen entfernen Sie die Bein." (
We need to remove the leg. German)
Siegfrid shook his head, "Nein, Sie müssen ihn heilen. Ich brauche mein Agent!" (
No, you must heal him. I need my agent! German)
The head doctor frowned, his sickly pallor looking even paler in the dim light, "Es ist das Bein oder sein Leben Siegfried. Sie müssen wählen, und zwar schnell." (
It is the leg or his life Siegfried. You must chose; and quickly. German)
The Huge man turned with a roar of, "Verdamnt!" (
Damn! German)
Her mind working over time, Elizabeth looked up in a eureka moment, and shouted, "
Warten Sie! Ich weiß, was zu tun ist!" (Wait! I know what to do! German)
The men looked up to her with disinterest, Siegfried shook his fist at her, "
Raus mit dir, Kind!" (Get out child! German)
Squaring her shoulders, she walked up to the man, reaching his chin in height even at her young age, "
Willst du mich, ihm zu helfen, oder nicht? Er wird sowieso sterben; selbst wenn sie das Bein zu entfernen, hat er zu viel Blut verloren." (Do you want me to help him, or not? He's going to die anyway, even if they remove the leg, he has lost too much blood. German)
With a grumble, Siegfried took a look back to his agent, before nodding stiffly. "
So soll es sein, aber sein Schicksal liegt in Ihren Händen, Katze." (So be it, but his fate is in your hands, Cat. German.)
Jawohl." (Yes sir. German.)

Arriving at the B&B, Elizabeth saw Helena giving Artie a (Rather vicious) piece of her mind. "Are you mad! She is four months pregnant!"
The man was gesturing wildly, "Do you think I don't know that?! She is insisting on going!"
The inventor seemed to grow to tower over Artie, "Arthur, I will not allow you to risk my wife or our unborn child!"
"Helena." Myka's voice as always had a calming effect on her wife, "I want to go."
Ebony eyes deepened, crossing the driveway to place her hand on Myka's bump, she shook her head, "Please, stay."
Elizabeth came behind Helena, "Myka, I have her back, I swear."
The brunette nodded, "I know Elizabeth. There is no one I trust more with Helena's safety than you but..."
An unexpected voice cut them off, "I will accompany them also."
Artie turned to Freya, "Who are you?"
"She's like me Artie." Elizabeth's eyes turned on the red head, "What is your game?"
Rolling her eyes, she said coldly, "Despite what you may think, we are here to help you." She shrugged, "And besides, two immortals are better than one."

Elizabeth didn't know why she was being plagued by one particular memory, but she gritted her teeth every time it replayed in her head. Sitting back in her seat, Freya reading on one side, Helena and Pete sleeping on the other; she felt it crash into her again.


She had never ran as hard, she was fit but her pace over the distance made her feel as if her lungs would explode. Clutching the artefact, wrapped in a purple shroud, she burst back into the office. The agent was quieter than he had been, his face was deathly pale as life drained from him. Unwrapping the bundle, revealing a poultice of herbs, she took off her belt and placed the leather between the agent's teeth. " Dies wird weh tun. Verzeihen Sie mir." (This will hurt. Forgive me. German)
Placing the small pouch on the bench, she looked to the head physician, "
Auf mein Zeichen, drücken Sie dies auf die Wunde. Sie müssen schnell sein, oder er wird sterben." (On my mark, press this against the wound. You must be quick, or he will die. German)
The Physician took the artefact, and nodded. "Ja." (
Yes. German)
"Gut. Eins, zwei, drei,..." (
Good. One, two, three... German.) Elizabeth pulled the agent's leg, bringing the snapped bone back beneath the flesh. The agent released a wild scream like a man on fire. " JETZT!" (NOW! German)
The physician applied the pouch, and the agent's screams, somehow managed to intensify. The other four men in the room were pinning him to the makeshift surgical table- a hastily cleared desk.
After a moment, he began to cry out less. Sinking down, he panted heavily. Removing her belt, Elizabeth ran a hand through her hair, "
Es ist nicht perfekt, er wird mit einem schlaffen Fuß. Aber er ist lebendig und wird wieder gehen." (It is not perfect, he will walk with a limp. But he is alive, and will walk again. German)

Several days later, Elizabeth was cataloguing one of the aisles of the Warehouse when she became aware of eyes watching her. Turning, she called, " Ich weiß, du bist da. Komm heraus." (I know you are there. Come out. German.)
The agent, walking with a cane, shuffled into the aisle, "
Verzeihen Sie mir. Ich kam, um Ihnen zu danken, dich gerettet mein Leben und mein Bein." (Forgive me. I came to thank you, you saved my life and my leg. German)
She shrugged and turned back to her work, "
Es war nichts." (It was nothing. German.)
He inclined his head, "
Sie haben meine trotzdem danke." (You have my thanks anyway. German)
Placing down her quill, she nodded to him, "Nichts zu danken." (
You're welcome. German)
Sie sind ein Agent?" (You are an agent? German)
Going back to her work, she replied absentmindedly, "Ja." (
yes. German)
Habe ich nicht erfüllt Sie. Sind Sie neu hier?" (I have not met you. Are you new? German)
"Nien." (
No. German) She ticked off an artefact on her list, and moved to the next, " Ich haben gewesen ein Agent für etwas mehr als einem Jahr. Aber ich habe im Lager sieben Jahre lang lebte." (I have been an agent for a little over a year. But I have lived in the warehouse for seven years. German)
He nodded, "
Ich verstehe. Wie ist Ihr Name?" (I see. What is your name? German)
Marking off another artefact, she answered without turning to him, "Elsebeth Loewe. Und Sie?" (
And you? German)
Inclining his head he answered, "G
ünter Amsel, Zu Ihren Diensten." (Gunter Amsel, at your service. German.)

There wasn't a moment when she thought back on her past that she regretted using Chiron's pouch to heal Günter. Freya sighed, "If your mind was any louder, you would wake the dead."
"You can read my thoughts?"
"No, but I can tell inside that head of yours you are screaming."
Looking over to her, Elizabeth frowned, "What do you mean?"
Tilting her head, Freya studied her carefully, "You know when something is wrong, when someone is having disturbing thoughts. I've seen you do it with Helena, you step in before even she realises she is think about acting. It might be a subtle touch to the wrist, or you'll say her name. We are more aware of our surroundings than mortals; we have to be. It is how we perform our duties as guardians."
Sitting back, Elizabeth asked, "So, how does one become the guardian of the gates of Hell?"
"That is a story for another time."

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