California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA

"Well, do you want to split up and get your rooms set up?" Sheldon asked. Wiress and Beetee nodded. They still thought of Sheldon as their mentor, but this time he was mentoring them in adjusting to their new lives as freshmen at California Institute of Technology. They had gotten top SAT scores and completed their paperwork thanks to the perfectly forged documents Raj, Harold, and Leonard had made. Even though Wiress was really sixteen, they had changed her birth year to be the same as Beetee's. They figured she was intelligent enough to pass for eighteen. A month after the Hunger Games, they were completing the check-in process into a Caltech dormitory. Amy, Sheldon's girlfriend had come along so there could be another pair of hands helping the two students move into their rooms. Amy took Wiress to set up her new room and Sheldon took Beetee to his.

"There you go!" Sheldon said after assembling the bookshelf in Beetee's room an hour later. "Now you can place both DVD's, textbooks, and other books nicely on this shelf!"

"Thanks, Sheldon. I appreciate it." Beetee said. He was eager to start his freshman year at Caltech. "I'm going to see how Wiress is doing." He and Sheldon walked down to the girls' floor where Wiress' room was.

"I think I will study mechanical engineering." Wiress said sitting on her bed. Her roommate Julie nodded as she set up her computer.

"That's neat. What do you want to do?" Julie asked.

"Oh, probably find ways to develop -" Wiress trailed off as she heard footsteps coming down the hallway.

"Better machines in factories." Beetee finished leaning against the doorframe. Wiress's face lit up and she ran to the doorway throwing her arms around Beetee. He picked her up and kissed her. "Hey, baby."

"Aaaw!" Julie sighed. "You guys are high-school sweehearts." Wiress and Beetee nodded. "So cute!"

"He was the best in Robotics club -"

"Until you joined." Beetee said. He took Wiress' hand. "Show me around." Wiress showed him her desk where she had a matching bookshelf. She patted the bed where she had dark purple sheets and a comforter. Her closet contained a mixture of plain knee-length skirts, collared blouses, v-neck sweaters, and two pairs of jeans thanks to her and Amy's shopping trip. "This looks nice, love."

"Yours?" Wiress asked.

"Sure." She entwined her fingers around Beetee's as he walked her to his room. He had a similar set up with his desk and bookshelf that she had. "I figured we could set up our rooms the same since we might be visiting each other a lot." Wiress nodded.

"Well, now that your living quarters are set up, we shall get your books and things." Sheldon said. They visited the campus bookstore and came out with an armload of books and half their scholarship money spent. Sheldon then took them to a large office supply store to buy notebooks, pens, etc. "There. Now you should have everything." Sheldon said proudly as they all carried several heavy shopping bags onto the bus headed back to campus. "Now, you will all be herded down the dining hall at the same time to have your inaugural feast of the best quality Caltech fare. They save the best food for your first day here and for faculty luncheons when someone gets promoted or secures a large research grant." Sheldon explained. "I do hope you two enjoy yourselves."

"I'm sure we will." Beetee said. "This is our new home." Sheldon bid them goodbye and told them that he, Leonard, and Raj would take them on an outing downtown the Saturday after their first week.

"Thank you." Wiress said before wrapping her mentor in a hug. Sheldon smiled and waved at them as he walked out of the dormitory lobby.

"Let's take a walk before dinner." Beetee said. They pulled on their new Caltech hoodies over their clothes as the sun was beginning to set on campus. The yellows, pinks, and dark reds reflected off the windows of the buildings creating a beautiful scene as they walked around campus. They stopped in an open area that had flower beds around the area. Wiress smiled and wrapped her arms around Beetee's waist.

"This is a new start -" Wiress began.

"Of our lives." Beetee finished. Wiress looked up at Beetee's eyes that were filled with love behind his glasses. She smiled as his lips met hers. The sun set lower throwing them into a silhouette as they shared a long kiss.

"Can you believe -" Wiress paused tracing the side of Beetee's face with the tips of her fingers. "We can study engineering - without worrying -" She paused watching the rays of the setting sun come out behind a cloud. "About the Games?"

"You know what's even better?" Beetee asked. Wiress shrugged. "We can do that by each other's side." He whispered. "Here in this new place, we can share our love." They kissed once more as the sun went down. They grasped hands and walked back to the dining hall taking the first steps of their new life together.

THE END :3 :3