Disclaimer: Again, if I owned The Hunger Games or Big Bang Theory, I'd be a happy nerd!

Pasadena, CA 2005

Raj and Leonard walked into their Pasadena apartment to find the living room taken up by a miniature version of the USS Enterprise with Sheldon sitting inside on an office chair, his red laptop in his lap. "Uh... Sheldon?" Leonard asked. "What are you doing?" Sheldon held up a finger as he typed commands into his laptop.

"I, Dr. Sheldon Cooper will be the first to blast into the future, interrogate members of the Starfleet Academy about their stellar research on particle physics, return to the university and become famous! Mwahaha." He said pushing up the dark green long sleeves of his shirt he wore under his graphic tee of a cartoon rendition of Dr. Spock.

"Uh - Sheldon, you do realize that Star Trek was purely fictional." Raj pointed out.

"Oh well, that is what they said about science fiction sagas featuring man landing on the moon until Neil Armstrong placed his footprints in the moon-dust. Thus, the naysayers were proven wrong!" Sheldon declared. "Hm... Control... F12, Inset the proper code, enter!" Suddenly the living room was engulfed in thick white smoke.

"SHELDON!" Leonard yelped.

"SHELDON!" Raj yelped. The air cleared and the two scientists looked for their colleague. The cardboard Enterprise was still in the living room along with the office chair. However, Sheldon and his laptop were nowhere to be seen. Leonard ran around the apartment yelling for his roommate. "Oh - He's gone. He's really gone."

"Wherever you are, Sheldon, live long and prosper!" Raj said solemnly before he and Leonard raised their hands in the Vulcan hand symbol.