Leonidas:120G's Wrath:700G's

"So are you going to make a move or am I going to wait here all day?" Roger said with a smirk.

"Please like something like that will stop us!" I shouted. "Right Leo?"

"Ehh!" Leo struggled to get up.

"Wow looks like I have nothing to fear from now on and to think your suppose to be the legendary bakugan Omega Leonidas who defeated Valdictor three mouths ago." Wrath said.

"Hey!" Leo shouted. "No one insults me and gets away with it!"

A card in Jack's pocket started to glow.

"Huh?" Jack said as he reached into his pocket and pulled the glowing card out. "I don't remember having this card before." "Ok time to start winning ability card activate, Leo's soaring heart!"

Then all of a sudden Leo's entire body went on fire. There was so much flames that you couldn't even tell if he had a body under the flames.

Leonidas: 120G's increased to 700G's

"Well this might be interesting." Roger said. "Ability card activate, shadow claw."

The claws on Wrath's hand grew twice the size of a normal human hand but they where bitch black.

"Time to slice and dice." Wrath said calmly.

Wrath jumped towards Leonidas trying to slash him on the chest but Leo grabbed his hand with one arm and started to crush it.

"AHH!" Wrath screamed in pain. Wrath tried to cut Leo with his other hand but Leo again caught it. Then Wrath started to catch on fire. "Let go of me!"

Then Leo disappeared and grabbed wrath from behind in a bear hug.

*What's Leo doing he's fight like how he did when we first met.* I thought.

Leo flew him and Wrath high up and pile drived them to the floor. Wrath had burn marks on his body and the flame on Leo disappeared.

"Huh?" Leo said confused. "What happened?"

"Buddy you completely lost it." I said.

"What?" He asked.

"I'll explain later." I said.
*Wow I don't know what happen to him but im glad it did.* Fabia thought.

"That's it lets hit it again Wrath!" Roger yelled.

Wrath got off of the ground angered by the beaten he took.

"Bakuroulette activate!" Roger shouted. The machine spun again and this time it landed on breaker. "Alright get ready you two!" "Bakuitem activate, breaker!"

Leonidas:700G's decreased to 350G'S

"What, no way! Me and Leonidas shouted.

"Face it your done!" Roger said.

*Maybe he's right maybe I should give up there's nothing I can do.* I thought.

"Catch!" Fabia shouted from the stands.

"Huh?" I asked as I caught what she threw. "It's a Bakugear." I whispered. "Thanks fabia glad to see your not mad about last night!" I shout to her.

"What does he mean Fabia?" The queen asked.

"Oh nothing this guys crazy." She closing her eyes and cheeks red as roses.

"Ok so how do I use this thing?!" I shouted to her.

"Just press the screen!" She shouted back.

I pressed down and the Bakuroulette started to spin and it landed on 0 full.

"0 full, what's that one do?" I asked.

Fabia's mouth was wide open in shock in fact everyone was excepted for Me and Leo.

*He...he...he really got 0 full thats impossible only one person has gotten 0 full in history and that was... no I don't wont to think of him.* Fabia thought.

Wrath: 700G's decreased to 000G's

"Oh so that what it does, so Leo will you do the honor?" I asked.
"With pleasure." He replied.

"Ability card activate,Leonidas claw!" I shouted. Leo was charging to Wrath but Wrath was still shocked that he couldn't move. Leo finally ended the battle and we came out the winners.

"Well, you have bested Roger in the battle I see high hopes for you in the future so please enjoy yourself." The queen said.

"Th-th-thank" But I fainted from executed and was out cold.

(a day later)

In Fabia's room on the bed.

"(yawn) Aw man I still remember what happen that was a good battle." I said with a smile. "Wait where's Fabia?"

"Right here." I heard from behind me.

"Huh?" I looked behind on on the bed she was still under the cover.

"You own my breakfast and lunch." Fabia said with haft open eyes while her head is still lying on the pillow.

"Why?" I asked.

"I stayed with you the whole time to make sure you were alright." She said.

"Well thank you and ok." I said. "One thing I got to asked."

"What?" She asked.

"Are you one of the neathians cause you don't look like one you look like your human?" I asked.

"Yes I do look like the neathians but since I heard a human was going to be here I thought why not try to help him feel more comfortable so i'm using this cloaking devise to look human." She explain.

"Well if you don't mind can I see what you really look like?" I asked.

"No." She said.

"Aw come on, please?" I asked again.

"Ok ok fine just don't freak out ok." She said.

" I promise." I said.
She reach for her cloaking devise and was about to turn it off when. (BOOOOOOOOM!) FIN.

Ok so I beat Roger and I was about to see what Fabia really looked liked until that explosion its must be a attack from the enemy if there are any of them that are stronger then Roger then I'm going to haft to fight harder then ever so for you guys ill give it all I got ready Leonidas, BAKUGAN BRAWL!