Once, there was a young woman by the name of Cinderella. She had worked as a scullery maid for her stepfamily her whole life. She cleaned, cooked, and waited on her stepsisters, all while observing Prince Rana from a distance. Over the years, Cinderella secretly fell in love with the prince. Now, the prince was at the age where he was required by law to pick a bride. The king and queen decided to hold a ball so he could find his future bride. It was to be in one week. Every eligible young lady was allowed to attend. Even scullery maids like Cinderella.

When Cinderella's family received an invitation to the ball, they mocked Cinderella saying that she would not be able to join because she had nothing worthy to wear before a prince. So she was forced to help her stepsisters prepare for the ball. After they left, she went to the garden and cried. Suddenly, she heard a cranky old man ask why she was crying. She realized that her fairy godfather had arrived to help her prepare for the ball. He created a dress, mask, and glass slippers for her to wear by dumping the ash from his pipe on her head.

When she arrived at the ball, everyone was stunned by her beauty and did not recognize her. Even her own stepsisters, seething with jealousy at the rare beauty, were unable to recognize her. The prince, awestruck, walked up to her and asked for a dance. Everyone was captivated by her and knew she would be the prince's bride. But at midnight, when the prince was about to ask her to marry him, she ran away, too scared to accept, because of the huge difference in their rankings. As she was running, Cinderella lost one of her glass slippers. The prince found her slipper and realized he could use this dainty piece of footwear to find her.

The next day, the prince set out in search of the mysterious beauty from the ball. He traveled house to house investigating and soon reached Cinderella's house. He asked all the young ladies to try on the petite shoe. Cinderella's overzealous stepsisters both tried on the slipper but it was too tiny for their feet. Eventually, the only one left was Cinderella. The prince placed the shoe on her foot and found that it fit as if made for her. She left and quickly grabbed the other slipper proving that she was the mysterious girl from the ball. Her stepsisters were dumbstruck! The prince asked her to marry him, and this time she answered yes.

A month later, Prince Rana and Cinderella were about to be married. As was the custom, they exchanged vows and placed the rings on each other's hand. Just as Cinderella and Prince Rana kissed, there was a loud bang and a puff of smoke. When the smoke cleared, they saw that the prince had been turned into a frog. Everyone croaked at viewing the prince in such a state. After the prince was over the surprise of being turned into a frog, he laughed and said, "Well, it makes sense. My name is frog in Latin." Cinderella laughed, kissed him again, and he returned to his human form. Afterward, they lived happily ever after, with no more mishaps, but their children always seemed to have a strange fascination with bugs and lily pads.