Hey Guys! This takes place in the episode "Terror On Cupcake Street."

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Tori's P.O.V.

"Is it done yet?" Sikowitz asked for the billionth time.

"It's done!"

"We did a pretty good job on making this cupcake float!" Andre said.

We were staring in The Parade Parade. Just to make Sikowitz girlfriend Felicia happy. That's not really the reason. We wanted to be in The Parade Parade because there are going to be Hollywood producers and movie directors there.

"Yay! Cupcake power!" Cat giggles as she did her little dance.

"Hey, Cat, Cat, Cat, YOU'RE KILLING ME!" Jade screamed at Cat.

Cat stopped jumping.

"Ok! Let's get going! Here!" I said as I gave the cupcake keys to Sikowitz.

"No, no, no, I can't drive that thing with you guys in it!"

"Why not?"

"I have a semi-suspended drivers license" He said.

"Why did it get suspended?"

"I was driving through Vegas….With some people… I met at the circus"

"Ok! We'll just let Beck drive!" I interrupted.

We walked to the cupcake.

"Circus people?" Andre asked Sikowitz.

"Yeah, One woman had an extra finger on her left hand…"

"Let's not talk about it?" I interrupted once again.


We got on the float.

"Ok, How do I look out of this thing?" Beck asked.

"You just look through the pear scope right there" Robbie pointed.

"Alright, Hold on, Here we go"

Beck turned on the engine and started driving the cupcake out of the Hollywood Arts parking lot.

"Are we moving?" Cat asked.

"Yup, We're moving"

"Can it go any faster?" Andre asked.

"Yeah, If we were being towed by something that goes faster" Beck answered.

"What street are we on?"

"Let's just say it's not Sesame Street" Beck said.

"I love Sesame Street! Sunny…"

"NO!" Jade cut off Cat before she could sing anymore.

"Hey, What's in that sack?" I asked as I saw it move.

Everyone shrugged.

"Well, I swear I just saw it move!"

I kicked the sack real hard to see was in it.

"OWW!" Trina screeched as she unzipped the sack.

"Trina?!" Everyone said annoyed by her presence.

"Thanks for kicking me in the mouth!"

"Why are you here?"

"To perform in The Parade Parade!"

Everyone started screaming random things at Trina. All of a sudden there was a big noise.

"What was that?"

"I think we got a flat tire" Beck responded.

Everyone groaned.

Robbie, Sikowitz, and I went out to check it.

"Yup, We got a flat tire" I sighed.

"Hey look! Maybe they could help us?" Robbie pointed to some gang coming towards us. "Hey fellas?!" Robbie yelled at them.

"Um, yeah, maybe, they…. Get back in the cupcake!" I yelled.

They started running towards us. We turned around to run back into the cupcake float. Robbie opened the door. He leaped in, I tried to jump in. One of the gang members grabbed Sikowitz and pushed him onto the ground.

"Sikowitz!" I screamed after him.

I tried to go in but, a big gang member grabbed my wrist and shoved me onto the floor. I twisted my ankle and broke my nose. I tried to get up but, couldn't. I saw five more members jump into the cupcake. One carried Cat out first who was kicking and screaming as hard as she could. Then, came Beck who was knocked out unconscious. I felt tears coming as I saw my friends getting hurt. Then came Jade. She was also screaming. I saw her pull out her scissors she was about to stab the guy who was carrying her but, the guy next to him stopped her and stabbed her on her arm. Jade, tried to not scream. She let out a weak yelp. I saw Andre being pushed out of the float. He landed hard on the floor. He hit his head on the rock. He started bleeding. I started sobbing. I tried to get up once again but, my ankle could help. Lastly, they took out Trina. She was had bruises on her face. They probably hit her for being stubborn.

"Why the hell are you crying!" A large man screamed at me.

"You are hurting my friends!"

The large man grabbed me and pushed me inside a big van with the rest. He slammed the door and instructed the driver to drive away.

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