Hey there. I,m back and this a new story i'm working just to get of my chest and to bring some closure. So just to make some pointers; all the pandoras in this story do not have a limiter yet, Kazuha survived but not the way you think, and any people you have not heard of in the anime are all ocs. Disclaimer: I don't not know Freezing.

Chapter 1: Untouchable to Touchable

When Aoi Kazuya opened his eyes he was in a strange bed in a sterile white room. There was an IV stuck into his left arm and he was dressed in a pale green hospital gown rather than in his battle uniform. He remembered a training session against some of the best pandoras in the academy: Bridgette L Satellizer, (second years, rank one) Rana Linchen (second years, rank two), Genessa Roland (second year student rank three), Student Council President Chiffon Fairchild (third years, rank one), Tish Phenyl (third years, rank three.), Elizabeth Mayberry (third years, rank two), Annette Maximillian (third years, rank four) and Creole Brand (third years, rank five.) The entire point of the exercise was to for the pandoras to escape kazuya's freezing field combined with his erinbar set. In their confusion, the Pandoras strip Satellizer's clothes which cause Kazuya to faint, ending the training session. Though effective it left kazuya with little blood in his body (most of it going out of his nose for seeing a nude satellizer). Little did he know that his combined technique had an interesting side effect.

While sleeping he did not notice that the door to his room was being opened as a feminine figure came and closed the door gently. Then the patient slowly opened his eyes as he saw who was approaching him but also what she was in nothing but red lingerie. "satellizer-sempai-" He was cut off by stella planting a purposeful, passionate kiss on his lips. As they were kissing he wasn't noticing that satellizer was quickly taking his gown and her underwear off leaving them completely naked. When, at last, Kazuya pulled away, they both panted, gulping down breaths of air because of the passion of their kiss. But she didn't seem to care at all as her eyes remained locked upon his, the blazing look she had given him earlier had turned into an uncontrolled firestorm and her blue eyes seemed to dance with a glow as she pressed herself to him once more. "Are you sure you want to do this?" He asked; "I want to try." She said, and then she looked him in the eyes, the desire he had never seen in her eyes before "I want you." She admitted dryly, her usually indulgent voice sounded exacting, raucous even. His left hand caressed her left breast while his mouth took care of the other, nibbling on the soft flesh. When playing with her nipples, he soon found out, her moans were the loudest. He moved down to her belly button licking through it, earning another moan from the blonde woman. She shivered in anticipation as the black haired man opened her legs a little more. He smiled and began to lick her womanhood in a careful, but excruciating slow way, which made her mewl and moan his name. At her demand he fastened his pace and began to fully eating her out. satellizer buried her hands in his hair to pull him deeper towards her. He grinned and nibbled on her sensitive flesh. As her moans got louder his tongue got deeper until she felt herself cumming. He lapped up the fluids and thought that she tasted very good. After having drunk every drop of her sweet juice he looked at her. Their eyes met once again, like so often on that evening. What happened then was blur but suddenly he was the one laying on his back and the freshly satisfied Satellizer straddled him grinning seductively. Just like he did before to her, she wandered down his body teasing his exposed flesh. When she saw his length she blushed at how big he was and began to suck on his balls. Earning the response she had wanted, a repressed moan, she licked up his whole length and around the head. His breath fastened when she took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it. She opened her mouth wider and tried to take all of him into her small mouth. Stella moved up and down, taking kazuya's groans as a sign to go on. The blonde woman followed the pattern of moving her head up and down and looked up to meet Kazuya's flustered face. Her hands wandered to his balls and caressed them. This was too much for the Limiter. " satellizer-sempai... I'm cumming" he groaned and loaded his seed into her mouth. She smiled when she felt the thick liquid flow down her throat. He flipped them again so he was hovering over her and growled at the flustered look she gave him. When she gave him the go-ahead, she gently grasped it and slowly assisted him inch by inch for a few second.

She suddenly winced, as if in pain, arching her back. He quietly asked her "Are you okay? Are you in any pain?" She barley shook her head yes. "It's okay, please continue slowly. I'll be alright." she whispred back, with a happy tear in her eye.

He slowly continued entering her womanhood, allowing her to acclimate to the pain that felt like to her tiny pins. Then he suddenly stopped, as if the remainder of her entranceway was blocked. He knew that it must be her hymen. He told her " satellizer-sempai, please hold me tight, as this is gonna hurt." She quietly did as he requested, holding him much closer than ever. He slowly thrusted forward, breaking her hymen. A minute amount of blood gushed out. Her entire body shook from the sudden jolt of pain. Tears shed from both of her lovely saphirre blue eyes, as she squeezed him harder, almost breaking a rib. " satellizer-sempai... satellizer-sempai...are you okay? he asked, his voice full of concern. "Yes...*sniff*...I'm okay...it doesn't hurt too much...I'll be fine...just give me a moment..." she breathliy replied. He forehead was moist from perspiration. Her pain slowly subsided, turning into pleasure. After a few moments, she asked him to continue. He slowly did for a few minutes, as to allow the pain to recede and be replaced by pleasure. "kazuya...ahhh...mmmm...you can go faster, if you want...ahhhh...feels...so...goood..." she panted, as if she were in heat .He slowly started to increase his rythym to match her breathing. He continuolsly increased his rythym, Satellizer moaned a lot more and held him by his waist. Soon it was endgame as the loving couple convulsed, and shouted in unison. Kazuya and Satellizer were drenched in sweat, his bed soaked as well.

Kazuya shook his head as his hand was clasped by the beauty lying next to him she rolled over onto kazuya and kissed him, they began making out again. Little do they know that just outside their room, listening to them was the cold and powerful third year blonde, Elizabeth Mayberry. No need to worry, soon he'll be all mine.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.