Floyd Pepper lightly strummed over the strings of his bass. "I just can't believe it, babe," he said softly to Janice. "I mean, I remember this happening several years ago, but this time, it feels so much more... different."

"You two were, like, rully close," she responded, looking up from her guitar, which she had been busy tuning.

"We were," he agreed.

"I know exactly how you feel," she said, thinking of Richard. "Like, at first, you'll be rully upset and you might even feel like you want to, like, just stay in the background and keep quiet. Then you remember him and, like, all those rully great moments you had together..." she paused, wiping a few tears from beneath her eyelashes, "and then you get this feeling that you want to, like, make him feel proud of you. As if in every word you say or sing, a little piece of them lives on... through you."

"Thanks, babe," he almost whispered through his tears. "You always know the right thing to say."