A little emerald green bear with green eyes with heart shape noise was running around in Happy Tree Friend Town in the middle of the dark night as the wind blow against his face'' Why won't he leave me along?'' Flippy says in a scared voice. He hears the person following him but he doesn't look back and kept on running trying to make it back to his home. Flippy pants in fright as he made it to his front door trying to get it open as he made it inside he locked it fast and headed up to his room and locked it. From his window he could hear the one who been follow him the hold time " You can't get away from me so easily Flippy " the emerald green bear with yellow eyes and razor sharp teeth said yelling. Flippy in his room scared and crying didn't know what to do "KNOCK KNOCK" "Little bear…little bear please late me in or I'VE BANKE THE DOOR DOWN" said Evil angrily. "Please leave me along" said Flippy crying on the bed. Evil broke the door down and walk into the room to see Flippy on the bed crying. Flippy stared at Evil in fear "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME" yelled Flippy. Evil ran up to the bed and pined Flippy down "You want to know what I want" said Evil chuckled lowing his lips to the bear ear to hear. "What I want is you" said Evil in a low voice. Flippy was shock in fear and confusion what Evil just said before he could ask what he means Evil kissed him on the lips. Flippy eyes widening in surprise when his evil self kissed him then he closed his eyes and warp his arms around Evil neck to make the kiss deeper. Evil broke the kiss and put a paw on Flippy cheek "Why" said Flippy in a low voice. Evil looked into Flippy green emerald eyes "Because I love you Flippy…I'm sorry for what I did making your life hard for you I just didn't want anybody else to have you" said Evil with a sad voice. "You love me" said Flippy being surprise. "Yes I do" said Evil. Flippy looked at Evil for a min thinking (Do he really love me the question is do I really love him) Flippy thought. Flippy looked at Evil setting beside him with his creepy smile that can scared anyone. "Do you really care for me?" Flippy asked. ''I care for you more than life its self '' Evil said with sorrow. "Then I love you to" Filppy said with emotion. Evil jumped with joy on the floor he grab Flippy waist and kiss him passionately. Evil lay Flippy down in the bed and they fell asleep cuddled each other for the night. In the mourning Flippy woke up still with Evil by his side (It wasn't a dream) Flippy thought. He looked at his clock and saw it was six o'clock in the morning, he exclaimed in frustration then got out of bed to take a shower. Evil woke to hear the shower he looked to his side to that Flippy was gone he looked up to see the bath room door was open. He got up from bed and walked into the bath room "Can I join you" Evil said with a sexy voice. Flippy looked at the shower curtain and saw Evil figure standing at the bathroom door. Flippy grabbed the shower curtain slowly then open them to show his face ''I don't know?'' Flippy said nervously. "Aww come on babe" Evil said taking off his army jacket. Flippy blush when he saw Evil undressing "Umm O.k" Flippy said nervously. Evil got into the shower with Flippy looking up and down at his mate. "What a cute little bear we have here" Evil said with a sexy voice. Flippy turn around blushing madly in the shower Evil grab Flippy hands from behind "Don't turn away from me Flippy you to cute for that" Evil said robbing his face on Flippy cheek. Flippy felt the warm of Evil body robbing up against him. "Evil wait I'm not ready for that yet" Flippy said with fear in his voice.